24 May 2016

In my younger days I worked in the local convenience store just to earn a little bit of extra cash whilst I was at college.

I always remember during one staff meeting, my boss saying that we had a new starter, Angie, joining us. She was gorgeous - mid 30s, brunette hair in a bob with the most amazing curvy figure you've ever seen in your life.

As Angie was rostered to work the evening shifts with me, as we got to know each other better and became more comfortable in each other's company, a bit of mild flirting started (bearing in mind she was married!), with her asking me my opinions on some of the female customers, as in whether the opportunity arose I would fuck them or not!

I also used to give Angie a lift home, when we finished at 10pm, to make sure she was safe, and she always used to repay me by buying me a 4 pack of beers etc.

One summer night though I have her a lift back, as normal, however instead of her buying me a few cans as per the norm to say thank you, she invited me in to her house for a drink (which I found strange as her husband was working away!).

I accepted - I could walk home after a few glasses of wine, but what followed next I could only have ever fantasised about!

We were chatting away for about an hour, a bottle of wine already demolished, when Angie said she had to pop upstairs for a moment.

Around five minutes later, down the stairs came my colleague dressed in the sexiest black lingerie - stockings, suspenders, heels - the works.

I was beckoned upstairs as she led me, holding my hand, to which when we got into her bedroom, she told me how she was going to "suck my cock and more".

My heart was beating ten to the dozen as she slowly unzipped my trousers, slowly wanking me to get me hard. Then came the most amazing BJ whilst I was receiving eye contact throughout.

The adrenaline was flowing as I worked my way through her hair, undoing her lacy black bra to see the most amazing pair of 34D tits.

Off came her knickers, and there was the smoothest shaven cunt you will ever see. I had to eat it. We 69'd to which Angie got up and we fucked in the cowgirl position, followed by a bit of doggie style.

We were having the time of our lives, Angie coming first, but she said that when I was going to cum to let her know. So I did, only a minute or so after - but she wanted me to cum all over her face!

Once we cleaned up , Angue asked me to stay the night with her husband being away, and she said she had the best sex in a while, as her husband was a two minute missionary man and she had to fake orgasm.

I was on cloud nine with what happened, but woke in the night worrying what if this messed our work or friendship up!

I needn't have bothered as when I went back to sleep, I was woken by Angie giving me a blow job, all the spunk being swallowed by her!

Instead of her buying me a few beers, I got a blow job every time I dropped her off going forward, and if it was a Tursday night, we made a point of booking hotels for "work training" when all we did was shag the living day lights out of each other!

Angie now lives in Spain but I would fly over there now for sex with her!