Written by Ray's alaugh.

24 Jan 2017

Once upon a time I worked in West London and had a job which allowed me to move between several sites. I was able to loose myself when I felt the need as each location would assume I was at one of the others. In fact I was normally visiting one of the local working girls.

Now I had in the past had affairs, but these had ended badly when I had failed to leave my wife and young kids. All in all I hated breaking these ladies hearts and felt bad about it, so decided that I would be better off taking out my urges on the working girls. They had none of the possessive tendencies that always built up in girlfriends and overall were lot any more expensive. Not only that but you could pick and choose as the feelings took you. This week, a young tall blond. Next week a thirties something re headed milf, the week after, an oriental girl. You get the picture.

I had discovered a new "establishment" in Chertsey, made a phone call, and was very soon chatting away to the unknown lady on the other end as if we had known each other for years. I got the address, rang off, and drove over there. I soon found myself ringing the door bell of a small bungalow in a suburban cul de sac. The door opened and a pretty thirty something lady opened the door and let me in, and lead me through to the kitchen.

As we walked in to the kitchen, well, I was just like a kid in a sweet shop. There were 8 of them, all late 20's to mid 30's and chatting away to each other like a mothers meeting. Always wanting to know about the set up I asked them (over a cup of tea) how they had started up.

It turned out that four or five of them knew each other from school days. They were not all in the same class or same year, but were friends. After school they drifted apart, some married and a couple divorced. One however stayed single and after a few dead end jobs, took the plunge and became an escort. She had been working at that for a year or so when she got back in touch with one of her friends, and then the others, until all 8 were back in touch. They would go out together for girlie nights out once or twice a month, and soon the story of how she became an escort came out.

Rather than breaking up the group, the other 7 became curious, and after a while, the two divorced girls asked to join our heroine and start up a small business between the three of them. The stories were passed on to the others at their regular nights out, and one by one the others got involved to a greater or lessor degree.

All that is except Karen. She was a very lively lady of 32 with two pre teenage children. Married to a manual laboured she was not well off, but would not cross the line and get herself a punter or two. Instead, she was happy to be the "Maid". She took the phone bookings, opened the front door, cleaned the place and made beds, provided clean towels and made sure the two bedrooms were stocked with condoms, lube and so on..

By this time I had finished my tea, decided on which was to be my partner for the next 60 minutes and went off with my chosen lady for a very enjoyable hour of sin and debauchery.

An hour later, it was back to the kitchen for another cup of tea so I could get my breath back. My chosen lady had been very good but still fairly amateur. She was more keen and willing than she was professional, which warmed me too her. Back again with all the others, some ribald comments and banter started up about was she the best girl or was "Sandy" better, or perhaps "Jane" gave a better blow job, but "Mary had a sweeter tasting pussy. All good fun. Anyway, I told them I would keep coming back till I had shagged all of them. Yes, I was going to fuck all the girls in the room. "Not me you wont" came from Karen "I don't do that, I'm just the maid" Much laughter all round and it was time for me to go.

Part Two concerning what happened next will follow shortly