Written by judy

16 Jun 2015

I arranged to meet Debbie at a bar ,out of my normal drinking area , I wondered what to wear and decided on a short yellow dress , it is about 6" above my knee ,quite thin and sometimes in the right light it is see through ,I didn't wear a bra but did wear a small yellow thong and 5" heels . I arrived at the pub and as it was quite full of younger girls wearing a lot less than me nobody took much notice ,I got a drink and about 5 mins later Debbie walked in ,god she looked good she had on platform shoes and a tiny dress . she got a drink and we went to sit in the corner ,she said how good I looked ,I said the same about her . a bit of a chat later and a few more drinks ,she moved closer ,kissing me on the lips her hand on my thigh got higher but stopped short of my pussy . then she said come on lets go ,

about 20 mins later we are at her house ,she said we are ok no one is here ,her hubby was away for the week. inside I sat on the couch ,she got us a drink and sat next to me ,my heart was racing ,she put our drinks down and leaned into me ,kissing me, her hand up my legs pulling my thong off, then rubbing my now wet pussy ,she went down on me licking me to a massive orgasm ,then said come on ,we went to her bedroom ,undressed me then herself ,.then the toys came out, a bottle of baby oil ,dildos and a new one she had, a strapless one she poured oil over me rubbing it every where , got on top ,making me come with her body , her legs on my pussy .,her nipples hands and mouth on my pussy ,then she took her new toy ,inserted one end in her ,oiled the cock end and started fucking me ,the rubber cock in me and the bung part in her brought us both to orgasm ,, she even turned me over and fucked my ass with her oiled toy ,over the next few hours she taught me loads ,even letting me fuck her ,and with there been no man there it never went soft ,keeping hard all night ,we fell asleep holding each other and at 2 in the morning I had to get showered, dressed and a taxi home. we keep in touch ,we ring each other ,and see each other . don't know if you would call it cheating after all it is not another man