Written by Suaveone

3 Jul 2018

This is an absolutely true story which happened to me on Sunday. Feeling very horny with the hot weather I jumped in my car and went to a local dogging spot to see if I could get some action and relieve my throbbing hard-on. I went to the first place which was quiet with a couple of guys playing, so left and went on the another. There were a number of cars parked there, so got out and walked into the woods. I had not gone far in when I came across a guy naked from the waist down stroking his hard cock so dropped my joggers and joined him. He was quite young with a very hard cock which was a nice size. As I got near to him his hand went onto my cock and began stroking it. After a while he dropped to his knees and began sucking me. We were suddenly interrupted by a light, so got up and were about to pull up our pants when a guy and a woman came close with their mobile light on and stood near by. As there was a big moon on Sunday we could see them quite clearly and saw a gorgeous woman in a short flowered dress and a guy who began to snog. We both got our cocks out again, but were more interested in them than us. The woman unzipped the guy and got his cock out, which was also very hard. After a short while she bent down and got his shaft in her mouth. As they were close I said, would you mind if we come over and watched? Please do the guy said, the more the merrier, so we sidled over with cocks in hand. I made sure I was close to the woman and as we got near the guy with the woman got hold of the other guys cock. I felt the woman's hand go around mine and could smell her lovely perfume which aroused me more. I put my hand on her thigh and lifted her skirt and ran my hand along her stocking clad thigh. She felt soft and lovely and made no attempt to stop me. By then Her guy had become involved with the other guy, so I got her against a tree and began to snog her. We kissed passionately with tongues and my hand ventured between her legs, which is when I got a huge shock. She only had on a little G-string and as my hand slid beneath if to finger what I expected to be he wet pussy, I discovered a huge, and I mean big cock. It was tucked underneath her legs and as it was getting very hard, it sprang up as the G-string released it. God it was huge and over 9" to 10" long and very thick too. I have to admit that I was shocked, but also incredibly excited and knew that I wanted to play with and enjoy this monster. Fuck I said that's big and heard the guy she was with say, Oh you have discovered Jannett's little secret then. "Little" I said, its huge and so hard and I want to suck it. Go on honey, she said, I will enjoy that, so dropping to my knees I took some of it between my eager lips. She had a small foreskin, which went back to reveal a huge knob end which I took in as far as it would go. I suppose I only got about half of it in before it made me gag. As I stroked and sucked I could feel my cock jerking and throbbing and knew I wanted to cum so much. Would you like to fuck me baby she said and slip your cock into my little pussy ? Not having done this before I said no thanks, but secretly wanted to try with this amazing creature, but did not want to bareback. Well I wanked and sucked her till she shot her hot juice over me and could not believe how much there was. By then the other guys had come over and the guy she was with played with and sucked my cock as the other man got his cock in her. As she bent over to get his cock in, he lifted her dress right over her head so that we could watch his cock thrust in deep and hard until after a while he obviously came. Her guy sucked me off to completion, but I still remained hard and horny and we played for quite a while afterwards. Her guy then fucked her as we both watched and I wanked myself off as they fucked. By the end of our session she was naked and I could see her small tits, but I will not forget that huge cock, which when hard was a monster. I asked them if they came here often and he said that this was there first as they were not from the area and usually went to Tranny clubs so I said that it was a pity. He said that she was very popular with both men and women and had often been paid and offered big money for her cock service. I have to say that I will never forget the amazing experience and wished I had plucked up courage to fuck her. I also wish I had a huge cock like that too and both women and men would lust after me. This may seem hard to believe, but let me assure you that it is the absolute truth and something I would love to happen again.