Written by Danielle

14 Oct 2009

Hi my name is danielle, i am a 28 yr old married girl, size 16 with 38d boobs, shoulder length dark straight hair and a bigger bum than i'd like...but hey im curvy. I've never had any problem attracting guys, and i used to be quite a slut when i was younger, sucking guys off outside a pub and getting fucked in a beer garden at night were regular events in my young life.

My husband has always fantasised during sex wanting to watch me play with another guys cock, then he said he wanted to watch me suck someone off and eventually he confessed that he'd love to watch a guy fuck me.

To be honest, it always turned me on when we spoke about it and i always play up to his fantasies. He said that he'd love to see my pussy full of another guys sperm and that he love to be under me licking my clitoris while i'm being screwed by a huge cock....i told him that he needs to be carefull what he wishes for cause i may do it one day....and he told me to go for it !!

Anyway, i recently got stopped by a policeman when i was speeding and after i stopped i waited in the car for him to approach my now open window. As he was getting out of his car i flicked my blouse open at the top to show of my quite impressive cleavage hoping that if i flirted enough with him i'd get off scot free.

He approached my window and asked me what speed i thought i was doing, i immediately flirted with him apologising for speeding and i saw him looking down my blouse so i pushed my chest out for him. I was making loads of flirty eye contact with him and he kept looking at my boobs.

I told him, that i was rushing to get home as my neighbour had called to say the alarm had gone off at home and i was worried about the house. He asked where i lived which was only a mile or so away and he offered to follow me and check it out..i thanked him with a glint in my eye and drove home with him following.

I got out of my car and i saw him looking at my bum and he went inside and checked out downstairs which was fine. I asked him to check out upstairs and followed him. All was fine and i thanked him for being so nice and flirted more with him, he was now undressing me with his eyes and i made a comment about how lucky i was to have a big strapping policeman upstairs with me and that did it.

He reached out and squeezed my boobs and when i didnt object, he slid his hand inside my blouse and then unbuttoned it. He asked if i was ok and i said oh yes, im fine, and he then moved up a gear and kissed me and removed my blouse. He then slipped his hand inside my bra and squeezed my boobs and then rolled my nipples.

I shut my eyes and moaned softly as he played with me...and i could feel that my pussy was soaking and my clit throbbed as he pulled gently on my nipples. He then slid his hand up my skirt and rubbed my pussy through my knickers. His finger then slipped inside them and he stroked my soaking pussy before sliding a couple of fingers up me.

I was desperate for him to fuck me and i dropped to my knees and freed his hard cock, it was about 6 inches long but was really thick and i took him in my mouth and sucked him off.

After a few minutes, he pushed me onto my bed, removed my knickers, spread my legs and licked me before ramming his hard dick into me. I screamed as he fucked me really hard, ramming his cock into me and after a few minutes i rubbed my clit and screamed as i came and then he filled me with his sperm.

When he pulled out, i sucked his cock clean and he got dressed and left. When my husband came home i told him what had happened and he lead me upstairs and i showed him my sperm filled pussy. He was rock hard and he went down and licked my sperm filled pussy, before fucking me while i told him everything that happened.

The sex was fantastic and he then filled me with my second load of sperm in a couple of hours.

He has begged me to do it again and has also begged me to let him watch. I cant wait to fuck someone else now, and i think i should let him have his fun and let him watch.

Perhaps i should invite my policeman over and get him to screw me while my husband is watching from inside a wardrobe or maybe he could listen from the spare room ??