Written by sgl5glr

10 Apr 2013

This is from a couple of years ago but I still bump into her from time to time although now I don't get my hands on her.

I met this lady through a chatroom and the room was called "Done the housework,time for tea & chat". She was 5 years older than me size 18,decent boobs and figire,had 3 kids and all at school, one at secondary and 2 at primary. She worked at the Primary school at lunchtimes and also after school club too.

I found this out during out chat and private chats too over a week or two. Her hubby was working away during the week and she was I guess in need of some adult chat and company.

I teased her with chat and she did the same and we decided to meet for a coffee and chat at a service area nearby and between both of our homes. That went well and we ended up in my car kissing and I managed to get her large tits out and finger her till she came.

She did wank me but time was of the essence due to the School run so I never cum on that first meet.

We then went from there for 3 years. Some days she would come to mine for a morning of fucking and other days I would go to her and we would have some fun.

One day, about a year into our arrangement I went over and she was bra less under a sheer blouse and was wearing a mid length skirt with hold ups under and no soon as I got in the door was all over me...nice I know... after an hour of her orgasms and squirting (something she never achieved with hubby she said) she wanted to suck me off and for me to cum in her mouth again something she never usually did.

She was good at oral and I came a decent load in her mouth and she swallowed the lot, then said oops I need to get off...and went around to the school for her dinner lady duties...with my hot spunk easing it's way down her gullet...

Many times she also went to school with a pussy full of my spunk at lunchtime(she had been sterilised and I have had the snip too) she was a horny woman.

We also met some evenings for a trip to the pub then open air or car sex...

One weekend she told hubby she was going to a training event for a home delivery catalogue she did some work for, she spent the weekend with me in my caravan...getting shagged too many times to count she was sore...lol..

I did manage bum sex with her, that term was used by mum's at school and many had bragged that they liked it. Now doing that wasn't easy...she was desperate for it but very tense about having a cock in there. But patience,trust,lots of KY and wine...with much finger play and then I was in.... when that happened she loved it.

I still wonder today if she thinks about our time together.... then there was the Door Step Loan lady..... but that's another story