30 Jul 2015

This is a continuation of the true story I posted here on the 23rd.

Hope you enjoy

By time we got to mine it was about 17:00 and I made the suggestion that she might want something to eat at mine. Emma though for a moment and she, “I would love to but I really feel grubby and I want to have a shower.”

“Not a problem, you can use mine while I sort something for us to eat.” I replied.

Emma went quiet for a while then said, “Are you sure? I mean, it is a bit of a liberty using your shower”

“Rubbish!” I said, “If I minded I wouldn’t have said. Right, that’s settled then. How’s sausage, egg and chips sound?”

Once inside I dumped my kit and put the kettle on for a drink and started cooking, Emma pitched in with making the drinks. Once she’d finished her drink I showed her where the shower was and where she’d find the towels and then left her to it.

When the food was almost done I knocked on the bathroom door, shouted that the food was almost done and ask if she wanted a beer to go with it. She told me that she did and would be out in a moment at which point I heard the shower turn off. No sooner had I got to down he hall to the kitchen I heard the door open and a still wet Emma exited the bathroom with just a towel wrapped around her and said, “I hope you don’t mind me in just this but I’m starving” “You wear what you like. I plan on wearing something very similar after my shower later” this was met with an “Oh good” and a big smile as she took her food and headed to the dining table.

After I finished I excused myself and headed for the shower. Within 5 minutes I had washed head to toe and shaved everywhere, “Doubt it, but you never know your luck” I thought. I then dried and wrapped my towel around my waist and headed back to the lounge where I found Emma had moved to the sofa and had almost finished her beer. So I grabbed another and joined her on the sofa.

We sat there for ages drinking beer and talking about the day and other stuff until in a pause in the conversation when a smile came across Emma’s face. I asked her what was so funny, to which she said, “I can’t believe I’m sat here in a friend’s house dam near butt naked in all but a towel drinking beer.” I asked her if she felt uncomfortable with it, as it had not even crossed my mind. “Not uncomfortable at all, just a bit different.” She then changed the subject by saying “Thanks for the use of your shower, it was much needed but even so my neck and shoulders are still a little tight.

“I’m not surprised, we had a busy day. Not only that but it looks like you’ve caught the sun too.” “Oh no.” Emma said, “I’m going to peel now. You wouldn’t have any after sun would you?” I told that I had and then went to the bathroom to get it. On my return I gave the bottle to her and she started to rub it in. after a couple of minutes she said, “Have I missed anywhere?” She’d missed two or three places so I pointed out where to which she looked at me with what looked like a sad face and said, “Would it be asking too much if I asked if you could do it?” I tried my very best to not look to keen and said, “Yeah, only if you want me too.” A big smile came across her face, she handed me the bottle and lent forward and rested her elbows on her knees.

I quickly covered all of the missed bits, but instead of stopping I started to rub her neck and the tops of her shoulders.

As I did this I said that they were knotted. She told me that what I was doing was helping. I then said, “I don’t normally do this sat next to some one as I can’t put weight on to get to the deeper muscles.” My dream came true when Emma said, “Would it help if I lay on the carpet? That’s only if it’s ok and you don’t mind.” “Mind?” I thought, “HELLO? What’s to mind about massaging the back of a semi naked 22 year old woman?”

But instead of saying that I said, “Oh go on then” Emma then said, “Thank you, I’ll owe you big time” She then lay down on the floor in front of the sofa, she then put her arms up and rested her forehead on them and waited for me to start.

I then knelt next her shoulder, applied more cream and started on her shoulders and upper back. There were lots of moans to start with and then she went quiet, at which point I think she must have drifted off to sleep. I then moved to her neck at which point she dropped her arms to her side and lay her head the side so she was facing my knees. I checked and her eyes were shut and looked to be sleeping. After finishing her neck I moved down her back and as I did I pushed her towel down with my hands to the small of her back.

I lifted up from sitting on my ankles so I could put more pressure on her to get at the deeper muscles and started work. After a while I looked down and noticed that her eyes were wide open as if in shock. I then followed her gaze and saw that with my working on her lower back, without me thinking about it I had spread my knees a little and my towel had ridden up a little so now Emma had an unobstructed view up under my towel. On view was my cock hanging down and one of my piercings showing as well. I thought I wouldn’t say anything as if she objected she would have turned away or called an end to the massage.

However with the knowledge that she was looking I didn’t want my self control to ebb so I looked away and said, “I’m going to have to move to get to the small of your back” I then walked on my knees down the side of her body and straddled and sat on her legs on the backs of her knees. I then started on the small of her back again which was met with a low moan followed by, “That’s the spot.” As I was rubbing her back the towel was getting in the way a little so I moved it down a fraction. The next thing I know is Emma lifted her self onto her elbows, loosened the towel, and as she lay back down she pushed it right down so it was bunched up just covering her bum. I then heard, “Is that better?”

