Written by P

17 Aug 2009

It was on Saturday night that things began to get very interesting – having had a long and full-on day with the kids, we managed to get them settled in bed by 7, sat and had a nice evening meal together, and relaxed with a couple of glasses of wine, before my wife said ‘why don’t you go upstairs and wait for me in bed I have a surprise for you tonight!’. Well, I didn’t need to be asked twice. I did as I was told, not before changing into a pair of white boxer shorts and a black fitted t-shirt and putting on some nice aftershave... after all, I imangined what she meant was a 'sexy surprise'.

I waited patiently, and whilst I was waiting and anticipating, I heard the bath running and my wife rummaging around the house – and it wasn't too long before the night set in and the room became darker, and then I heard the bathroom lock click, and could hear her approaching.

Well what a sight, she came round the door, dressed in a pinstrip short business suit, glasses, hair tied up in a cute bunch, lipstick on, black high heels and black stockings with a thin pink seam running all the way up the full length at the back. She looked incredibly sexy, she is brunette, curvaceous, 36DD and about 5" - this was certainly a surprise!

She had in her hand a pad and pen, and introduced herself as my new PA. She then sat dutifully on the edge of the bed, and said, ‘I have taken the minutes of the last meeting would you like to check them?’ – I took the pad, and indeed they read like minutes, but the agenda items listed were very, very rude and listed all the things she was going to do to me.

She then stood up, as she did so she dropped her biro, ‘Oops’ she said and bent over to pick it up, slowly! As she did her short skirt rose up over her bottom cheeks exposing her silky black and pink French knickers, she lingered and turned to look at me, and she could see that I was now very hard in my white shorts. She looked hard at me, and then moaned, 'mmmm, now what have we here?'.

When she turned round, she said, ‘let me ease your tension, Sir.’ She then slowly bent over me, unbuttoned my boxer shorts, took out my cock in her right hand - my cock had become very throbby and thick, and she began to wank me off, very firmly and very slowly – all the while telling me how she was looking forward to going into the ‘boardroom’ to run through the minutes she had completed! She then lent over and licked her lips, looked up at me and put her lips right on the tip of my swollen cock, which was at its full length and thickness and feeling very weighty, it pulsed as she wrapped her wet lips around the head and started sucking at me, whilst her right hand continued expertly wanking me in her mouth. As she continued, she turned her arse towards me so I could get a full view of her panties, stocking tops and her moistening gusset…. She carried on until I was ready to explode, but stopped short of me cumming in her mouth, and then she said… ‘so shall we take this matter to the boardoom?’….. tbc.