Written by stickler

4 Apr 2012

Seen in a new light.

Hi, my name is James, as this true story is somewhat long I decided to split it, which judging by the feedback I’ve received on my prior stories seems to be accepted and enjoyed.

It is a little slow in the first part with very little action compared with other so called true stories posted on here. However I feel the extra detail added in the beginning adds to the whole. Hopefully it will appeal to the reader that likes the anticipation of things to come and also the voyeur among you.

The story centres around the fact that I do some voluntary work some evenings and weekends.

I’ll not go into the details of the type of work, as its quite specialised and I don’t want people putting two and two together and getting four and guessing who the guilty parties are.

Suffice to say most of or work takes place outdoors in allsorts of places from moorland to built up areas and our work takes place as I said at evenings and at weekends.

I’ve included as much detail of events and conversations as possible. It jumps from the start which was about October of the year before last, forward to points between then and through to the summer.

As I said back in October a new group of about a dozen people started. Among these was Emma. Now Emma’s 22, quite a plan Jane type, with a personality that’s very bubbly, she stands only 4’9”, petite, with shoulder length dark brown hair which she normally keeps tied back in a pony tail, she has since mentioned that she a UK size 6 to 8.

Her choice of clothing reflected the work, and is normally dressed, as the rest of us in trousers and a fleece, even at our Christmas party she dressed in the same style which did nothing to draw attention and did nothing to hint at the type of body Emma had. To the point where I, like the rest saw her as a good mate and that was all.

From the start she was very chatty and it was not unusual to get a text or message on facebook most days asking if I was well. I thought nothing of this as with talking to others I found out that she was texting several people. Combine this with the fact that I found out that she had a boyfriend meant there was never going to be anything more than friendly banter.

One day about mid February, I was sat at the computer while I was at my day job, I managed to have a couple of minutes to check my facebook page, and as I was doing so a message popped up from Emma asking how I was.

I told I was ok and when I asked her the same she told me that she wasn’t, as her boyfriend, as she put it, “Was being a cock” I consoled her as much as you can when communicating via instant messages and asked if there was any way I could help.

She thanked me and said that she didn’t think I could as the argument was over a personal matter.

Not wishing to pry I told her that she was welcome and I am here if she needed a chat with some one.

Again I had a “Thank you”. All went quiet for a while. I continued with checking facebook for the next few minutes to see what mischief my friends had been up too, and making comments where needed, then the little red 1 popped up to say that Emma had posted another comment.

On checking I saw she posted, “He’s a complete cock, all because he likes a ring instead of a bar” As you would expect I was completely lost as to what she was talking about. Hoping I would be able to pick up on what the hell she was on about. All I replied with was, “Really?” It seemed to me that she was more than a little pissed, and I thought better of asking her to stop, and explain the whole argument as I thought I’d run the risk of getting her pissed off with me too.

I grew more confident that I was right as I could see the icon showing that she was typing stayed on for some time before her message popped up, which read. “What a cock! He’s just not listening. I told him I was sticking with a bar, I know he went out and bought a ring, but did he ask? No, just went out, and got one. Even though I told him that I had one in the past and found it uncomfortable. And to top it all with a ring I have to be carful what shirt I wear, as it would show. Any way, he can piss off, he’s never seeing it again wether it’s a bar or a ring”

On reading the last but one sentence the light came on to as to what she was on about. But I thought I’d not make a comment about what I suspected to be her nipple piercing but just continue listening as I thought it’s what she needed at that time. The only thing I could think of replying with was, “I see.”

After I replied things went quiet for a while, then the little red 1 popped up again and on opening it all she had typed was “OMG” I asked her what she meant. She replied by saying “OMG, I’m so embarrassed, I’m always saying things before thinking. Perhaps this isn’t a subject I should be sharing with you. Sorry, and sorry for going off on one.”

I told her not to worry. And I told her that her secret was safe with me and would not be mentioned at work. This got a “Thank you” and another “Sorry” which made me laugh a little.

