Written by Suranne

3 Jun 2018

I am 21 in a hot relationship with my boy friend weve been together almost 2 years , when i stay over at my bf house i sleep in my bf room he sleeps on the couch , but when the opportunity is there we have some naughty fun , quicky fucks and oral fun .I get on well with Billys mum and dad , his mother is hot if i have to be honest ive had naughty thoughts about her. Anyway a few weeks ago Billy went to work and i had a day off , i woke up thinking i was in the house alone , im always horny in the morning so in my bf bed my fingers were tweaking my nipples and then inside my pussy with my eyes closed i was in the moment and i opened my eyes and Billys mum was watching me , i jumped with 2 fingers in my pussy i wanted to disappear , i turned on the water works but to my shock Carole billys mum comforted me saying it was natural and a cuddle then turned into a kiss , a hot hot full on kiss , my heart was pounding , she said we dont have long , her hands touched my boobs , we kissed and then she moved down to my pussy , her breath was hot , she licked and sucked on my pussy lips , she positioned me very assertively , licking and fingering me to my 1st amazing cum , we kissed she said my turn stripping off her house leggings and pants , she lay on her back and instructed me to kiss her stomach and touching her trimmed pussy , i was putty in her hands and i rubbed and licked her pussy , what a feeling and with her guidance i gave her a oral orgasm , then we kissed . We got up and i went for a shower my heart still pumping , with the hot water i fingered my self to another cum , when i dried myself Carole was gone . I never said anything , i got a call a few days later and C said if i want a repeat we can take our fun up a notch , my head is spinning i got a kick out of my FF fun and i want more , i do like sex with billy but his mum is hot and i want more - an assertive sexy older woman , whats wrong with a bit of sexy fun ......i will keep you all posted