Written by cuck_dan1

8 Apr 2015

I know people normally write about their first experiences in the world of swinging, I have found writing about our second time easier. However, I will go back and write about our first time swinging at a later stage.

We are/ were just an average couple. I am Dan, 43, and Sarah is 35 and we live in Plymouth. We have been together for almost 13 years and have to children 7 and 5. My job takes me overseas whilst Sarah looks after the kids. Sarah is 5 ft 3 size 16 with a lovely round bum and big boobs, 36E.

I know we have read it all before, but I get turned on when guys used to chat Sarah up and for a long time I kept this to myself, as I was not sure how she would take it. Eventually one time I came home from work and after a few drinks, I told her about it. Initially she was shocked and questioned my reasons behind it, but eventually she started to go along without it. This lead to our first experience at the end of November 2014. Although what I am about to write about happened the last time I came home at the end of Feb this year.

As with most times I come home, I spend time with Sarah and the kids for a few days and then usually the second weekend I am home one set of parents will have the kids, whilst Sarah and myself have a weekend together, usually involving going out for a nice meal and then either the pub or club for a couple of drinks before heading to a nice hotel. This time was no different, except that I had got Sarah to wear sexier lingerie and outfit. Having a bigger bum, she does not like thongs too much, she prefers girl trunks. I had found her a nice pair of sexy black see through girl trunks with sexy black lace alone the edges, this had a matching push up see through black bra. Seeing her tits in the bra and being able to see her nipples, got me so horny. On top of this, she had a nice front buttoning ‘little black dress’, I had chosen it for the low neck line! When she was ready, she looked amazing. I had never seen her tits look so big!

We had the table and hotel booked and were ready to go out. All through the meal, I just kept looking at Sarah’s cleavage and telling her she looked amazing. After a couple of glasses of wine, she told me that she was feeling sexy and a little horny. I asked her what she wanted to do after the meal. She thought for a moment and said I had obviously something in mind and asked what it was. I told her I wanted us to go to a club and split up whilst in the club and I would like to see if she was being chatted up. After a little discussion, she finally agreed to it. The end of the meal couldn’t come quick enough for me. Eventually we finished paid the bill and left for the club.

Once inside the club, as agreed, we split up Sarah went to the bar and got herself a drink, whilst I went across to the other side of the club where I could watch. Almost right away she had guys trying to chat her up and feel her up, but I could tell she as not interested in them. She must have made some excuses and pointed to random groups before leaving the guys. At this stage, I thought nothing was going to happen. Sarah moved away from the bar and went to stand near the dance floor. A group of guys had come in and stood at the table next to Sarah, after a while one of the guys asked Sarah to join the group, which she did. As they were talking to her the group seemed to be having a good time, as they were all laughing , including Sarah. As time went on a couple of the guys had brought Sarah a drink and were spending more time speaking to her. Slowly the group drifted apart as some of the guys went looking for women to chat. Eventually Sarah was left with 2 guys, both about the same age, a black guy and a white guy. The white guy walked off to the toilet and the black guy took this as his chance, he picked up their drinks and he and Sarah walked over to a quieter part of the club. As they were standing there chatting, he would take opportunities to touch Sarah and feel her up, at first she would gentle knock his hand away, but as time went on, she resisted less and less, until they were standing close and he had his hand on her hip. Then he lent in and gave a kiss, just a quick one at first, but as he got braver, the kisses got longer! I couldn’t believe it, my wife was kissing a black guy in a nightclub. I got an instant hard on! As they kissed he started to feel her up more hands on her hips, on her ass and then on her tits. This went on for about 30 mins, before he took her by the hand and lead her out of the club.

Although, we hadn’t talked about what was going to happen, I just let her go and slowly followed behind. The nightclub was on an entertainment type area, with cinema’s restaurants and a gym, this is on the edge of the city centre in area that has been renovated. He led Sarah away holding hands until he found a quiet area, although I managed to get close, I couldn’t get too close as I didn’t want to be seen. At first, they just started to kiss again and he started to feel her up. Whilst he was doing that he started to undo the buttons on the front of her dress. After that Sarah told me what happened, as I was a little restricted in view. Once he had her dress undone he started to feel her tits and squeezing her nipples. He was also rubbing her through her knickers. He eventually got her to let him undo her bra and then he started to suck her nipples whilst rubbing her clit. She said she was so turned on, that he made her orgasm in about 5 mins. She orgasmed as he put 2 of his fingers in her pussy. She said she was very wet. He then sucked his fingers with her juices on.

They kissed again and then he undone his jeans and got her to put her hand in his boxers. She said she touched him and got so turned on. He was thick and very hard. Eventually he wriggled and let his jeans down. She got crouched down and started to wank and suck him. She said he just seemed to get bigger. She took him in her mouth and used her lips to push his foreskin back. She said his helmet just seemed to expand in her mouth. She only managed to get the head in her mouth, but she said he was loving it. As she was sucking him, he was continuing to play with her tits and pinch and twist her nipples. She said she loved the feel of his cock, it felt so hard and his skin was nice and silky. She said he wanted to fuck her, but didn’t have a condom although she was very tempted. In the end he settled for her to continue with the blow job. She said she could sense he was close to cumming, she could taste the pre-cum coming out of his cock and his cock was twitching in her mouth. Then he just thrust in her mouth and held it there. She told me his cock swelled up and she felt 4 thick jets of cum hit the back of her throat, he then pulled out and wanked his cock in her face, cumming all over her face, in her hair and then on her tits. She said he was like a cum fountain. As he was getting softer he rubbed his cock over her face, before putting it back in his jeans. He helped her up and let her do up her dress. He asked if he could see her again, she said yeas and swapped numbers.

He walked off and I went to see her, she was a picture, the remains of his cum on her face and hair, wet patches coming through her dress. We walked back to the hotel and had some horny sex, for about 2 mins, before I cum in her.