I then thought “To hell with it” and then typed, “I don’t mind either type, they both look nice, but I’m with you with where you have yours. Much more discreet” “Exactly!” came the reply. “I’m like you, I quite like a ring, elsewhere is fine, just not in me nip” I then said, “Also, a bar is much easier to put in, no fiddling trying to get the ball to clip in”

I know this as for those of you who have followed my previous stories will know I have two piercings in my scrotum.

Emma then replied with, “Yeah, they can be a real pain” no sooner than she posted this I saw the little icon come up to show that she was typing again, “How would you know any way?” then popped up. I then posted “Because I have two.” “Bullshit!” came the reply, “You do not have your nipples pierced.” This made me smile and I then posted, “I never said I did.” After a while I saw her typing again, “Where then?” “Where do you think?” I replied. She then replied with “Well it’s got to be a Prince Albert” to which I told her she was wrong. She then went quiet for a while, I thought at this point she must have googled the types and then she started reeling off names of the types. At each one I would say “Nope” until she found the right one and she got a “Woo hoo!”

She then typed, “No way, you do not have a piercing there.” To which I said, “No, I have two” She then said, “No way, I don’t believe you, you’ll have to show me.” “Ok” I said, “But only if you show me yours. But I’m not getting it out in front of everyone else” she then came back with the reply, “Mmmm, guess I’ll have to take your word for it. I’m not going to be able to look you in the eye now”

The subject turned to more normal stuff until it was time for me to get on with my work at which point I told Emma I would see her on the following Thursday, which was the next scheduled evening, to which she said that she was looking forward to it.

I told myself not to read anything into her comment and to not expect anything further to happen as I’ve found that things are often said via these means that would never be said face to face.

The Thursday evening arrived and as I was greeted with a quite sombre “Hello” from Emma, I gave her a smile and a cheerful “Hi” which brought a smile to her face.

The evening’s work followed it’s normal path and at one point I found myself alone with Emma. We chatted about normal work related stuff with her until she stopped working looked at me and said, “I’m so sorry about what I told you. I always speak before I think” I said, “Well I’m not, I’m quiet pleased that you feel comfortable with sharing it with me. And, you can be sure I’ll not tell a sole.”

This brought a smile to her face and she then said, “Phew, I had visions of you standing in front of everyone in the canteen and saying something like “guess what everyone”” I then replied with, “No way! I would never do such a thing, not only because I would never betray your trust, but also you could just as easily do the same.”

The size of her smile increased and she said, “Oh yeah, not sure I believe you on that one. But thank you any way” “Your welcome but I’m not be proving anything by getting it out here I can tell you.” I stated. “Nor me.” She said as she started to laugh. She then set to work again and no more was said about the subject.

Over the next few months Emma seemed to be more open on what she would talk about with me, talking mostly about how her ex was still pestering her and other issues that living with her family brings.

Then one weekend in late May the group was scheduled to work on some moorland some 35 miles away. The Friday evening prior I had a call from Emma. She told me that she was a little unsure as to how to get to the location. I told her she was more than welcome to travel up with me, to which she insisted that she drove and we arranged to meet at my place about 7 am as it was en route for her. Next morning arrived, and at 7 Emma turned up; she looked her normal self dressed in baggy trousers, boots, and a fleece. Myself I carried a fleece just in case the weatherman had it wrong. As he said that it would be a hot day. I decided to wear a pair of lightweight khaki trousers that had zips at the knees to allow them to be converted to shorts and a light T shirt. I also decided that as I expected the weather to be hot I would forgo underwear. To complete the dress for the day I put my sun glasses on the top of my head in case it got a little bright. I grabbed my rucksack which had food and drink for the day out on the moorland.

We got to her car and I got in, I noticed that Emma hadn’t and looked across and saw that she was standing next to her door and was taking her fleece off. When she then got in I was pleased to see that her fleece hid a loose white vest top which showed off her figure very well and a very nice pair of breasts which I was very surprised that up until now had gone un noticed, even with her baggy clothes. Her top also showed a very nice flat tummy and a glimpse of bare skin as the top came down to about two inches about the waistband of her trousers.

