11 Nov 2017

If you have read my first contact and meeting with L then you'll know that a Bored Wife who's hubby was working away wanted some chat fun and passing the time of day to becoming a married lady who worked as a dinner lady who wanted to be fucked...... After our first encounter which happened weeks after first contact and several coffee meets it was the weekend and L's hubby came home, tired and not really interested in sex but L decided, partly through guilt. to perform her marital duties on the Sunday of the weekend. We'd passed messages via mobiles and a message app and L said she was okay but still bored, then she said Horny for more of me. I couldn't see her on the Monday as work took over but could for part of the morning on the Tuesday. I had some sad, grumpy and other emoji's on the messenger but I said it would be Tuesday and maybe more, which brought a smiley face. On the Monday, I was working away and thinking of L and what Tuesday would bring and then I had a phone call. It was from a landline and the number was unknown, the lady on the the phone said " I hear you are the best man around here for Bikes", then laughed,,,it was L putting on a silly voice..... she said "I'm out the back of yours and I have a bike for service and it might need a big tool". I nipped outside with my note book (as usual) to make notes...I took the bike out of L's boot and she put her hand through my spread legs when I was wide legged bent over the rear hatch of her car.... and gave my cock a rub, very nice I thought. I asked her if there were any issues and she said "the bike needs some attention and lube and I've something else I'd like some expert opinion on", I said "come on in and I'll put the bike in the workshop". L followed me in locked the door behind as I was putting the bike in the service section.... L then walked over, hoisted her skirt and said "what do you think of these"....she was wearing stocking tights and had shaved her previously trimmed pussy (nice as it was trimmed and hairy..this was totally bald and smooth) needless to say the dog had seen the rabbit and we embraced and I felt her pussy which was sopping wet..... L was grabbing my belt to undo it and my trousers,which smelt of bike cleaner, lubes and grease..... soon my trousers had hit the floor and my boxers at my knees. I was fucking hard by then and L was saying c'mon M c'mon Fuck me..... I turned her around to lean over the work bench and lifted her skirt and rammed my hard cock right into her cunt...... this was a hard and fast quickie....not a passionate foreplay fuck.... wham bam..... within 2 or 3 minutes I'd shot my load right up inside L who was like the cat who got the cream....she said to me afterwards she loved it just before my cock shoots it's semen as my cock swells and tightened around her love tunnel.....all of our cocks do that but this was new for L..... L then said , "have to go...got to go to get the kids from school....see you tomorrow....prompt."... needless to say.... I was and what a 3 hours that was.....