Written by kev

4 Jun 2013

This is my first story. Since the nice weather has started i have been persuading my wife to dress in long transparent summer dresses. She thinks they are not see thru but you can see everything when the sun catches her.

The other day we went out into the local town and i was amazed at how much you could see. She is shaved smooth and has a lovely pair of breasts. Anyway we went into a shop and i was a little way behind her enjoying the view. I was also aware that a chap who walked in behind her was also getting a free show. While she was stood at a rack of clothing you could see right through her dress and you could see everything,and i mean everything. Anyway i watched her and the chap and could see him getting closer and closer to her and he bent down to look at some shoes and was a matter of feet away from her. He could see everything. What happened next surprised me.My wife went into a changing room to try on another dress. Wether it was deliberate or not she left a gap in the curtains and proceeded to strip off and stand there naked in the cubicle. Anyone could see her and she then started to bend over and show her now wet pussy. I had a raging hard on and noticed the other guy was struggling to contain himself as well. The guy then moved closer to the cubicle and my wife noticed him and turned around. She did not bat an eye lid and stood there naked in front of him and started to play with herself. I could see she was almost comming and without warning this chap shoved his hand through the curtain and started to rub her moist clit. She suddenly came and pulled the curtain closed,got dressed and walked out. On our way out she turned and asked me if i had enjoyed the show. I was speechless but she has promised to do it again.