Written by Greg

6 May 2015

My ad here on SH reads '31 year old VWE professional black male seeks white wives aged 40s or 50s for discrete NSA extramarital pleasure'. In response, I was contacted about a year ago by the hostess of a ladies bridge group with a request to service the five members at the hostess's house one at a time while the others played during one of their regular weekly afternoon bridge game. All were married and aged late 40s to middle 50s. On the appointed day, I arrived about an hour before the game time. The hostess showed me the bedroom to be used with its adjoining WC, and we had torrid session.

Afterward, I asked how this request to service the other ladies came about. She explained that, over the years while chatting during bridge play, the ladies had talked about sex and marriage, revealing some intimate details of their marital relations, especially their fantasies. She had noted these and had gradually introduced them to idea of each lady satisfying her sexual fantasies through use of a sexual surrogate.

Before she returned downstairs to await the impending arrival of the other ladies, she told me the first lady I would service, unlike the others, had been a virgin bride, had never been unfaithful, and was very shy and hesitant about being with me. She asked me to be gentle and go slow with her. I cleaned up and put on my short thin cotton bathrobe. I soon heard the others arrive and a few minutes later I heard someone approaching from the stairs.

I saw the lady stop in view just outside the open bedroom door. She had a wholesome face and a good figure, and was dressed in a white blouse and a blue flair skirt, holding her hands enfolded in front of her as if she didn't know what to do with them. She looked like she was 16 and on her first date - definitely not a 'player'. I smiled at her for a moment, then approached her, reached out and gently took her hands, and eased her forward into the bedroom. As she entered, I closed the door and locked it.

At the sound of the lock clicking closed, she looked up at me in alarm and, in a small voice, asked, "Can't we leave the door open?" I smiled and replied, "It's better this way - we don't want to be disturbed," as I walked her toward the bed. After a couple of steps, she stopped and stared at the bed in trepidation. I softly said to her, "It'll be much better if you relax your body." I moved close behind her, placed my hands gently on her shoulders, and continued, "It'll help if you close your eyes."

As I slowly ran my hands gently up and down her arms, she said in a low voice, "I've never done anything like this before. I don't know what to do." I replied softly, "You don't have to do anything at first - just relax and let me take the lead. You'll know soon enough what to do." I then kissed the back of her neck very lightly. The kiss caught her off guard and I heard her gasp in surprise. I kissed her neck again, then again several times, softly murmuring between each kiss to relax.

When she got used to my touch and kisses on her neck, I moved my body in against her back and, as I lowered my hands and threaded them slowly around her waist, I whispered, "I'm going to hold you around your waist now. I won't do anything you don't want me to and, if you don't want me to continue, just tell me and I'll stop." I softly ran my hands over her tummy as I very gently rubbed my groin against her bum, letting her get used to the feel of my body against her and my hands caressing her. She tightened up at first, but soon relaxed again.

I whispered, "I'm going move my hands up a bit and touch your lovely breasts." As I gently moved my hands up onto her breasts, she gasped and her body stiffened and I heard her sudden intake of breath. As I started to caress her breasts, I whispered, "Relax. Just let yourself go. Enjoy the moment." It took several seconds, but she finally exhaled and relaxed her body. I continued caressing her breasts, and soon felt her nipples harden under her clothing. As I rubbed her nipples between my fingers, she tilted her head back to rest it against my shoulder. We were finally past the point of no return.

I continued caressing her breasts and nipples through her clothing until she let out a small moan, then I unbuttoned her blouse, one button at a time between caresses. I soon had it open and pushed it down her arms and off. I returned my hands to her breasts and caressed them through her conservative white bra for a few seconds, then unsnapped the bra from the back. I pulled the cups off her breasts and the bra soon fell away to the floor.

I placed my hands back on her now bare rather firm breasts and resumed caressing them. They felt swollen with arousal, and her nipples quickly became hard and elongated. I rolled them between my fingers and she moaned in response. I continued this for awhile as I kissed the side of her neck and gently pushed my groin into her bum so she could feel my developing hard-on.

She was moaning almost continuously now. I lowered the zipper of her skirt and gently pushed it down off her hips. Her body tightened up a bit, but she didn't stop me. I lowered her skirt to the floor and she gently kicked it away. As she did so, I returned my hands to her breasts and caressed them a little while longer while kissing her neck.

