Written by Johnnie

18 Aug 2014

I am straight but I've always been bi curious , I was working on the Wirral side of the Mersey and I was told of a gay - bi sauna in the new Brighton area , having googled the address and with a couple of hours in-between jobs I thought I would give it a go .

I found the sauna next to some local shops I paid my fee was given a towel , I changed and went for a walk around , there was the normal saunas , steam room ,, private rooms , glory holes and 2 TV rooms .

I was a little bit nervous so I went into the steam room , there was a man in after 5 mins I was relaxing and getting a sweat on I could see him wanking his cock and I let my towel drop and followed suit , it didn't take long before I was rock hard after a few more tugs the guy moved close and then stated sucking me off , nice and slow from bell end to my balls , he was experienced I put my hand on his head and started moving my cock I to his mouth the mmmmms coming from him told me he was loving it .

We were getting into a nice rhythm then someone came in and my new friend got up and left , I stayed for a minute or so and went for a cold shower .

Once dried I went up stairs In to one of TV rooms there was a gay movie on , 2 men sucking off a black man with a big cock , then my friend came in sat next to me and was on his knees again sucking me off then he said shall we go into one of the private booths , he locked the door and then was on his knees this time deep throating me after a few mins he stopped and said I want you to fuck me , he put a condom on me and lubed up his arse he asked did he want me doggie or his back anyway I told him to get on the bed on all fours and with a little push I pushed my cock in inch by inch , then I started to fuck him , he groaned and told me to fuck him hard , he was nice and tight .

I had to stop incase I shot my load too soon , I pulled out and finger fucked his arse he liked that , then I started to fuck him again , then I had that feeling that was was close I told him and he said come in my mouth , I pulled off the condom and he sucked away I told him I want to come on your face and in your mouth , so he was on his knees while I wanked and then I shot my load on his face and in his mouth.

He swallowed it all , thanked me and then left .

I finished off with a shower and then returned to work , if I'm over in New Brighton again I will pop in for some good clean adult fun .

I was told there is a regular tranny goes there that is something I would like to try .........maybe next time.