I told her that it was. She then said, “Thank you for doing this, it’s really helping” I then told her that it wasn’t a problem and also that when she wants me to stop she should just say. She then told me that I should expect to have to stop in about 3 weeks.

I kept massaging her back for some time, most of which I think Emma spent most of it snoozing then out of the blue Emma said, “Would be to much of a liberty if I asked you to do my calves?” “Not a problem at all” I said as I shuffled back and then grabbed her left ankle bent her leg at the knee then moved forward and then lowered her leg until her foot rested on my chest. I then applied cream, and started to work on her leg. After about 5 minutes I said, “Next.” With this brought her other foot up I move across a little as she move her other leg over and put it by my left leg. More cream applied and I started work again. I looked up at her, she had her arms up and she was resting the side of her face on the backs of her hands with her eyes shut. I then looked down across her back which was still bare to the towel which was still covering her bum. To my great delight I saw that the bottom edge of the towel hadn’t moved down much when she pushed it down earlier and was still about 3” below her bum cheeks. And even better, with her moving her legs on the changeover her legs were now parted a little and it was now my turn for an unobstructed view.

I could clearly make out very sweet looking pussy lips that appeared to be totally devoid of hair. Which as you’ll gather is a favourite of mine. As she was face down I couldn’t see if she sported a landing strip or the likes, but I was more than happy with what I’d seen.

After spending another 5 minutes on this leg I stopped and said, “How was that?” I then got, “That was amazing, you should do that for a living.” She then said, “Hold on a minute, I’m being very selfish here” as she said this she pushed herself up and sat back on her ankles just in front of me, she then grabbed her towel which had fallen off her as she moved (Which gave me a lovely close up view of her sweet ass) she then quickly wrapped it around her body. She then walk on her knees to one side, turned, slapped the carpet where she was just lying, and said, “Come on, your turn” I started to object by saying that I gave her a massage because she needed one, not to get one back. This was cut short by, “Rubbish, I’m sure your muscles are just as tight as mine were, not only that, I can see you’ve caught the sun too. So either you, be a good boy and lie down, or I’ll hit you.” “Consider yourself told.” I thought. I then lay down.

Emma then proceeded to squirt after sun on my back and then started to work on my shoulders. To start with she, like me, knelt off to one side but unlike me she kept her knees together, much to my disappointment.

When she finished the top of my back she stopped, and then moved herself down and again like I did, sat on the backs of my knees. The copying continued when I felt her pull the top of my towel down a little so I undone it and pulled the ends out from under me so it was just draped over me. As soon as I done this she reached down and folded the top half down so the towel was just covering the bottom half of my ass.

She then went back to massaging my back. As I was enjoying this I noticed that from where I was lying I was, unknown to Emma, able to watch her in the reflection of a mirrored door of one of my cupboards. And I could see that with her sat astride my legs her towel had ridden up to the point where the bottom of her bum was showing.

I admired the view while she was busy. She then stopped, got up on her knees and moved back and like I did lifted my lower leg to work on it.

As she did this I noticed that every now and then she lowered her head to one side. It took me a while to realise what she was doing. She was taking sneaky looks up under my towel. She then, as I did, swopped legs. With her doing this I now knew that my legs were now parted and the view would be better, which Emma seem to make the most of.

Once she’d finished she dropped my leg down and tapped it and said, “Roll over, I’ll do your front.”

I rolled over, grabbing the towel as I did to try and keep my cock covered. I noticed that with Emma folding it earlier I was restricted as to what I could cover, I could either cover my cock or the area above it that would normally be covered with pubic hair. As there was none I ensured the towel was as low as possible.

Emma started work on my lower legs and then after a while moved to my thighs as she done this she moved so she was sat astride my calves. I was able to watch her as after turning over I grabbed a cushion from the sofa and propped it under my head. Again I was a little disappointed as when she sat on my legs she had arranged her towel to protect her modesty. However once she’d finished with my legs she got up onto her knees and walked forward until her knees were level with my hips. She then sat back down on my legs, I could now feel the bare flesh of her bum on my legs just above my knees.

She then squirted cream on my belly and started work. My self control was working overtime to keep my cock from showing an interest as now that she’d moved her legs further apart to make room for my hips her towel was now stretched across her legs, and with this I now had a very nice view under it of her, I now found out, completely shaven pussy.

I then started to think I was going to lose all hope of self control when Emma looked down at my towel, which with her movement was only just covering the top of my cock, “Oh wow, you shave. I’ve not seen that on a man before. I’ve been told by friends who said they’ve seen it but I wasn’t sure they were telling the truth.” She then rubbed her hand across the area and said, “Really smooth too. How do you keep it so smooth?” trying my best to sound unfazed I told her that I used razors.

