Written by bandt

19 Sep 2008

Many years ago now - my wife and I started talking about sexy things whilst making love.

My wife (and I) used to get turned on when talking about some of the people that we knew. I started suggesting to my wife that she consider fucking a work colleague of hers. This carried on for years - talking about this particular guy and the notion that she would meet him in a quiet pub and he would be doing all sorts of things to her under the table. Talking about him fingering her cunt seemed to turn her on like fuck. Another was that he used to take her back to his house and get her on the bed and get her on all fours and start fingering her arse with his wet fingers. Then he would slowly sink his cock into her by now very wet cunt - then he would take his cock out and slide it gently into her lovely tight arse and proceed to fuck her hard. This by a woman who would not let me near her gorgeous arse.

Now and again - I would ask her to tell me some of her \"Secrets\". She would then proceed to make up something that she knew would turn me on.

One such time we were driving back from some friends after a lovely Saturday evening meal and were both in good spirits. Both of us were looking forward to getting home and getting off to bed to make love.

Whilst driving down the M25 we were talking about this and that and I asked her to tell me some of her secrets.

I could see instantly that there was something that she wanted to say. I listened intently as she started to tell me that all the things that she told me about \"S\" were in fact true. Fuck - this was the biggest turn on of all time. I could feel my cock bursting out of my trousers and my wife took great pleasure in taking percy out and carressing it. She then undid her seat belt and put her head in my lap and started sucking my cock. It took me no time at all to come in her mouth and she swallowed the lot. Wow.

We had not finished because when we got home we almost ran up the stairs. She layed me back on the bed and with a grin which went right across her face, put some gel on the end of my cock and guided my cock straight up her arse. She rode me hard and I came within a very short time. The grin was still on her face - I will never forget that night. The biggest turn on ever.

When going from behind with my wife I often turn a thought to her getting fucked up the arse by \"S\"........