Written by Anne

16 Dec 2008

I wanted to share a very nice experience I had yesterday while shopping in town.

My family had decided a month or so ago to have a family photo taken and we would use it on our Xmas cards this year, I made enquiries at a photo shop on the high street and they said yes they could do the job and also impose the photo onto cards all in one go.

We all turned up for the appoinment a couple of weeks ago and were seen by a guy I would guess to be in his early thirties who was the photographer.

Now I ahve a couple of good looking grown up daughters who both looked stunning for the session however this man seemed to be taking a bigger interest in me, I\'m fifty two but keep myself looking good and always dress nicely.

When we had finished the others left but I had to find out about prices and when the stuff would be ready etc, my husband said he was off for a pint and could I sort it out, I said yes and that was that.

The guy explained everything and said the stuff would be ready in a couple of weeks and he would give me a ring to come and collect.

Anyway yesterday morning he called and I said I would be round in the afternoon, he said he was busy with some other shoots in the afternoon but if I came after five o\'clock he would have finished.

I arrived at just after five and he was alone in the shop, he said let\'s go up to the studio as there won\'t be any other customers today.

He locked the door and led me to the stairs, the steps were very steep and there was a bend half way up, on the wall was a full length mirror and as I turned the corner I saw in the relection he had bent slightly to get a look up my skirt as I walked in front.

I was wearing an above the knee plaid skirt with dark tan stockings and four inch heels, my tummy churned a little at the thought of this handsome young man having a sly look at my legs.

When we got to the room he helped me off with my jacket standing very close to me in the process. He told me to have a seat on the sofa while he got the photos for me to look at.

The sofa was very soft and comfortable and I saw him looking as I arranged my skirt which had ridden up to mid thigh as I sat down, I was getting a little turned on by now so made a show of adjusting my skirt which made it go higher up my thighs before smoothing it down.

He came over and sat next to me very close, we went through the photos I crossed my leg allowing a tiny glimpse of stocking top to show below the hem of my skirt. We continued to view the shots then I realised that the back of his hand was touching my leg. I moved a little to allow my skirt a bit higher and now there was an expanse of stocking top and bare leg visible.

He turned sideways and the palm of his hand now made contact with my leg, it moved higher and his fingers touched the soft bare leg above my stocking.

He touched my arm and pulled me towards him and I felt his mouth on mine, I opened my mouth and we were kissing softly while he ran his hand further up my leg, I parted my thighs and his hand was up over my stockings and suspenders to stroke my pussy through my little panties.

He pulled my panties to the side so he could caress my moist pussy, his finger touched my clitty and my han went down to get his trousers open.

Still kissing I had his penis in my hand and just masturbated him while he pushed up my sweater to get at my boobs, I felt his hands und to unclip my bra strap then he removed my sweater all together so I was there with my skirt pushed up around my waist, topless having my boobs sucked while masturbating this guy.

He stood up in front of me so I could get his trousers down and at the same time I opened my mouth so I could suck the end of his very swollen penis. He enjoyed this for a while before pulling me up so he could push my skirt down, I stepped out of it and he turned me aroud and knelt me down on the sofa.

His hands were stroking my legs then he pulled down my panties till they were just below my stocking tops and I felt him push his dick against my pussy. I reached back and put it in for him, he started to fuck me slowly at first and then with me gasping like mad his strokes got quicker before becoming more urgent as he started to come. I was on the edge of coming myself and when I heard him groan and start to ejacualate I came myself with a shattering orgasm.

We dressed and I collected my photos paid up and left. But before he closed the door behind me he said if you would like to come back at some time I have a friend who would love to meet you.

Walking to my car I was in a daze fistly about what had just happened and also his offer of more. I drove home with this guys semen beginning to feel sticky in my panties and on my bare legs and stocking tops.

If I decide to go back I will post again.