Written by Paula

16 Oct 2015

Hi again, Paula here once more. I had promised to tell you more about my early sex life. I hope you enjoyed my earlier stories and sorry I have been so busy with work that I haven't had time to continue my stories. Just to remind you, I am a 40 year old redhead wife, married for over 6 years now having met my husband 10 years ago when I was a rare 30 year old virgin! My best bits - shoulder-length red hair, a curvaceous 5 ft 4 in body, ample breasts (36DD), rounded booty at the back and a shapely thick bush of red pubes at the front. My likes - too many to mention but mainly sex, indoor and outdoor as often as possible, in any position (but riding cock and doggy sex are my favourites) and best of all, hot creamy spunk, lots and lots of it, preferring to have all that sperm shot right up my pussy. As a result of Geoff's comments, I now also enjoy buttock sex with my husband masturbating to an orgasm between my bum cheeks. It is great feeling his heavy load ooze over my anus and pussy lips but I still prefer to have it shot up my vagina - my pussy is very sensitive and so most times after a good vigorous fuck, his cumshot brings me to a wonderful climax. He loves hearing my screams while he cums up me and he does cum hard. For a greedy girl like me, the best thing about him is that he can do it again and spunk in me just as hard as the previous ejaculation.

After losing my virginity to him, my sex life just took off. We only saw each other at weekends due to work commitments. But we made up for lost time during those weekends. We were having sex at least 7 or 8 times on a Saturday night and another 3 or 4 times on Sunday evening before saying our goodbyes. He had just taken my virginity and I was on the pill but I was keen to experiment and so I was taking his spunk everywhere - messy loads over my face, in my mouth, over my tits, tummy, pubes and bum, even over my feet and of course deep inside me - he would cum in both my pussy and my ass. The sex was incessant but I was able to take it! Of course the bed sheets needed changing on a weekly basis!! Soon it progressed beyond the bedroom and he would fuck me in the shower, on and over the sofa, up against the living room wall, on my kitchen table and in the bath. He even screwed me right next to my balcony glass door and window - I lived in a 2nd floor flat at the time. He held me off the floor, bouncing me up and down on his cock till he came inside me. Although I wanted him to move away from the door and window he refused but after I had climaxed I clamped my legs around his waist and urged him on - it was late, around midnight, so not many people walking about. However, I did see a couple of men walking their dogs. I'm not sure if any of them saw us but if they did they would certainly have known what we were doing and would have seen my bouncing tits during the vigorous fuck which caused me to gush for the first time...all over the carpet.

My sexual experience took another big leap during the spring and summer months. One Sunday he asked me to wear a dress or skirt when he visited the next week. I wore a dress which was a little tight on me and kept riding up. It went down half way down my thighs but well above the knees. We went for a drive and I realised the dress was a but too tight - my white cotton panties were visible when I sat on the passenger seat! I yanked the dress down when we finally parked the car and got out. We walked along one of the paths through a forest park. Eventually, he pulled me off the path and in amongst the tree, walking still further into forest. There were a lot of trees and it was much darker - the sun not quite penetrating them. I could see the path winding its way below our position. Suddenly he began to kiss me, his hand wandering up my dress and onto my bum. Then his hand moved to my front and into my panties. He brought me to a shattering climax within a couple of minutes and I pushed my face into his shoulder to muffle my cries of joy. I became nervous and suggested we go back home but he was clearly aroused - I spied the huge bulge in his trousers (his manhood is just shy of 8 inches) and knew he had to have me there and then. He turned around and I placed both my hands on a tree. He moved behind me pulling my dress up above my hips and yanking down my soaked panties which fell down to my ankles. He moved close and I could feel his hard erection pressing against my bum. He leaned forward over my shoulder and we kissed while I stepped out of the panties so I could open my legs wider and allow him to enter me. I watched a couple walking along the path down below where we stood, feeling his cock slip slowly down towards my vagina. Then with one firm thrust he opened my pussy and his cock slipped inside me, deeply penetrating my vagina. We both gasped noisily, a sharp intake of breath, as the couple on the path stopped and began kissing. The couple continued kissing for the next 5 minutes or so, not moving from their position. Above them, in among the trees, we were having our first outdoor sex experience. Soon my husband (or technically at that time, my boyfriend) had pulled my dress over my head and released my tits from my bra which ended up looking more like a belt around my tummy. I watched the couple kissing in my state of ecstasy as I got fucked from behind, my husbands hands supporting my breasts as he drove his hard cock up and down inside my throbbing pussy. The couple were oblivious to the sex we were having right above their heads. They would have had to look up quite steeply to see us. If they had looked up however, they would have seen my fiery red pubes and the rest of my naked frontage and my husband drilling my pussy from behind. I came within 2 minutes and my husband put his hand over my mouth to muffle my cries. As he continued to fuck me, my right breast bounced wildly - feed from his supporting hand, it danced in rhythm to his firm thrusting movements. It was one of the most violent orgasms I have ever experienced - maybe it was the excitement of being fucked in front of strangers, even though the couple never spied us, or maybe the cool air of the forest. I usually cum hard during sex with my husband but this was on an almost unbearable level. My climax continued throughout and never really went away. Eventually the couple walked off and when they disappeared out of sight, I cried for hubbie to shoot his sperm up me. He began to thrust harder up my poor spasming pussy and less than a minute later, with one hand squeezing my left breast and the other pressed onto my hairy pubic mound, his cock exploded inside me, blasting torrents of hot semen over my cervix and flooding my insides with his sperm. My climax intensified as he continued to ejaculate inside me.

At last it was over and I retrieved my panties and dress - not that the panties were much use, given the amount of cum that was leaking out of me. A good pair of sturdy knickers with a decent crotch to absorb the cum was needed! I was completely spent and my legs seem to have left me after the shattering orgasm. We headed for home and more sex that evening after some dinner of course! It was the first time we had had sex outdoors and it wasn't the last time either. Forest sex became a regular event after that - at least during the summer months. We had lots of quite daring sexy escapades and still do but I will tell some more next time.

Before I sign off I must say thanks again to Geoff. Read your latest comment recently and got very turned on. Hubbie was away with work so I had to turn to my friendly toy. I must say I enjoyed a lovely orgasm with my toy made all the more enjoyable by imagining you 'giving your wife some cock'. Indeed, I managed to time my orgasm to perfection, having my maximum coinciding with me imagining your cock finally giving your wife a spunking. By the way, my toy ejaculates on the press of a button (it can be filled with a suitable safe fluid or just water, either of which I usually warm up a little). So when I started to climax I pressed the button and enjoyed the feel of it shoot up inside me. Not quite the same as feeling my hubby blasting his load up me but it did the job! I hope after all that you did shoot your load up your wife - I'm glad my story inspired you to have great sex.

Bye for now, Paula xx