Written by Petwil

4 Aug 2013

I worked away, six weeks on three weeks off. A friend of mine told me that whilst I was away my wife was playing around. In fact she went to an over 25 night on Wednesdays her friend Pat. Obviously looking for cock and apparantely getting it. Next leave we were in bed and I asked her if she was still cock, meaning was she getting cock and she said she was. I asked her when she had her last fuck and she said four days ago. She told what happened and that she met him at the over 25 club. He fucked her in his car, lowering the seats so that she was lying flat, screwed her hard and long. My cock was rigid as I imagined her lying on the seat, legs open and his cock thrusting into her. She really was a good fuck and talked dirty when she was in the throes of being screwed. I was really turned on and started licking her clit. I asked her how many men had fucked her when I was away this trip and she said ten. She was now sucking my hard cock as my tongues flicked across her sensitive clit. Then asked me if I wanted to watch hwe being fucked. I nearly came with the thought of it and said yes. I told he I wanted to watch as she was fucked hard by someone with a huge thick cock, shagged until she couldn't take anymore. Fucked by us both and given two loads of spunk. I asked her when I could watch her and she said in couple of days time. One of the men who had fucked intimated that he would love a threesome. She said she would contact him and arrange it. I shagged her hard thinking about the threesome that was to come. She told me she had arranged the threesome for the following morning at our place. I couldn't wait and gave her another good shagging. I told her that when I was away and lay on my bed naked, wanking myself off wondering if she was being fucked as I did so, and now I could wank myself off after actually watching her being screwed.

The following morning Jeff duly arrived, we were still in bed and she let him in. She led him into the bedroom and introduced him to me. He quickly undressed and was very well hung, his cock hanging down his thigh. He lay beside her and kissed her as she wrapped her fingers around his long thick cock and wanked him off. I watched as cock grew harder and then she took it in her mouth. She was excellent at sucking cock and was soon making him groan with pleasure. His fingers were caressing her cunt which was slurping with her juices. I sat on the edge of the bed wanking myself off, waiting eagerly for him to fuck her. Then she said she wanted him to fuck her, and her moved over her, between her open legs, his 9" cock pointing towards her cunt. She spread open her cunt lips with her fingers to help his large knob penetrate inside her. I watched in awe as his cock slowly disappeared inside her wet cunt and she groaned and gasped as she felt him push all 9" up inside her. Once comfortably inside her he began to fuck her, slowly at first, then harder and faster, slowing again as he felt himself coming. He shagged like that for awhile and then I asked him to fuck her doggie style, she liked it that way. As she knelt over I positioned myself so that she could suck my cock as he held her hips and pulled her onto his cock once more. She gave a muffled groan as shelt his stiff cock penetrate once more, filling her with his big prick. Then he reached around and squeezed her firm tits, she loved that and produced another muffled groan from her. I was in the throes of coming and groaned as felt my spunk sear through my hard cock and into her mouth. She swallowed it all as she always does and kept my cock in her mouth for awhile. My cock stirred again and he grunted and said he was coming and shot a load of spunk inside her. My cock had recovered and was ready to fuck her when he withdrew from her. I rolled her onto her back and rammed my hard cock into her spunk greased cunt. She quickly climaxed again as I shagged her as hard as I could. Jeff was ready to fuck her yet again and she lay there and took his cock once more, whimpering beneath him, as he again rammed 9" of cock into her again. In the end she pleaded that she'd had enough and couldn't take anymore. We lay quietly for awhile before Jeff dressed and left. She went to the bathroom to clean up and came back to bed and we lay quietly and I told her it was a real turn on and would like to have another threesome with someone, or perhaps a gangbang which she thought may be good.