Written by Ray'salaugh

25 Jan 2017

It had been a stressful day at work. A supplier had industrial action at the factory and this was putting a project behind schedule. The customer was not pleased and I had spent a few days rushing around trying to sort it all out. We were now back to where we aught to be and I needed some relaxation. What better than a visit to the Chertsey girls. I got on the phone. The lady who answered was not Karen, instead it was the lady who had started the whole thing off, the original escort girl who with her two divorced friends set the whole thing up. "Hi Ray" she said" I was hoping you might ring . We have been teasing Karen for the last few days about you and she said this morning that if you rang up today she would do you" Well, that was a surprise I can tell you. "Don't take the piss" I said " We both know Karen won't get 'em off for me or anybody else except her old man" I was rapidly told that this was in fact no longer the case. Karen had been teetering on the brink for some time now, and the other girls had talked her into it. They had all told her that I was a nice guy and would be the ideal first punter for her, and that morning she had decided to take the plunge that day. But, it was a one day offer. If I rang, well OK, but if I didn't then all bets were off and she would keep her clothes on and not do it at all.

Well, to say I broke all records getting there would not be true. In fact I was very careful. All I needed was a speeding ticket or a minor shunt on the way to the local whore house. Try explaining that one away. All the way there I suffered from anticipation that she would change her mind, and bottle it. At the same time I had a hard on at the thought of the fun to come, if I was lucky that is.

I arrived at the cul de sac, parked up and walked over to the front door of the bungalow. The door opened as I came up the path. It was my friend the original girl with the biggest grin on her face I had ever seen. "Karen has been looking out the window every 30 seconds since you phoned" she told me. " As soon as she saw you pull up she ran into the kitchen to hide" It seemed that there was only Karen and the other girl at the bungalow. It was school summer holiday and the part timers couldn't easily get away from home with their various kids to look after. The 2 divorced girls were away on holiday together for a week or so, and so Karen had decided to go for it as nobody other than the three of us would know what happened if it all went wrong. It looked like I would have to handle this with some care.

We went into the kitchen to find Karen. She was as nervous as a kitten, and was almost shaking with fright at what was to come next. I went over and gave her a big hug and told her not to worry, I would look after her. I asked if she still wanted to go for it and she nodded in reply. OK I said, but I was going to pay for an hour as usual. Would it be all right if Karen decided she couldn't do it, for her just to leave the bedroom and send in her friend for the remainder of the hour. In that way I still got my full hour and they could work out between then who had what percentage of my fee. That was agreed and I lead Karen by the hand into the Master Bedroom. Karen was dressed in a blouse and skirt and dark stockings or tights. I couldn't see which at that time, but would soon find out. She was tall enough in her low heel shoes to come up to my shoulder and I pulled her in for another hug and told her that she shouldn't worry, it would all be fine and if she felt unhappy at any point just to get up and leave. I wasn't going to do anything to her that she didn't agree to or wasn't happy with.

Karen was calming down and was a lot more relaxed in my arms. I told her we could do one of two things. I could either just bend her over and fuck her right there right then, in which case she would have my cock in her before she had time to think about it. If that wasn't a good idea we could go slow and work up to it gently. Karen said she would prefer the slow and gentle approach. Fine; I asked her if she liked beach holidays, and if so did she wear a bikini? Yes she did. Well, I explained if she stripped down to her bra and panties she would be doing nothing more than she had done on the beach in front of hundred of strange men. That made sense to her so we slowly undid the buttons of her blouse and lowered the zip on her skirt which I lowered for her to step out of. Very nice too, slim, but not too slim, with a nice pair of 36B's and a fairly firm bum. Some signs of childbirth, but not too much, and a very decent pair of legs holding it all up. She was wearing stockings and suspenders. Nothing special, but a nice set matching her bra and pants. A lacy white set with small pink trim and bows. The vision before me was getting more exciting by the second.

We agreed that if she was dressed for the beach, then so should I. It didn't take me long to strip down to by boxers which now put us on more or less even terms. Next off were her shoes stockings and suspender belt. Karen was feeling quite happy now and was helping me with her shoe buckles and suspender belt clip. Things were about to get steamy.

