Written by PetWil

5 Aug 2013

I recently posted a story about finding out that my wife was playing around whilst I was away working. I told how she visited an over 25 club with her friend and met men who fucked her. When home we had our first threesome with a chap she met there, Jeff. We said how good it had been and would have further threesomes and I suggested perhaps a gangbang might be interesting and she thought so too. Before I returned to site we had another threesome with Jeff which was even better than the first.

When I returned to site I wrote to her and confirmed that my leave had been the best I'd had and was looking forward to my next one. I had asked her to write telling me about anymore experiences she had while I was away. It was good being able to wank having experienced the threesome we'd had. She did write a couple of letters describing her latest fucks which turned me on and couldn't wait to get home again.

When I finally did return home I gave her a good shagging as she told me how she had been fucked when I was away. She had arranged another threesome with someone she had met at the club and we met him a couple of days later at our place and enjoyed giving her a good shagging again, shagging her until she couldn't take anymore. That night we decided to arrange a gangbang and heard of a swinging party being held shortly. I made enquiries and got ourselves an invite.

I was excited at the thought of watching her being screwed by four or five men, or even more. . We duly arrived at the large house on the outside of town. It was in it's own grounds with six bedrooms. I was told that there were twenty couples with more arriving. Couples were already swapping and we were introduced to the Host and Hostess. They welcomed us warmly and told us to help ourselves to the booze. Men were already ogling my wife and I was anticipating a really good evening. Soon she was being chatted up by several men and left the room with three of them. I followed and watched them enter a bedroom. I followed and joined them. Soon she was lying naked on the bed surrounded by four of us and then another two joined us. We all stripped off as she took in the size of their cocks. I had a tremendous hard on as they began to work on her body, squeezing her firm breast, fingering her wet cunt as she wanked two of them off whilst sucking another. The other two were wanking themselves off. She was gasping as they touched her body all over, one rolling his tongue round her nipples, as another took her clit between his teeth and nipped it making her wince. Then one rolled a durex down over his stiff cock ready to fuck her. They positioned her with her bottom on the edge of the bed and he stood facing her, his cock pointing towards her wet pussy. Then he eased his cock inside her as she groaned with pleasure as she held two hard cocks. He began shagging her thrusting his cock hard into her as I wanked myself off, enjoying the spectactle before me. He was soon shooting his load into the durex and withdrew from her, the teat end of the durex full of his spunk. another was ready to take his place, his cock slightly bigger and he eased it up inside her making her gasp again. He fucked her really hard and the others urged him on. I asked her if she was enjoying it and she gasped yes. There were still four of us to take her as she was was being shagged hard. Then he turned her onto her hands and knees and holding her hips he rammed his cock right up inside her. She cried out as she felt his hard cock thrust right up her cunt. He soon shot his load and another took his place. Another positioned himself so that she could suck his cock. I was urging the new shagger to give her another good fucking. She was now sobbing with pleasure as her cunt took another pounding. He groaned and said he was coming and rammed his full length into her as he pumped a load of cum into the durex. He said what a great fuck she was a another then lay on his back and she knelt over him, holding his cock upright as she lowered her cunt down onto it. She gasped again as she took his cock inside her. She began moving up and down on his hard cock as her reached up and squeezed her tits and tweeked her nipples. I moved across so that she could suck my cock. Her moans were muffled as she took his cock right up to his balls. she had a cock in each hand and then the man fucking her withdrew and rolled her over onto her back, ramming his cock back inside her, making her cry out passionately. God that feels good she cried as he fucked her harder and faster. Don'nt stop she begged him, i'm coming. She climaxed loudly as he came into the durex. when he withdrew he removed the durex and let it drip over her tits which she spread over them, leaving her tits glistening with spunk. The fifth then rammed his cock hard into her, fucking her long and hard making her cum over and over. Oh my God, she cried, I can't fuck anymore. I told him not to stop and to give her a good shagging. Then he grunted and said he was coming and rammed hard into her as he came into the durex. I then took his place without a durex and really shagged her hard and it didn't take long for me to fill her cunt with spunk. She lay there totally spent and was unprepared for the first man to fuck her to fuck her again and she said Oh no, no more please, i'm so sore, but I told him to fuck her again and he proceeded to shag her hard. Please, she begged, I can't take anymore as he crewed her without any mercy. You bastards she cried, I've had enough cock, please nomore. When he finished we let her dress and relax.

About an hour later, after some drinks, she went upstairs with another man who the hostess told me he had a really huge cock. Again I followed them and entered the bedroom where they were. He was undressing her and then himself and the hostess was right, his cock was massive. She gasped when she saw it and said it was the biggest she had seen. I couldn't wait to see her take it, especially after being fucked by six of us earlier. She wrapped her fingers around his thick shaft, her finger didn't touch when she held it. He went down on her and she winced as she felt his tongue against her clit which was sore after the earlier attentions. He didn't waste a lot of time and moved on top of her and eased his massive cock into her sensitive cunt. She winced and gasped as he filled her cunt with his huge cock. God it's so big she cried. be gentle as my cunt is so sore from being fucked. I don't think he heard her as he rammed his massive cock hard into her, she almost screamed with pain as she felt his cock stretch her wide open and I watched as her cunt lips moved with the in out movement of his thick cock. You bastard, she cried, not so hard. I'm going to give you a fucking to remember , he grunted as he thrust powerfully into her cunt. He lifted her legs high spread her knees wide apart as he rammed every inch of is cock right up into her well fucked cunt. It turned me on more than at anytime and didn't want him to stop although she was obvious in some discomfort. I want you to come now, please fill me with spunk, she cried. He continued to shag her hard and then groaned and he pumped his spunk fully inside her. He collapsed on top of her, keeping his cock there for awhile before slowly withdrawing from her. His cock was glistening from her juices and his spunk. She sighed as she felt his thick cock leave her and that was enough.

She said she wanted to go home as she couldn't take anymore, she'd had more than enough cock. when we got home she ran the bath and lay there for an hour. She said her cunt was really painful after all that cock, but said she enjoyed it too. We had another gangbang before I went away again.