For the whole trip as we chatted I kept taking sneaky peeks at her breasts which were being held in place under her top by a nice light blue lacy bra, I knew this as it’s shoulder straps were permanently on show and the edges of the cups, when she moved on occasions would show above the neckline of her top

After about half an hour or so we arrived and reported to the foreman in charge of the day’s work. Emma and I was asked if we minded working together as it seemed a good idea seeing we arrived in the same car and we wouldn’t need to hang the end of the day waiting for another team to finish. We both told him it was fine, we then started to sort our stuff ready for the off. I finished first and as I waited I had a chat with a couple of lads, as we chatted one of them nudged me and pointed at Emma with a nod of his head and quietly said, “When did the breast fairy turn up?” I told him that I had noticed as well, we then saw Emma approaching so changed the subject. Emma said that she was ready to go so we set off on our mile walk across the moor to our location.

We walked for about 10 minutes when out of the blue said, “What was you two talking about?” I asked her what she was on about and she said that she saw us talking as we looked at her. I thought that it would be best to be honest with her so I said, “He asked me when the breast fairy called.” “Oh!” she said, “I knew it was a mistake to wear this top” “Rubbish!” I said, “You look just fine” she thanked me but as we walked I could tell that she was still a little self conscious as she would hold her hand up to cover her neck line.

About five minutes before we reached our destination an event happed that took her mind off her top. We came to this wall that stood about six to eight feet high which had some stones sticking out which formed steps that took us up onto the wall and then there was a single strand of barbed wire which we had to step over before climbing down the other side. As Emma stepped over the wire I heard her curse. I asked if she was ok to which she told me she was fine apart from with stepping over the wire the button on her trousers had just pinged off and had flown off into a nearby Gourse bush. I asked if I could help to which she told me that everything was good.

We walked the last bit to our goal, as we did I was following Emma and I saw that every few strides she would need to stop her trousers from falling to low. On arriving we ditched our rucksacks and after sharing a quick cup of tea from my flask we started work. This entailed a lot of carrying which in a very short time became apparent that Emma’s trousers were going to be quiet an issue as on more than one occasion the she only just caught them before she showed more than she’d like.

Even though I secretly hope that she’d not be quick enough to catch them I thought I’d be a gentleman, I stopped and said, “Look Em, your not winning with those are you? Shall we try and sort something out?” she replied with, “Thank you, but I’m not sure how unless you have a belt?” I said, “No, sorry, I don’t. But I might have an idea.” I then went to my rucksack which had a couple of load straps with those clip together ends. Both were too short even to go around her slim waist, but I worked out that with clipping the two together they would. I did that and gave them to her. It was quiet amusing to watch her trying to both hold her trousers up and feed the strap through the belt loops as with the clips on the end made it dam near impossible to get them through. “Shall I do that for you?” I said after a short while.

She looked up at me and said, “Would you mind?” I took the straps from her, I then separated them and took the clip off one end and started to feed it through from the front to the back where I planed to reattach the clip and then connect it to the other strap once I’d repeated the process on her other side. As I progressed around the back I quickly notice how lose her trousers were and as I pulled on them to get the strap thought the hoops I also notice that I caught glimpses of the waistband of her light blue knickers.

I thought, “I’m not going to rush this” and as I proceeded around the back I acted as if I was struggling, Emma then said, “It’s a real pain isn’t it? If it’s too much bother I’m sure I’ll manage,” I told her that I would not be beaten. As I was getting the strap through the rear loop I pulled on it and was blessed with a lovely view down the back of her trousers of the most beautiful bum I’d seen in ages encased in a very skimpy thong.

I took my time reattaching the clip, ensuring I held her trousers to maintain my view to satisfy my voyeuristic side and also with my fingers inside the waistband they would occasionally, totally by accident you understand, brush against the cheeks of her bum just below her thong.

After milking it for as long as I dare I moved back around to her front and started on the other side by grabbing the waistband by the front loop. I looked at Emma to gauge her reaction and I saw that she seemed more interested in looking at the moorland scenery than what I was doing. I then looked back down and with me holding her trousers as I did earlier I was blessed with a wonderful view of the front of her thong. I could see there wasn’t much to it and it appeared to be quiet and open weave lace, I wasn’t sure if it was see-through as there was no sign of a dark area of hair showing.