I looked her in the eye and asked her if she had ever gone topless on the beach. Yes she had, so it was no big deal to take her bra off. She agreed it was no more than she had done before, so not really being naughty. Off it came. Her tits were well rounded and fairly firm, with hard nipples, not too long and not very saggy because of her two children. Any further would be new territory, so we took a little time to get used to where we had come. I suggested be both get naked. After all, if she decided she couldn't go on she hadn't cheated with anybody. Off came her panties and my boxers. I saw for the first time Karen's pussy. Not shaved but obviously trimmed and kept under control, her bush was just right for me. She was met by my nice hard cock, ready for action. The cock I had fucked all 8 of her friends with, some more than once, and if she stayed in the room would soon be pushing into her. Would she go any further? There was only one way to find out. I told her this was her last chance to leave because once I started to play with her tits and pussy, she was cheating on her husband. True, a little heavy petting could be forgiven, but I was going to fuck her and as soon as my cock started to push into her, she would have broken her marriage vows. She looked me in the eye and told me to "do " her, so gently laying her back on the bed I lay down beside her.

It was time I sucked on those lovely tits, and I wasted no more time. Licking and teasing her nipples with my tounge while I slid my hand down her body to her pussy and started to tickle her clit. As I did she tensed up, but relaxed again, almost as if she had abandoned herself to what was to come. As I played with her pussy she started to get damp and after a few minutes I thought it was about time to fuck her. During this time she hadn't put a finger on my cock. I wasn't going to get her to give me a blow job or a wank as I didn't want to risk loosing the atmosphere we had built up. Instead, while still kissing and playing with her tits with my mouth I opened a condom packet and rolled one on.

Karen sighed a little and opened her legs for me, I got between them and put my cock against her pussy and stopped. I looked into her eyes and said to her, that right up to this second, she hadn't cheated but this was positively her last chance to change her mind and leave. She didn't say anything, but she didn't move either. I kept eye contact with her and slowly slipped my rock hard cock in to her. At last, after 8 months I had got Karen where I wanted. Flat on her back with her legs in the air and me balls deep in her nice juicy cunt. I took a second as Karen let out another sigh, I then started slowly to fuck her, building up slowly until I was pounding in to her as my climax built up. I don't think I lasted all that long, I never do first time, and I had been waiting for this for a long time. I couldn't hold back and came hard and fast, the best come I had had in a long time. I held myself up on my arms so we could both see my cock inside her and told her that she had just had her first paid fuck and what a naughty girl she was. As I rolled off her, she jumped off the bed grabbed her clothes and ran out of the room. Well, I didn't think I was that bad a fuck!

A couple of minutes later, the other lady came in to the room with the same big grin on her face. "Well" she asked" Did you fuck her?" I didn't say anything but shoed her the filled condom which I hadn't taken off yet. Looking at the clock on the wall, I had only spent 20 minutes with Karen. There I was lying on a bed freshly fucked, with a second woman just in the room and 40 minutes left to play with. I smiled at the thought of fucking two girls for the price of one, but a promise is a promise, so as my cock started to get hard again I slowly stripped the girl who started it all and not for the first time fucked her nice and slowly starting with missionary, but then doggy and then cowgirl until I came a second time. I was so turned on that day that she even managed to coax a third come out of me, after a good cock sucking in the 69 position with her shaved cunt waving in front of my face for me to lick when I could get up to reach it.

Eventually the hour was over and I showered in the en suit and dressed. We both left the bedroom together to find Karen was just dressing after showering in the bathroom. I gave her a kiss and asked if she was alright. Well, yes she was and she couldn't believe she had actually done it. She said she was still buzzing from the thrill, and was sorry she had run out on me. I asked her what she was going to do now. She could always put this down as a "one night stand" and forget all about it and go back to normal. A one off like this didn't count and she shouldn't consider herself an escort after just one short fuck. She was still an ordinary woman who had made a mistake. She could put it down to experience and get on with her life. On the other hand, if she wanted to go further with it she should shag the next guy who phoned in without thinking. If she did two or three guys in the day, well she would be the newest whore on the block.

From my point of view, I told her I would be back again in a couple of weeks to see what she had decided to do. If she decided to keep going I would fuck her again, but this time I would expect to have her for the full hour, and would want her to give me a blow job.

I left the bungalow having fucked both girls, and both of them knowing I had fucked them both. It was a great afternoon and I was worn out, but I was already looking forward to my next visit, if only to see what Karen had decided to do.