I then slowly moved my hands down over her stomach and pushed my fingers just under the waistband of her conservative white knickers. I let her get used to my hands there for a few seconds, then pushed them fully under and threaded them down into the curls on her mound, gently caressing her there for a minute or so. She knew what was next and tightened her body a bit in apprehension.

When I slid the fingers of my right hand over her mound and into the 'V' at the top of her thighs, she gasped and jerked her hips slightly backwards in reaction. Ignoring this, I ran my middle finger into her slit and felt the wetness of her arousal. As I placed my other hand on her left breast and gently began tweaking the nipple with my fingers, I ran the fingers of my right hand up and down her slit, eliciting moans of rising passion as she opened her stance to allow me greater access. I pushed two fingers into her entrance and, as I moved my fingers further inside and explored, her moans became more urgent and her hips started pushing against my hand. I pushed my fingers in and out in a steady rhythm, occasionally flicking her hard nub with my thumb.

Her passion rose quickly and she was soon rolling her groin against my hand, urging me onward. When her moans turned into gasps and I could feel her internal muscles nipping at my fingers, I increased speed. Her legs started to tremble and, a few moments later, she cried out in climax, her hips jerking involuntarily. Her cries of release and the trembling of her body lasted a long time as I continued fingering her, then slowly subsided as she leaned back against me. As her body started to sag, I put my other arm around her waist to prevent her falling.

When she finally was finished, I turned her around to face me, and hugged her tightly as she laid her head against my shoulder. I ran my hands up and down her back for awhile, then stepped back and quickly removed my robe. She stared at my body, her gaze centering on my wide and thick 8 inch cock standing tall. I moved back in close and asked if she would like to touch it. She nodded without looking up and slowly reached for it, moving her fingers around the shaft, then hesitantly began running her hand along the shaft. I gently thrust it within her grasp. She took the hint and started slowly wanking it.

After a while, I asked if she would like to feel it inside her. Without looking up, she shyly nodded. I led us onto the bed and had her lay on her back next to me. I could see her stiffen up with trepidation, so I leaned over and kissed her breasts, kneading them and rolling her nipples between my fingers. She started to moan and I noticed her hips slowly undulating in sexual arousal and anticipation.

I rose, knelt next to her, reached over, and inserted my fingers into her again. She raised her knees and moved her legs apart and, still fingering her, I moved between them. She was still a bit shy and tense, so I fingered her and thumbed her hard nub until her passion rose further and she spread her legs wide open. I quickly lowered my head and placed my tongue in her groove and licked up and down, finishing each time with my tongue flicking her clit. She was soon thrusting her groin against my face with her hands on the back of my head, urging me on. When her moans became louder, I concentrated my tongue on her clit, sucking and gently nipping it. Within moments, this brought her to another climax, her cries of release ringing in my ears.

When she was finished, I quickly moved up over her and lowered my groin against hers with my cock at her entrance. Her eyes widened in trepidation when she felt my cock at her entrance. She looked up and said, "No, you're too big for me!" I replied, "You're very wet and I'll go slowly so it won't hurt." She closed her eyes and nodded, and I pushed the tip just inside her.

I slid a couple of inches into her, quickly pulled back, then slid into her a bit further and waited for her to get used to me being part way in. Her face showed a slight grimace as she felt her opening being stretched a bit then, with her eyes closed tightly, she waited for my next thrust. I slid in a bit further, pulled back a bit, then slowly slid in the rest of the way. She grimaced a little bit as I got fully inside. I remained motionless for a few moments letting her get used to my size. I asked her if it hurt. She shook her head 'no', then opened her eyes, looked up into my face and said, "You're stretching me and touching places no one else has ever been." I soon began to stroke in and out and, after a minute or two, asked her if it felt better. She said, "It feels better now, not so tight. In fact, I can't believe how good it does feel!"

I soon felt her to wrap her legs around my lower back and, as I slowly increased my rhythm, she wound her arms around my neck. I only very gradually increased the speed of my strokes to give her a long ride toward orgasm. I stroked into her with long, deep thrusts, pulling out each time almost all the way, then returning to fill her fully. After several minutes, we were well on our way there. She was returning my thrusts with matching ones of her own. Her undulating groin felt very good against mine. Her moans of pleasure soon became louder and she started to murmur, "It feels so good! I know I'm going to come. Please make me come!"

