Written by Rob.Leeds

7 Aug 2013

I was sitting on a bench by the beach a couple of days ago just having visiting some toilets where it used to be possible to contact like minded guys in there.

However they had been modernised and that had definitely been put an end too.

The sun was shining and I sat relaxed when this guy came and sat on the same bench although there were others empty close by.

He sat for a few minutes then asked if I was visiting and we got into conversation.

I told him I was there for a few days he told me he lived there and quite close.

He then mentioned the rebuilding of the toilets saying they had sort of spoiled a lot of guys fun.

I asked what he meant, as though I didn't know and he then told me how guys looking for sexual relief used to make contact there.

The conversation continued then he asked if I had ever been there before.

I told him that I had and that was the reason I was here today and that I was disappointed they had been modernised.

He then said if I was interested we could go to his flat.

I asked what he was into, he said "name it I'll try it or do it"

At this we set off and within a hundred yards were at his flat

Nice and clean, sea view, well furnished.

He opened the cabinet and poured us both a drink,I had asked for whisky and he said it was 15 year old single malt, ideal.

He drank a few sips of his, then standing in front of me stripped off his tee shirt revealing a nice tanned body with very little waste flesh

Next his jeans, no underpants there for me to see already semi erect,his fully shaved prick and balls which I found later was 7 1/2 erect.

I stood up and stripped off, he told me to sit down.

He then knelt in front of me immediately taking my in his mouth and sucking gently whilst caressing my balls or scratching in my crutch in turn.

I was soon at the point of no return and told him to hold back or I would cum.

He gripped my waist tight and sucked harder and faster which had the obvious result my spunk burst out of my throbbing prick as he sucked harder still drawing the last drops then holding my prick at the root tight with his teeth until it slackened of then he let it go.

He dropped back on his back on the floor, his mouth full of cum, slowly letting it slip down as he savoured the taste.

As he lay his prick was semi erect still or had drooped a bit he lay eyes closed breathing heavily.

I wriggled off the settee and laying down between his legs took his prick and began to suck it, feeling it harden quickly until it was its full length and girth.

I then stood moved round crouched over him with the end at my ring then eased down slowly letting it slide into me an inch at a time until I could feel it was as far as I could take it.

The using my sphincter muscles I wanked him with my hole.

I kept this up for a good five minutes before he groaned and told me he was ready to cum.

At this I moved up and down as well as squeezing my muscles until I felt him thrust hard upwards filling me to the limit as I felt his prick throbbing inside me filling me with his juices.

Finished we then sat on the settee again, still naked, side by side finishing our drinks and caressing each others bits as we did until after couple more drinks we were ready to redress.

I left with an invitation to phone him any time I was in that area, day or night, which I will certainly do so.