Written by mike madders

17 Jun 2007

I pulled into services, looking forward to settling down in my room after a long drive. I was feeling quite horny but knew that a solo session would be all I was likely to get! The rain was beating down as I pulled in to park, and as I got out a BMW pulled in and out got a sexy 30 something lady in a strappy evening dress and heels. She ran to the reception door which I held open and smiled at her saying "you win the prize for best dressed guest at the services" She laughed and said she'd been at a works reception and didnt normally dress like this for a night in a service station lodge! She said she didnt fancy running back to the car for her case in this weather so I offered to go. I got back to the reception and she thanked me as we both checked in. It turned out that we were in adjoining rooms so I carried her case to the door. I asked if she fancied a coffee over in the restaurant, and she said she had a bottle of wine in the car which she'd been given earlier and woudl I like to join her. I smiled and said "of course". The rain had eased so we both went into our respective rooms and agreed to meet in her room in a few minutes. I dived in the shower and started imagining what might happen. I knocked on her door and she let me in before saying that she hadnt fetched the wine yet and that she also needed to make a phonecall - to hubby I guessed. She told me to wait in her room and I watched her walk out in her slinky dress and heels, my cock stiffening at the thought of what might be.... I mooched around and found myself having a peek at the contents of her open suitcase, a couple of black lacy thongs and bras, some lacy holdups, a business suit and underneath those items a shiny silver vibrator.

I sat on the bed and heard her come back upstairs, she let herself in and smiled, waving the wine and corkscrew. We had a glass each and chatted, she worked away 2-3 nights a week like me and we laughed about the Travelodge and Days Inn nights from hell. She sat opposite me and I found myself looking at her slender legs and imagining what she had on under her dress. She was clearly braless and I sensed she knew how horny I was feeling. As she sipped her 3rd glass of wine, she thanked me for getting her bag etc. I told her I was a gentleman, but also that I'd noticed how good she looked as she got out of her car in the rain, and what great legs she had.... her dress had ridden up as she rushed to get out. I could see her nipples starting to push through her thin dress and made some definite eye contact. I moved towards her and started to kiss, thankfully she responded positively and within minutes we were snogging passionately against the desk as my hands ran over her superb body. I pulled a dress strap down and started kissing and licking her exposed breast, before nibbling her nipple. She moaned with delight and ran her fingers through my hair as I sucked hard... My hand moved to rub her thigh and I reached the top of her lacy natural holdup stockings and touched her silky skin. Her legs parted as she yearned to feel my fingers on her pussy. I moved my hand up and found a skimpy lacy thong, already moist and warm. I pressed it against her pussy and she moaned and groaned, thrusting her pussy towards me. I whispered in her ear..."I want to taste your pussy, so pull you dress up and spread your legs" She clearly loved being told what to do and obliged, leaning back with one foot on a chair and her stockingtops and cream thong on display. I dropped to my knees, hooked a finger into her gusset and pulled the thong aside before starting to gently lick her beautiful pussy lips, covered only with a narrow strip of hair. She wailed as I teased her with my wet tongue and pulled my head into her. She tasted amazing and I continued to eat her pussy until she climaxed, soaking my face before I kissed her passionately, sharing her juices. I started to strip and told her to remove her dress. My cock was hard and she lay on the bed rubbing her pussy as I stood over her slowly wanking.... I asked if she wanted me covered or bare and she replied that she was on the pill and wanted to feel my naked cock. I talked dirty as I wanked and she begged me to fuck her. I knelt between her legs and started to tease her with my knob, slipping it inside her and then pulling away, smearing her cum over my shaft. I finally gave in and slid my hard cock deep into her hole and she moaned as I started to fuck her. Each thrust felt amazing and I then told her to get on all fours facing the mirror. I ran my wet cock between the cheeks of her arse and she said "no entry"!! Don't worry I replied, I want to fill your pussy and eased my thick cock back into her juicy love hole. I fucked her long and slow, her expensive dress discarded on the floor, her lacy thong now soaked and pulled tight against her wet lips and her wedding ring placed on the bedside table. After a long fuck from behind I lay back and told her to ride me. She lowered herself onto my cock and clearly felt it deeper than ever. She started to slide up and and down my shaft and I told her I wanted to feel her cum and started to rub her clit..."pity we don't have a vibrator" I said..., she stopped and said "hang on" before reaching into her suitcase and climbing back on, handing me the vibrator to buzz her clit as I fucked her. This soon tipped her over the edge and she rode me frantically until I spunked deep inside her tight hole. She climbed off and then licked my cock, and swallowing my final drops of cum. We lay for a while and then she said she wanted me again and asked how best to get me hard quickly, I told her to masturbate and talk to me about her sex life etc. I wanked my limp cock back to life as I watched and listened to her before she started sucking me like a pro. We ended up fucking all night and finsihed off with me taking her from behind after she'd showered and dressed for work in the morning! She begged me not to cum in her again, so I agreed, provided that she sucked me to completion, and left me her number. She laughed and agreed, so I sent her off to work with her pussy throbbing, and the taste of my cock in her mouth...and her wedding ring back on her finger!! Here's to next time!! And if you ever stay in services, look out for a sexy brunette in a BMW...she could make your night very special!!