Written by sensuallytender

1 May 2015

A few years back I chatted to a young couple in the US who wanted to try a threesome, but were worried on how to go about it. After I had a few chats with them discussing the problem they decided to contact a guy who lived a couple of hundred miles away. So if it weren't a good meet they had no worries about bumping into him again. They found a guy she fancied and contacted him. They chatted a few times to make sure he was what they were looking for. She and her husband decided and explained to him that they would like to meet up but they did not want intercourse to take place, not on the first meet, in-case she did not want to meet him again. He agreed and so they made a date to meet.

After they had met him she contacted me so excited. She stated it went so well he turned her so that in her mind she wanted so much for him to fuck her but she kept to the agreement she and her husband had made. They had many meets with this lucky guy after that and they fucked each other like mad. So being careful does pay off.