At this point, I quickly increased my rhythm. After another minute or so, she moaned out, "I'm almost there! Make me come! Make me come now!!" I went into the short strokes, thrusting into her rapidly and deeply and, a few seconds later, her hips started to thrash against me, then jerked uncontrollably as she wailed, "I'm coming! I'm coming! Don't stop!!" I continued thrusting into her to prolong it as waves of orgasm rolled over her. I continued thrusting for another minute or two, all the while feeling her inner muscles rhythmatically nipping my cock.

I held off my own climax. As she slowly came down from the heights of her pleasure, I raised up and looked into her face and saw she was still feeling the effects of her orgasm. Finally, when she could speak, she smiled and said, "That was unbelievable! I've never come so hard or for so long! It felt wonderful!" I was still slowly moving in her as she continued, "Didn't you come? Don't you need to come?" I answered, "Not yet. We're not finished yet. We've got time for more, unless you want to stop now." "No, no!," she quickly responded, "I want more! Let's do it again!!"

I speeded up my thrusting and dropped my body back down onto hers, hugging her tightly. She quickly wrapped her arms around my neck again, her legs still locked around my waist from before. As I thrust into her, I felt her groin thrust against me each time I stroked into her. In place of her previous timidity, she was now assuming a passionate active roll in her rise to another climax.

I knew this one would not take nearly as long as the first one, so I rather quickly sped up and soon started to pound into her. In only another minute or two, I felt her inner muscles squeezing my cock hard and heard her passionate moans turn into gasps. I sensed it was time and I went into the short strokes, pummeling her pussy and penetrating as deeply as I could go. Her gasps turned into animal-like grunts, then she suddenly screamed out, "That's it! I'm coming! I'm coming! Don't stop! Don't ever stop!!!" Her climax hit her hard, and she continued to wail and grunt as the successive waves of orgasm rolled over her.

I continued thrusting into her as she finally came down from her peak, her wails of pleasure subsiding into moans, and then murmurs until she quieted completely, finally dropping her legs and stretching them out straight on each side of me. I stopped thrusting, but kept my still rampant cock fully in her as I lay gently on her. I raised my head and met her gaze. She looked into my eyes for a few moments, then said, "Kiss me." I kissed her with a slightly opened mouth. Our tongues danced and played until we were deeply French kissing each other. She was really good at deep wet kissing, the kind I like best.

I thought I would be able to hold off coming since I had three more ladies to satisfy, but her deep kissing got to me. My cock was still up her and, without realizing it, I started to stroke in and out, quickly establishing a rhythm. I told her to raise her knees and, when she did so, I sped up my thrusting. Soon I could feel my climax building and I whispered, "I need to come." She immediately responded "Oh, yes, make me come again. I'd love to come again!"

I wasn't sure I could satisfy her request since I was suddenly rushing very quickly to my own climax and already pounding into her with some urgency. I could feel the cum building up in me and start to rush into my cock. I immediately went into the short strokes and, in just seconds, the cum exploded violently out of my cock in several thrusts of release. As my climax hit me, I lost all control and pounded into her as I worked through the intense orgasm.

Just before I finished, I heard her wail, "Oh, God. I'm coming again!" I felt her hips thrash against me as I collapsed on her. She came down from it fairly quickly and, when it felt like she was finished, I raised my head and asked if she had had another orgasm. She said, "Yes, a little one, but it was wonderful." We lay there recovering for a while until I realized what time it was and said, "We have to get up now. Our time is almost over."

She cleaned up and dressed in the ensuite loo. When she came out, she was a bit shy again as she came up and kissed me on the cheek, and said in a low voice, "Thank you. I had no idea it would be so good. Maybe we can do it again some time. Is there any way I can reach you privately?"

I got her a card with only my first name and mobile number on it. She took it, then quickly looked away and walked to the bedroom door. As she opened it, she looked back and gazed longingly at me, then quickly went out, shutting the door behind her.

I went into the ensuite, quickly washed up, put on my robe, and returned to await the next lady.

P.S. My shy lady did call me a week or so later and I entertained her almost weekly for a couple of months, then we settled into once or twice a month, which continues to this day. She is still a bit shy when she first comes into my arms since that is her nature, but then quickly warms up into a very active participant. She has become a very skilled lover and I very much enjoy 'entertaining' with her.