Written by Tim

20 Dec 2016

This happened over 30 years ago when I was young and stupid. We were still dating and she was so much more sexually experienced than me' I had fallen in lust with her and couldn't get enough of her pussy. We fucked every day and she during our foreplay she would tell me about fucking previous boyfriends. I encouraged it as it made her hot to describe what they did to her. Then one night she told me she wanted to pull another bloke at our favourite pub and go off to fuck him. I told her I wanted it to be a threesome or at least watch, but no, she wanted to fuck him solo, but I could accompany her to the pub.

The next night we went there and I watched as she danced with a few, and then made her selection. I watched as they openly touched and snogged. They then came back and she told me they were going off and I should wait for her at my flat. I should have at least followed them and watched, but like an idiot, I went home. That was at around eleven.

As I sat and thought about it all sorts of things came to mind: how were they doing it, how many times, did he make her come, would she want me afterward, was this the end of us, and on and on. I finally was so aroused with my imagination running wild how he was fucking her and she screaming out orgasm after orgasm, I wanked to a huge come and a huge load of cum sprayed onto the floor in front of me. That was around midnight.

At around an hour later, I answered the door and there she stood, her hair and make-up a mess, the stink of sex wafting from her, and she smiling like little girl having just had her first ice cream. She gave me a huge grin and proudly declared, "I've been fucked and it was fabulous!" She walked past me into the lounge, turned, and said, "Do you want to see?" Without waiting for a reply, she dropped to the carpet in front of me, spread her legs whilst raising her knees, and exposed her panty less cum smeared crotch with swollen pussy lips and a hint of cum still oozing out of her entrance. My cock became rock hard in milliseconds as she held out her arms to me and said in a husky voice, "Get down here and fuck me silly! I'm still horny for you."

I dropped between her legs, pushed my trousers and pants down to my knees and shoved inside in a single thrust. I fucked her hard and fast without any regard for her pleasure. She was so much wiser than me in sexual matters. She purred into my ear, "Yes, fuck me and come like you need. I'll tell you all about it after you come, and if you need to come twice, go ahead and fuck me again. Then I'll tell you and you can fuck me again." She went on like that for the short while it took me to come.

When I came and was still lying in her, she told me how they went into the pun car park and he fucked her leaning over the bonnet of his car and how she came twice on his big cock. I was hard again and she pulled me into her and told me to fuck her again. I didn't need to be told twice and quickly came again to the image of her wailing out her come against the car bonnet. For the next hour or so, she would tell me what happened next and I would fuck her again, until I just couldn't get it up any more. We then fell asleep.

I was so much in lust with her I married her and to this day we fuck several times a week, especially after I watch her with one of her lovers as my condition was that it is either a threesome or I watch and have her afterward. You may ask where is the love in our marriage. I'm still in lust with her and I don't worry about her loving me since out of the bedroom she's a wonderful and caring wife and maybe she even loves me in her own way.