Written by Mrs

6 Jul 2017

So I decided it was time to start a fresh and put my house up for sale. Whilst my partner was at work I arranged for an Estate Agent to come round and view the property. It was late morning and I was due in work so was getting a little frustrated that the time arranged had passed. However ten minutes later a rather attractive very tall blonde slim lady arrived at my door. She was wearing a short wrap over dress with a very low cut v neck and very high heels. As she introduced herself and apologised for her lateness I struggled to keep my eyes off her bulging breasts. She asked if we could talk first before she looked around and agreeing I sat opposite her on the sofa. As she sat her dress rose up her thighs revealing even more of her long slim legs. She sat with her feet slightly apart and as she spoke I struggled not to look between her legs. The more we spoke the more she fidgeted and every now and then opened up her knees a little more. Although I'm not 100% sure I think I saw her blonde cunt staring back at me. She asked me to show her around my home and as we moved from room to room she brushed past me either rubbing her breasts or he arse against me. At the end we sat again opposite each other on the sofa and she gave me the spiel on selling my home. She kept leaning forward to take things from her brief case and as she did her low cut top opened up revealing the most amazing full breasts and perky nipples I have ever seen. At the end of our meeting we shock hands and winking she said I hope to see you soon. She later called me to say she has someone she would like to show around, my partner can't understand why it's all moving so quickly but I can't wait to see her again :)