Written by sexy julie

13 Aug 2012

I,ve never written to one of these forums before although I think my husband has. I,ve read a few stories that sound familiar and I think they may have been about me. Anyway this happened quite a few years ago. Before I was married I had an affair with a man that was my boss. He was married and 20 years older than me but I found him attractive and very sexy and eventually he ended up getting into my pants one day at the office. He knew how to please a woman and I enjoyed the afternoon having incredible sex with him. He had a big cock, much bigger than the young boys I had dated and I loved the feeling of him entering me and pounding my pussy over his desk. Of course the fact that I was getting paid while we were doing it just made it so much better. It was a pleasure to go to work and I cried when I finally left to get married. A year or so after we were married I confessed to my husband and to my surprise he took it quite well. Anyway life went on, we had a couple of kids brought a house and then about 14 years later I bumped into my old boss Greg while I was out shopping. He seemed as pleased to see me as I was to see him and over a cup of coffee asked if I wanted my old job back. His business had thrived over the years and he now had around 20 staff but his old secretary was leaving and he offered me the job. He moved closer as we talked and put his hand on my knee and made it obvious he expected to get to fuck me again. My pussy was soaking wet just thinking about it. Sex with my husband Rob had become very infrequent and I had started masturbating of an afternoon for relief. The thought of a session with Gregs big cock was very tempting although I expected my husband would say no. When I spoke to him he was for me taking the job. Finances were a bit tight and I didn,t know it at the time but he had another woman on the side so he was happy to let me play elsewhere. I had only been in the office a couple of hours when I was summoned to Gregs office. As I walked in he told me to lock the door which I did. When I had he stood up from behind his desk and he had no pants on. His cock was rock hard and standing up large and proud, not bad for a man in his 60s. He told me he had been wanking all morning thinking about me and now he intended to fuck me. He bent me over his desk. Pulled my panties down to my knees and entered me in one thrust and fucked me better than I had been fucked in years. He was even hornier than I remember him being and he fucked me again that afternoon before I went home. I couldn,t get enough of his big cock after that and we fucked just about every day. He used to like me to wear no panties in the office so he could have a quick feel whenever he had the urge which was often. It got so I hated the weekends when I wouldn,t see him and by Monday morning we were both hot for more sex. If his wife was away which she often was he would take me back to his place and we,ld spend the afternoon laying around the pool naked and fuck our brains out. Occasionally if my husband was away fishing we,ld go to my place and do it. I loved these days he was always so horny and hardly left me alone for a second. It finally all fell apart one weekend we were together at my place and my Rob came home and sprung us. Greg liked to tie me up and fuck me and this day he had my hands tied to the bed posts and was giving it to me good when my husband walked in. I couldn,t even cover up I was there tied and spread my pussy gaping open from hours of fucking and Greg standing there his cock spewing spunk all over my arse and the bedroom floor. After that Rob made me quit the job and not see Greg again. But then a couple of months after that he brought a friend home and they both ended up fucking me on the living room floor.