Written by Harry

25 Jun 2019

My first visit to the village fayre had been shortly after I had moved to the area, slightly over a year previously. I had bought a run down house nearby. to renovate. It was a time of big change in my life, as Not only had I just divorced but I had also been made redundant . The pay off was good enough to allow me to think of having a year to devote to the building project. I was the new guy in town and the locals were curious about me, my plans for the house, all friendly and welcoming.

There I was again, back at the fayre, saying hellos to neighbours whilst sifting through the bric a brac and old books for sale. I saw two of my neighbours, sisters Jane and jackie , chatting as they wandered around with a third lady. Jane is the same age as me, 56 as was , Jackie slightly younger. The other lady was older, but much better looking. She was elegant from head to toe, slim yet shapely, stunning to look at. I could not help but stare . To my embarrassment she looked over at me and caught me staring . She simply smiled , then went back to her conversation.

I had finished at the bric a brac stall, and moved on to the plants stall where I had bought several specimens for my garden. The cake stand would be my last call before going home. I had made my purchase, the lady was handing it to me when a lady's voice said from behind " is all that for you Harry ? "

I turned and saw it was her, the lady with Jane.

" My daughters told me your name . "

I did a quick calculation, this gorgeous looking lady must be in her seventies ? No way !

Pulling myself together, and making sure I did not look at her breasts, I said " my guilty secret, cake. But only once a year ".

She started chatting as if we had known each other for years , told me that my house had belonged to her husband's aunt and that she knew it well. I asked if she would like to see it now, but she said not this weekend as she was with her daughters . Then she slipped a card into my shirt pocket, saying that it was her phone number if I wanted to call , suggesting Monday evening.

Then she was gone , back to her family.

I was pleased when Monday evening came, and I rang her. She said she had been hoping I would call . She told me where she lived, in the next town so not too far. I made up a story saying I needed to go to a big store there in the next few days and asked if we could meet for coffee. Her answer was yes, how about tomorrow, 2.30 at the well known coffee shop.

I was there, well in advance . She arrived bang on time, and took my breathe away. Once again dressed stylishly, emphasising her figure. We chatted easily, told each other about ourselves, asked questions about the other. Then she said had I done my shopping, to which I said yes. She asked if I would drive her home, save her from waiting for a bus.

Home was a block of apartments, warden assisted accommodation she said. She invited me in , which I keenly accepted.

Once indoors, the conversation became more personal. She said her husband had died four years previously and had been ill for a long period prior to that. It was then that she put her hands on my shoulders, standing in front of me looking straight into my eyes , and said " that is a long time to go without making love " .

I could not resist, I pulled her towards me and we started kissing like lovers. I was trying to play it cool but my cock was telling me to go for it. When I brushed my hands over her beasts she almost jumped with arousal , she was rubbing her pelvis against mine and pulling at my shirt.

I took charge, asked her the way to the bedroom , undressed her, never stopping kissing . When I released her breasts from her bra my mouth went automatically to her nipples , which brought on a loud gasp of arousal. I continued undressing her, pushed down her dress and panties, then let my fingers search out her vagina lips. Still sucking on her nipples, I found her clitoris and rubbed it softly and slowly.

I looked up at her, her throat was red, her eyes closed and her face had an expression of almost pain. Then she muttered " I'm going to cum " and her body started jerking onto my fingers. I let her calm down for a minute, then laid her on the bed and slipped a finger easily into her pussy. She was oozing wetness. I put my head between her thighs and used my tongue to lap up her juices, licking across her clitoris and down through her pussy lips. She was groaning and sighing, her hands firmly on the back of my head. Then her body arched and she went into another orgasm .

I could not wait any longer, I needed to make love to her. I ripped off my remaining clothes, laid on her and slid my cock inside her. We fell into a slow rhythm, gentle at first, increasing as she lifted and opened her legs, pulling me in deeper.

The lady became less ladylike . " Fuck me , make me cum , I want it " . Her nails were digging into my back .

She climaxed strongly , then as her body relaxed I lost control and shot my load inside her.

We lay side by side, recovering. Nothing was said, it was understood, I would be staying, we had only just begun . As I lay there in a trance I started to wonder if the daughters were anything like their mother ?