Written by Roger

23 Jan 2018

My wife, Cathy, and I have been married for nearly 40 years, it was a shaky start as she was pregnant before we married, but with a little help from both our parents, we survived the first few years. We both worked hard, me doing an office job during the day, while Cathy worked a few evenings a week in catering. We were like ships that passed in the night for a while, but we were able to make ends meet and we could afford to have a 2nd child a few years later.

The events which started the change in our relationship happened after we had been married for about 6 years. It was Cathy’s works Christmas do, and we took the opportunity to park the kids at my parents’ house so I could do some decorating in the bedrooms. It had been arranged that one of the other husbands would take a group of our wives to the do, which was at a village hall a few miles from where we lived, and I was tasked with picking them up afterwards. The place where Cathy worked was mainly women, but there were a few guys.

Having worked away at the decorating for most of the evening, I went to the village hall at 11.30 pm as arranged to pick them up and I then had a group of very drunken women in the car, who flirted with me outrageously as I ‘taxied’ them home. Cathy was also quite drunk and she didn’t seem to mind at all when I flirted back with her friends. A couple of days later, Cathy said she had been chatted up by one of the guys she worked with, I can’t for the life of me remember his name now. She became quite pensive, and she was quick to say that nothing happened, but I got the impression she quite fancied him.

Another week passed, I remember it was now between Christmas and New Year, when Cathy told me she had gone outside to the carpark at the hall with this guy where they had a snog. I wasn’t too bothered, I knew we had a sound relationship and having a bit of a fumble with another guy at Christmas was just part of the seasonal fun. Cathy said “yes, but he mauled my tits, and I liked it”. I said I was not surprised he liked your 36D’s, they are very nice.

A few weeks into the New Year, Cathy told me she wanted to go out one Friday evening with the girls from work, to which I readily agreed. As she was getting ready for the evening, she seemed to be a bit nervous and it was then she told me that she was actually going out for a drink with the guy she had a fumble with at the Christmas do, and he was picking her up at the end of the road. I suppose I should have been shocked, but I calmly said “oh OK”. At that stage, I can’t say I had thought it through, but the idea of an open marriage quite appealed to me.

When Cathy came home later that evening, she seemed to be smoothing out her clothing, so I guessed they had had a bit of a fumble. When we went to bed, I asked her to tell me how the ‘date’ had gone. She said that they had had a couple of drinks and a very nice chat at the pub, and had stopped off at a lover’s lane on the way home, I think it was the same place where we used to stop when we were courting, and where I think our eldest was conceived. She said he was a very good kisser, and he mauled her tits through her clothing which she quite liked. When he started to undo the buttons of her blouse, she didn’t object, so he also undid her bra and sucked her nipples, which made Cathy feel quite blissful.

I think Cathy noticed her tale was exciting me, so she carried on telling me ever more detail. She said she started stroking his cock through his trousers, and he wanted to get his hand inside her knickers, but she wouldn’t let him, so he asked her to give him a wank. She said she managed to extract his cock from his trousers, which was a bit of a struggle as he already had a semi, but they eventually managed to get it out. I asked excitedly what his cock was like, and she said he is not circumcised like me, but it was about the same size. She said he was quite enjoying Cathy wanking him and he had become very stiff and, when she realised he was about to make a mess everywhere, she enveloped his cock on her mouth and swallowed the lot.

I think Cathy expected me to be shocked, but I realised she had not kissed me since she got home, so I pulled her to me to give her a really passionate open-mouthed kiss, so I could taste the sperm on her breath. Cathy has never been averse to giving me a blow-job, so I was quite used to the taste of my own sperm, but this tasted sort of ‘different’. Needless to say, we fucked like animals and, at the peak of her orgasm, I was sure Cathy was calling out his name, although she denied it later.

When we woke the following morning, we talked as we lay in bed, and I assured her I was not unhappy about what she had done, I was in fact pleased with the sense of openness and honesty we had developed. I said that, as we were being totally open with each other, there was a confession I had to make. I went on to remind Cathy of the night of her Christmas do, when I had picked her and her friends up from the village hall, and they were all quite drunk.

I reminded her that, when we had dropped her friend Heather off at her house, I had helped Heather ferry some boxes of decorations into the house and, while we were in the house, Heather had offered me a Christmas kiss. Cathy said yes, I thought you were in there a long time. I said that I had also had a bit of a maul of her tits, and was surprised to find her bra was already undone, somebody had been there before me, and she let me push her jumper up so I could feel them ‘ in the flesh’. Heather was quite slim with small tits, in contrast to my wife’s motherly figure, and I told Cathy that feeling something different was quite enjoyable.

Nothing further happened for either of us with our ‘Christmas friends’ as I was asked by my company to move to a different office, it was a promotion so I wasn’t about to turn it down. I know my tale will sound rather tame compared to the others on here, but I wanted to tell it as it was the start of a rich and varied life for both of us.

A lady posted on here a while ago about her ‘unbreakable rules’, the basis on which she and her husband lived their open relationship, and this was exactly how it developed for Cathy and me. We have always been open and honest with each other, Cathy always tells me when she wants to meet another guy (or girl) and, although she isn’t actually asking my permission because she knows I will always give it, we feel it keeps our relationship close. Unlike the other lady, Cathy never treats me like a cuckold, she never abuses me, but we do joke about that sometimes. If anybody wants to read about our many enjoyable experiences, do let me know.

Whilst writing this post, it has crossed my mind that, while I can’t remember the name of the guy who Cathy had her first ‘extra-marital fumble’ with, I can remember the name of Heather whose breasts I caressed, while Cathy waited for me in the car, and her husband was presumably in bed upstairs. I often wonder what happened to Heather as I would love to renew our friendship.