Written by appreciative husband

14 Aug 2013

It was great when women wore those miniskirts and sometimes clear tights. That little triangle when they had their legs pushed together when sitting often allowed you to see their thick bushes. Many women went without panties and many times I was able to see their hairy cunts.

My own wife has done this for me on numerous occasions but I always wanted to move on with something more riskier. I was looking at some sexy underwear on the internet when I saw some cruthless panties. My dear wife always does anything to spice up the sex life and I bought her two sets, one in red and one in white. She has always been a quiet woman now in her early fifties with a great figure and enjoys always being well dressed with all her makeup always being done.

I remember the first time she wore the red crutchless panties. Secretly when she had finished dressing I poked my head under her skirt. It was a fantastic horny sight. Her large arse cheeks could be seen and her precious hairy cunt was on display. Everything you could ever want to see was there. The large cunt on display. Her juicy red fanny lips looked so inviting and her fuck hole looked wet and needing of a large cock.

I stood up and took a large tit out of her bra. The nipple was hard and the tit needed a good feel.

As we were going out that night we had to wait for the fuck. A few time that night I'm sure some men and woman had a good look at her fanny. Looking at her she is so quite and secretive.

Getting home I took her upstairs. First I removed her blouse and unclipped her lacy bra. The tits dropped out. I cupped them in my hand rubbing them around and feeling the nipples.I then unzipped her skirt allowing it to drop exposing her secret. The cruthless, bottomless thong was amazing. Shaped like a butterfly at the front it was heavily patterned. Her hairy bush was clear for me to see but the fanny slit was smooth without any pubic hair. I turned round and could see her large arse. There were two red lacy straps on each arse cheek. What a wonderful sight.

I pushed her onto the bed. Her thighs were wide apart and you could see her womanhood on diplay. The large labia surrounded the fanny slit which had signs of fanny juice on. I came on top sucking her ample tits and rolling the nipples. I worked my way to her fanny with my cock now in her mouth. She sucked my veiny, throbbing large cock and played with my balls.

The shagging was now on the way. I entered her large cunt pushing the lips aside causing her to grasp. Her cunt hole was lovely and tight and very wet with her love juices. After pumping her asked me to her fanny from behind. I mounted her from behind kissing her arse cheeks and pulling them apart to show her hairy arsehole. I gently fingered the outside of her hole causing her to sigh. Begging me to insert I rammed my pulsating cock into her fanny. I grasped both tits as I thrust back and forwards . We thrust back and forwards until she started climaxing. Her fanny hole grasped my cock and her large arse moved upwards. She started to become more physical as the climax gripped her. AS I came I pumped the spunk high into her private area. If only people who know her could see this lovely woman with spunk dripping from her cunt and her lovely hairy arsehole still open. I got off her exposing her massive cunt which has given us both so much pleasure.

I do hope if this story causes you to masturbate , man or women, or if you wish to fuck my wife you tell us. She loves the attention especially as she is so secretive. Thanks for reading my story.All he best .