Written by I

12 Sep 2015

We're a bit stumped about where to go for her next meeting with her new friend. We had decided on only wanking as this would be only her second meeting, the obvious place was our house but we didn't want him to know where we lived at this early stage. We thought of a car park, but dismissed it as it was a bit risky and probably not the the best place for viewing. We had tried the dogging scene but it wasn't for us. A favorite place for us is the cinema we often would go in the afternoon, the last time we went she had a loose dress on and a long coat as it was winter months, we settled down but after a few minutes she said she had to go to the loo, when she returned we snuggled down and started kissing. There was a few people around us but not to close, we like the thought of public touching as you know, I undid her coat and saw she removed her dress, where is it on the next seat she replied, she had pulled her bra down her breasts were resting on her lacy white bra, she had never done this before and as I looked down I could see her dark stockings and white knickers, shall I take my coat off, no we'll be arrested. Although I enjoy public wanking I wasn't ready for this she unzipped my jeans and whispered I bet my friend would. Her hand was slowly rubbing me, I put my hand down the top of her knickers and she pushed it away, just watch her hand replaced mine i watched her her knickers move up and down and that was enough and heard that wet sound, we we're both sitting wanking and that was enough to make me come. I watched her finish, she grabbed her dress and we left. We both agreed although we had enjoyed the experience it wasn't ideal for me to watch them. Back at square one.the weeks passed and we went for a drink to our local it was early and we sat outside, on those horrible bench tables we both sat on the same side opposite each other, I went and got a bottle of wine and we went back to talking about her new friend, as it turns us both on my hand went up her dress moved her knickers over and rubbed her till she was wet. She thought we should leave as it was getting to busy, we arrived home I poured us a drink and we sat down on the sofa, she stood up and removed her dress. We kissed and my hand went back to her knickers, she laid back and opened her legs I watched my fingers slide in and out. Then her phone rang, she answered it. It was him, they started chatting and I carried on. I'll have to call you back she said and hung up, she was close to coming. That turned me on so much she said, I nearly told him what was happening, I speeded up and she came ,seemed more intense than ever,why don't you, are you sure. Perhaps it might turn him on we've nothing to lose, what shall I say. Tell him I was watching you at the school and would like to watch again, but not here. See what his reaction is, he might as well known, we're not getting any further with this. I'll ring him tomorrow evening, but you must be touching me. And you must dress up for me, of course. We'll let you know how it went, we love your comments.