Again she rubbed her hand across and said, “That is really smooth for a razor. I had mine taken off with laser treatment. So mush easier” she then went back to work.

I lay there with my eyes shut for a while enjoying the massage until without her noticing I slightly opened one eye and had a quick look under her towel, then noticed that with her moving the bottom of my towel had ridden up and my cock was in plain view. I looked up at Emma to see if she’d noticed and was surprised to see her staring at it. And I was sure that by the way she moved when massaging she was deliberately making the towel move.

I felt that my remaining self control was slowly slipping so I thought, “She’s seen it now and, seemed to be enjoying the view” so I opened my eyes fully and said, “Having fun?” This made her jump and say, “Oh, um, sorry, the towel moved” she then sat up and moved the towel to cover me. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t help but look. Very impressive.” She said with a smile. I replied with, “Thank you, I don’t mind if you don’t.” “Really?” she asked. I then nodded which brought a smile to her face. She then said, “Good” and then quickly whipped the towel away. “I can have a proper look now” she then gave another smile when I said, “Help yourself”

She then as she looked at my cock, (which was very slowly filling out,)she said, “What’s going on here then?” I replied with, “Well what do you expect?” I think it then dawned on her than with her sat as she was I had a very nice view under her towel. She then slapped my leg, and said, “Pervert, you shouldn’t be looking” I then pointed at my exposed cock and her hand which were resting on my thighs and just said, “Hello?” she then laughed and said, “Fair comment”

She then looked into my eyes and as she did this loosened her towel and threw it on top of mine. And then said, “Is that better?” “Stunning, absolutely stunning” was all I could say. She thanked me and as she was saying this she started to rub her hands up and down the tops of my thighs. The next thing she done without breaking eye contact was move her left hand and I felt her wrap her fingers the base of my cock. Her eyes widened she then looked down and quietly say, “Fucking hell James, it’s huge” she then looked back up and said, “You kept this quiet. I thought it was big when I saw it earlier through your wet trousers but I didn’t think it would turn into this”

Then without waiting for a reply she then bent forward and licked the head where some pre come had appeared. Then the next thing I know she took the head into her mouth. This got a “Holly shit” from me.

She then slowly bobbed her head up and down for about 5 minutes. Then with a loud pop as her lips separated from my cock she looked up at me and started to kiss her way up, stopping at my nipples for a while, she then moved up and kissed my mouth sucking my tongue into her mouth. As she started doing this I felt her start to grind her clit up and down on my cock and in particular the piercing at the base of my cock.

I knew she was enjoying this as her breath started to quicken as she continued to kiss me and stuck on my tongue.

Then after a while, without breaking the kiss she started to moan as she came. Once she calmed down a little she broke the kiss, slid her hand down and slid her fingers between my body and cock and pushed it hard against her mound. She them whispered in my ear, “I’m sorry but I need to….” As she said this she move up and with her hand lifting my cock the head came to rest at the entrance of her sweet pussy.

She then slowly dropped back down and gasped as the head entered her. She held it there for a while before slowly feeding a couple of inches in then stopping again and then raising back up so she could get use to the size. After a few minutes of this she eventually got to the point where her clit was resting at the base of my cock. She then pushed on my chest with her hands and sat back and gave a big puff and said, “Didn’t think it would go” she held this position for some time and I was able to take in the beauty of this naked 22 year old impaled on me.

She then shut her eyes and started to slowly rock her hips and again grind her clit, this time on my pubic bone. Again her breathing quickened, her mouth fell open, and a red flush spread across her chest and also the veins on her neck stood proud.

She then dug her nails in as she came again with a low groan. Again she stopped to catch her breath, her eyes flicked open, looked down at me and said, “Sorry for cutting the foreplay short but fuck me did I need that.”

She then brought her knees up and placed the soles of her feet on the floor so she was now squatting over me. She then, keeping her eyes locked on mine slid her pussy all the way up until just the head remained in her soaking pussy, then, let our a big gasp as she slid all the way back down. She continued this for the next 5 minutes until her pace quickened as she approached another orgasm. This suited me as I told her I wasn’t far of coming myself.

She breathlessly replied with, “Please come in me. I need to feel it” she then started to pound my cock with all her might until I let lose with what felt like the largest amount of come ever. Her nails dug into my chest to the point that it felt like they would draw blood and she let out a scream and then slumped down on me trying to catch her breath.

Once she had she sat up and said, “That was amazing, we are so doing that again. But first don’t go away I need the loo and a shower”

She then got up and headed to the bathroom. She returned, held her hand out and said, “Come on, bed” Once there we cuddled which turned into some heavy petting which in turn lead to me receiving another outstanding blow job and getting my first taste of that sweet pussy. After which we made love continuing into the small hours until falling asleep in each other’s arms.

I hope you enjoyed my recount of the events and how things started with my new “Friend with benefits”