9 Jun 2015

Please read my other story to read about my wife's first other cock.

Having come back from Spain and my wife experiencing her first white cock, I was keen to find out if she wanted to try it again. When I mentioned it a couple of times whilst on holiday she reacted with disgust and said it was me who got her drunk and she didn't want to talk about it again.

So having read some cuckold stories online, I thought of another way to try and get her to experience another cock.

Usually before my mrs gets home I have 10 minutes alone at home and so watch a bit of porn, usually gay, bi and everything in between. One day I left the porn running on my laptop as she came home and when she entered the living room, asked her to come and join me. The porn on the TV was 2 thick long cocks fucking a petite Indian woman.

My wife smiled and said, you wish I was in that position? I said maybe!

We kept watching the porn and I was getting very horny, so started to rub my Mrs's tits through her work blouse. She was enjoying this, so I then headed for her pussy and started to rub them through her tights and panties.

She put her head back, closed her eyes and started to moan. I couldn't take anymore and ripped her tights and panties, turned her over, whipped my cock out and shoved it up her pussy all the way. She gave a loud screech and then grabbed the cushions. I then continued to fuck her hard and we both watched the Indian porno star take 2 cocks at either end.

As the first guy started to come over the porno stars well used hairy pussy, I went over the edge and grunted and shot a huge load up her pussy. We rolled over and fell to the floor, as we looked up the second guy on the TV moaned and let out a massive load of cum that went all over the porn stars face, tits and even landed on the legs of the other guy!

After we got cleaned up (I fucked her again the shower!), I then broached the subject about another 3some and she said, yes with the right guy. I asked what does that mean and she said someone that we knew, so I started to have a think.

It was close to Xmas and my best friend has recently got divorced and was down. My mate was the same age as me, good shape and we had known each other for years. Though we had never done anything together, we had seen each other naked many times whilst at the gym and also when hard (watching porn, running to the toilets to grab a jonny when we flat shared), so I knew that he was around 7", but much thicker than I was (I'm thick and 8").

My real turn on what seeing a thick, long white cock, but wanted to ease my wife into it, so thought my Indian mate would be fine.

I called my mate the next day and asked if he wanted to come over for a few beers and have a catch-up and he could stay the night in the spare room, which he was happy to do. So Friday night came and my mrs was going out for a leaving meal at work, so was going to drive and I got back from work, shaved my hard cock and got some mmf porn ready in the DVD player. My mate turned up and we started drinking and catching up with work/other mates/old times.

As the conversation moved on, we spoke about a girl that we had both fucked at uni (neither of us knew at the time that she was fucking both of us!) and we talked about the fact that she had an amazing pussy. I then said, well my mrs has a very similar one, just not hairy she is fully shaved. My mate just laughed and said, thanks for that info. At this point my mrs got home and it became very awkward!

I asked my mrs if she wanted a drink and she said yeah, as it had been a drab affair and she had only had a small g&t.

As I returned my mate and mrs were talking, and he mentioned that we were catching up on old times and that we had let onto some secrets! She asked what, and I said, let's change the subject!

I put on the TV and flicked through a few channels and said there was nothing on, so switched over to the DVD, and put on the porno.

My wife started to squirm and my mate went red, so I said, well me and mrs watch porn all the time and my mate must be watching and wanking all the time as he hasn't had any action in ages! We all laughed and my mate said, Fuck yeah, it's been months.

So we all settled down and started to watch the porno, my mrs said she was tired and was heading off and left me and my mate to continue to watch. After 5 minutes she called me up, and as I went up she was already in bed and asked if I was setting her up again, I just smiled and said any problems and she opened the duvet covers to show me that she was stark naked and replied, I'm ready!

I ran down the stairs and as I entered the living room, I saw my mate quickly pull his hand away from his bulge, I laughed out loud and asked if I caught him wanking and he said, yep! I sat back down and he then asked what my mrs wanted, I had a smirk on my face and said that she wanted a shag as the porn had got her horny. He almost spilt his beer and said, fuck didn't realise you too were that fucking horny. I said we like to try different things and he asked what, I went onto say that we had tried outdoors, in the park, car etc. And right at the end said we even tried a threesome on holiday, this got his attention and quickly asked me for more info. I said instead of info, you want to try the real thing, and he said you pissing me? I said nah, if you're up for it, she's waiting upstairs.

At this point I switched off the TV, took my t-shirt and jeans off to show my semi hard cock under my boxers and said, I'm going to fuck her, if you want to as well, see you upstairs.

As I went into the room and got under the covers, the door opened, and he stood there like a rabbit in headlights! My wife started to giggle and I then lifted the duvet cover right off to reveal my hard cock and my mrs totally nude.

He didn't need to say anything more, he quickly stripped and we both could see that he was rock hard. He jumped into the bed and there was some adjustment as I said I'd let him go first. This gave me a chance to brush his arse and his balls in the process!

He dived straight in and started to lick my mrs pussy, as she started to wank my cock. He couldn't get enough and was there for at least 20 minutes, as my mrs came multiples times and was soaking wet. She had to let go of my cock a couple of times and her orgasms were so intense. At this point, I pushed my mate to one side and said I wanted to fuck her and he pushed back and said that he had got her wet and ready so he should get to go first, and as I was so looking forward to seeing him fuck her, I let him go first. He asked about jonnys and I said it's cool, so he rammed his cock straight up her without any warning and slow movements! He pulled her legs over his shoulders and was fucking her like machine gun, in small sharp thrusts, and this was driving my mrs wild as it was rubbing all the right places. I was sat on the edge of the bed, watching his firm arse and balls bouncing with my mrs wet ussy and his thick cock fucking her and loving every minute of it.

He started to increase the pace and started making groaning sounds (I use to wank off to him fucking his gf at uni so knew when he was close!) and he yelled, where do you want it, before my mrs could say anything I said in her pussy, cream her and he then let out a loud moan and came deep instead her. I was still watching and saw his limp cock come out with a dollop of cum. As he rolled over, and before my mrs to catch her breath I flipped her over and got her on all 4's and dived in and started to fuck her doggy style. My mate came and stood next us and was wanking, at which point I grabbed him by the knob and pulled him over to my mrs face and said suck on that bitch.

As soon as she started to suck him and he started to get hard, I couldn't take any more of the it and shot a huge load up her pussy as well, but kept fucking her until I was completely drained and limp. At this point my mate shot another load over my mrs face.

We all sat back and looked in amazement. My mate started to pick up his clothes and leave and I said, join us in bed, so my mrs slept the night between us.

During the night, I awoke and could see that he was rock hard again, so climbed on top of my mrs and gave him a wank and then started to finger my mrs, as he woke and she did, he assumed that she had wanked him, and we both then gave her another load up her pussy, before finally going to sleep.