Written by Fay_E

11 Apr 2015

I opened the door to the flat holding the dildo and wand under my arm in a bag. Master was stood right behind me. Shaking with excitement mixed with nerves I stepped inside and made my way to the living room. I sat on the couch and watched master retrieve his cane from the cupboard. He laid it down on the chair across the room and walked towards me.

"Stand up" he growled. I knew he was disappointed in me, I had been disrespectful earlier in the week.

Immediately I stood. Master pulled down the zip on my black Mac and pulled it off revealing my black basque, black laced knickers and natural holdups. I was in brand new black heels too, my legs were wobbly and my feet putting sore already.

"Turn around" I was told. I turned to face the window and heard a deeper growl come from masters throat as he says 'very nice'. I feel him rub over my 'owned' tattoo which is at the back of my neck. "Hmmm, looks like someone is owned" I hear.

I say nothing nor do I move as I next feel soft kisses running over my shoulders then up to my neck. I can smell that familiar aftershave as his smooth face runs over my skin. Goose bumps appear from head to toe as well as a tingly feeling in between my legs. I'm guided to turn face him, I'm feeling intimidated stood there in front of him knowing Im about to be punished, still the ache in my pussy was couldn't be ignored.

"Kneel on the couch, arse up, you'll take 20 unless you say the word", he says.

I hear master wondering across the room and back, knowing he's holding his cane I flinch. I close my eyes and wait for the first strike!

"Pull down your knickers" he says, I do, my face flat against the back of the couch, it's evident the crotch is now dampened as I peel them down to my thighs revealing my bare arse and hungry, moist pussy.

Swoosh... I hear the sound of the cane but feel nothing, still I tense and flinch. He does this, he torments me, I never know when it's going to make contact. Suddenly I feel it, the burn/sting, I cry out in pain and cover my arse with my hands, wriggling about. 'Tap, tap, with the cane on my hands, "move them or say the word" he says. I put my hands back to the top of the couch, holding on whilst I take 9 more strikes, it's quick but the pain is intense, strangely though - as - usual I'm aroused too, I don't understand how both emotions can go together. Still crying out, tears streaming down my face and my pussy becoming wetter, I know I'll always be going back for more.

"You can have a rest, well done, turn around" I turn to sit, my backside is on fire and stings even more as I sit on the cold leather couch. Master grabs hold of my thighs and pulls me to the edge. He opens my legs and pushes them up high, he stands for about 10 seconds looking at my throbbing holes. Still holding up my legs with his forearm he reaches behind him and takes out my dildo from the bag. He rubs it around my dripping pussy lips, teasing me, suddenly I feel it sinking into my cunt, I gasp out loud and moan in pleasure as he continues to fuck me with it. I feel my orgasm building, that gorgeous tingly feeling going right through me, "cum" I'm told. My body is alive, my cunt grabs on to the dildo as my insides contract, I'm cumming, cumming hard and it feels fucking amazing. He pulls out the dildo, my gush of juices mixed with my creamy mess runs down across the couch and onto my basque. I lay there panting, wet and hot waiting.....

"Mmm, you dirty bitch" said master as he returned from the cupboard with a bottle of lube. He squirted some on his fingers and then began to fondle my arse hole. One finger in, gently pushing in and out, it felt great, suddenly he slapped me (on my arse cheek) very hard! My eyes sprung open as I gasped and I looked straight to his face, the grin, the dimple in his left cheek, him knelt beside me in his smart shirt and trousers, I wanted him to fuck me!

"Please fuck me now?" I ask,

"Now that's not going to happen yet is it!" He replies and adds another finger. He wiggles his fingers inside of me as he then adds another. I'm close to cumming again, panting and moaning out loud I feel the sting as Im slapped again. Pain then pleasure then pain, I'm confused, I hate it but I love it, my minds all over, I want it to stop but I want it to continue too...

"You fucking slut, that's 4 fingers in your arse" I'm told. My answer is a moan of 'yes please, don't stop', as I cum again soaking master with my gush. "Ok, now on the floor, on your knees, there's a good girl"............