I didn’t want dwell to long looking as I’m sure, that friend or no friend if she figured out what I was up to I would most likely get a punch in the head. I continued around until I had the strap through all of the belt loops, fed the clip onto the end and with a click I fastened the two ends as I said, “Done” she then adjusted the length at the front and then fasten it. She then said, “Thanks for your help, I expect the last thing you’ll want to see is me with my ass hanging out” I laughed and said, “I don’t know, I expect it would be a lovely sight” She replied cutting the subject dead with one word, “Rubbish!” then changed the subject with, “Right, lets get back to work.” Which is what we did.

We spent sometime working until I got to the point where I was starting to over heat, so I stopped and said, “Sod this, I’m boiling.” I then proceeded to unzip the zippers on the legs of my trousers to convert them to shorts. I then looked at Emma and said, “I hope you don’t mind.” I then took my T shirt off.

Emma replied with, “It’s ok for you blokes, us girls can’t do that.” I retorted with, “You do what you want, you are in the ass end of nowhere. No one will see.” She then said with a smile, “Apart from one.” “Well, you can’t blame a bloke for trying can you?” I said. “True, very true. You almost had me convinced. But I can’t go showing too much, people would talk.”

I then said, “If you’re worried about your extra decoration then you’ve already told me about that. And, I’m not people.”

“Oh yeah, I did tell you didn’t I?” she said then started to giggle. She then went on, “Well sorry to disappoint you but I’m not getting them out…..But I can….” She then stopped talking, turned away and walked over to her rucksack and with her back still towards me put her hand behind her back and up under her top and with a quick flick released the catch on her bra and within a couple of seconds she was stowing it in her bag.

She then stood, and rolled the bottom of her shirt up and tied it in a knot just below her boobs.

She then turned, said, “Right, that’s better, much cooler. Back to work.”

This we did and as we did I was very please to notice as she worked even with the knot tied in the shirt the front would still fall forward showing her lovely, I would say A cup breasts. On a couple of occasions I would catch a glimpse of one of her small, dark brown nipples and I was able to discover that it was her left nipple that had the piercing. I kept my tit spotting to a minimum, as I didn’t want to get caught and piss her off.

At mid day we decided to stop for lunch as we were both hot and thought we deserved a break. After eating, Emma said, “I’m still boiling. I’ve got an idea.” She then got up and walked to a river that was about 30’ from us, sat on a rock, and proceeded to take her boots off, rolled her trouser legs up and dangled her feet in the water.

I said, “What a bloody good idea” I walked over took my boots and socks of but unlike her I then walked into the cool water, saying, “Ah bliss” as I did.

Emma was leaning forward and scooping water up and wetting her arms and legs to cool herself and for the most of the time she was doing this I had a perfect view down her top.

After a couple of minutes she stood up and carefully made her way out into the middle of the river towards me. She was very unsteady and when she got to within a couple of metres of me where the water was about 6” deep she slipped, overbalanced, and fell back and with a big splash ended up sitting in the water.

The look of shock on her face was a picture and I burst out laughing. She screamed with shock and called me names for not helping her.

It wasn’t the case that I didn’t want to help, it was that I couldn’t for laughing. This was lost on Emma as she was a little pissed and after scrambling to her feet she called me a bastard and started to kick water at me.

This was something I couldn’t do anything about to start with as I was still laughing. After a couple of volleys from her I started to retaliate and all hell broke lose with what seemed like gallons of water flying.

The whole time I was still laughing and after a little while I saw that Emma didn’t seemed pissed any more and was laughing along.

A couple of minutes of this and I was knackered and just stood there, soaked to the skin.

Shorty after Emma stopped too trying to catch her breath but still chuckling away. I quickly noticed that her vest top was now quite see-through and I could clearly see her now erect nipples. I kept this fact quiet; I then made my way out of the river and once on the bank and as I helped Emma up I apologised for not helping she then told me that she most likely would have been the same. We then, carrying our boots made our way back to our stuff.

When we reached our kit we stood there still dripping wet, Emma complained by saying “My knicks are all wet”

“Mine aren’t” I replied. “I don’t believe you. They have to be, look at you” she said with a frown. She looked a little surprised when I told her that I hadn’t bothered putting any on as I was expecting it to be hot. As I started to tell her this I saw her eyes drop to the front of my trousers and then I saw them widen with what looked like surprise. I followed her stare and I was a little surprised to see that I too was showing more than expected and was able to clearly make out the outline of my cock.

