Written by Ladyboss69

25 May 2010

A week after clinching the deal with Mark's company and being nailed by him in his office I received a message from his secretary that he wanted to meet me again to go over the service aspects of the contract.

So on Friday I arranged to meet him at his office. Not wanting to disappoint him after our last meeting I dressed in my best black busines suit, white silk blouse and black patent heels. Underneath I wore a matching silk and lace bra, thong and suspender set and sheer black seemed stockings.

His face lit up as I was shown into his office by his secretary and he motioned me to please sit at a large brown leather sofa across from his desk. His secretary poured us both coffee before leaving the rooom under instruction that we were not to be disturbed.

Mark then proceeded to say he wanted to arrange a monthly meeting to ensure the smooth running of his contract and he would prefer it was me and not my husband that attended. I told him that would be just fine as my husband was so happy that I had clinched such a big contract. Mark told me that we were not the cheapest but my sales technique had clinched the deal and he hoped my after sales skills were as good.

As we chatted he was staring at my legs again so I obligingly crossed and uncrossed them again for him, flashing my stocking tops. He told me I had the sexiest legs he had ever seen and the seamed stockings looked really sexy. He moved closer to me and began running his hand up my skirt, playing with the lace tops and suspenders as he pushed my skirt higher. As he did I removed my jacket and threw it to one side.

We began kissing passionately our tongues intertwining as he pulled my damp thong aside to access my pussy. At the same time he expertly unbuttoned my blouse and unclipped my bra revealling my tits. My nipples were standing to attention as he began to lick and nibble them whilst he slipped two fingers into my now very wet pussy. God he was good; this fit young hunk was about to have me for the second time in his office.

I unbuttoned and removed his shirt to reveal his toned body as he slid down and buried his head between my legs. He licked and fingered me calling me his dirty bitch...which I was! Faster he fingered me causing me to moan as my first orgasm approached. His tongue darted in and out as he rubbed my swollen clit with his fingers making me writhe in ecstasy as I came all over the leather sofa.

There I was spread out on my customers sofa just with my stockings, suspenders and heals with a pussy in need of a cock. I desperately pulled at his belt and undid his trousers to get at his big 8" rock hard cock. Fuck it was so hard and seemed to grow even bigger as I wanked it up and down before taking it between my red lipsticked lips. I bobbed up and down his shaft whilst playing with his big balls, licking and sucking his cock for all I was worth. His fingers were back in my shaven pussy and he was fingering me really hard causing me to squirt again all over the sofa.

He suddenly pulled his cock from my mouth and flipped me over whilst slamming his big cock up me from behind. Your favourite position I think he said...he was so right! He grabbed onto my suspenders, pulling on them as he pounded in and out of me. He really fucked me hard and fast, stretching me wide causing me to moan load, maybe too loud for his secretary...but fuck I did not care. I knew I was going to come again as he pummeled into me and begged him to do it harder as I came again all over his cock. God my pussy was sore and he wanted more.

I sat him down on the sofa and climbed on him to ride him cowgirl; which I love. I bounced up and down on his big cock, grinding my pussy on him. Faster I went as he played with my nipples and clit in turn. Up and down, faster and faster and then with a groan he shot his load up me.

As his semi flaccid cock came out of me I licked the last drops of cum from his cock and licked it clean.

We tieded ourselves and the sofa up before saying our goodbyes and putting a date in the diary for our first monthly meeting. His secretary gave me a bit odf a knowing look as I left with not quite such straight seams as when I arrived.

My husband asked how I got on when I got back to our offices. Great I said 'fucking great'....if only he knew

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