At this point I’ll say that I’m told I am above average in the cock department, I’m about 9” which at the time even with the nip slips I wasn’t, when soft I’m about 4 ½ “ and about the same around. I looked backed and she was still looking. I said with a smile, “I’m up here” which made her jump, gasp, turn red and said, “Oh, um, sorry” and the looked away.

I laughed, and said, “Don’t worry about it.” I then changed the subject to save her embarrassment by asking if she wanted another cup of tea, which she did.

I then sat next to my ruck sack and Emma plonked herself down to my right side about two feet from my knees and adopted a sort of lotus position with her legs crossed facing me. I sorted the drinks, once this was done I lay back, rested my head on the bag and pulled my sunglasses down from the top of my head and after having a sip of tea I put it down and said, “I’m going to dry a little in the sun” I heard a “Good idea” from Emma, then we went quiet.

After what seemed like a couple of minutes using my glasses as cover I half opened one eye to see what Emma was doing. She seemed deep in thought as she was looking into her cup, the next thing I see is she slowly looked up at me as if checking I had my eyes shut. It looked like she thought they were as she then slowly lent forward and had a close look at the outline of my cock which when I then looked I saw was very noticeable. My cock was hanging down my left side and I could clearly make out most of it’s length and also the outline of the head as the cloth of my trouser leg was still wet and clingy. She seem to study it for a little while then with a slight smile she sat back as she checked that I’d not caught her.

After about a half hour we decided it was time to get back to work and we agreed that the wet clothing was good at keeping us cool. Within an hour we’d finished the work needed at this location so Emma phones the foreman to tell him this and asked if there was anything else that needed doing. He thanked us and said that enough people had turned up to cover the work and if we was happy, we could make or way back to the car and go home. We were more than happy as even thought we had a good day we had still done a lot of work.

We packed our stuff put on our rucksacks and headed for the car chatting as we went. Just before we got to the car Emma stopped, took her rucksack off and got her fleece out and said, “Might be some one by the cars so better put this on, my vest is still a bit see through” this surprised me as it showed that she was fully aware that I would have been able to see everything and didn’t seem to care.

Once we got back to the car we found the area deserted I dumped my kit in the back of Emma’s hatchback, grabbed my fleece, and sat on it so I wouldn’t make her car seat wet. I then poured the last cup of tea from the flask as I waited for Emma to sort herself out. My radar kicked in when I heard her say to herself, from behind the car, “I’ve got to get out of these.” Being the voyeur I have been all day I then folded down the sun visor so I could see what she was on about in the mirror.

I could see her looking through a bag until I heard a “There they are” at which point she pulled out a, what I soon found out to be a mid thigh white cotton skirt and a pair of sandals. Much to my disappointment though she then pulled it up over her trousers before reaching under to undo them and dropping them. However I was please to see a glimpse of light blue as she stuffed her wet trousers in a carrier bag which I hopped meant she’d put her knickers in there too.

She then shut the back door and walked around to the driver’s door, opened it, and stood there trying to undo the buckle on her shoes. I was more than happy for her to do this as the late afternoon sun was behind her and although I couldn’t see much detail I got an amazing view through the skirt of the outline of her body, and I was sure there was no shadow of underwear.

Once they was undone she sat in the car with her feet still outside as she put her shoes on. Again I had a great view of her bum as she lent over sorting her shoes. At this point I could confirm the lack of underwear as with the skirt stretched across her bum I could see everything without any outline of the thong I saw earlier in the day.

Sandals sorted she pulled her legs in and said, “Sorry but I had to get out of those soggy things.” “Mine isn’t to bad, This fleece will stop your seat getting wet” I replied.

Emma then replied with a smile, “Well I was wearing more than you.” this made us laugh as we started the trip home.

The trip home was better than the one up as I had a very nice view of her breasts only covered by her thin vest top.

The trip back to mine went quickly due to the whole time taken up with us laughing and joking about the day and in particular Emma siting in the river.

I’ll finish the first there. If anyone is interested in what took place after the trip then let me know.