Written by Slim-in-Surrey

9 Apr 2009


Previously: Flying to the Caribbean to watch part of the England cricket tour of the West Indies I had met a married woman called Julie, and her twenty-year-old sister Sara. After a romantic dinner I charmed my way into Julie’s bed, joined the following morning by her promiscuous sister. The teenage maid Simone, changing the towels, had silently watched the erotic proceedings. Having tired out Julie, I followed up by satiating my lust for the younger Sara, experiencing anal sex for only the second time. We had tried to tempt the curious Simone to join in the fun, but to no avail.

Today were going to the cricket!

6. Déjà vu

Sara and I woke the next morning without, miracles of miracles, any further sex. Just long gazes of appreciation for what we had experienced the day before. Both of us with orgasms at levels believed, up until then, to be entirely impossible.

I brought two cups of black coffee back to the bed. “How’s the bum?” I asked.

“If you want the clinical version, Tom, it feels like I had a crap backwards but…”

“First time I’ve heard my cock called a piece of shit,” I interrupted, sipping appreciatively at the hot liquid.

“… but I would like to do it again, especially the vibrator bit. That really blew my mind.”

We showered separately, knowing that together we would have fucked in the tiny space and that would have made us late for the start of the match. As it was, the umpires were out on the pitch by the time we found our seats in the popular stand. Ian Botham, sorry, Sir Ian Botham was studying cracks in the pitch and relaying them to satellite viewers worldwide. As we waited for the teams to emerge my mind dwelled upon Julie, who would now be well on her way to Antigua. I wondered if she would get as good a fuck from her old lover as she did from me, and that really would signal the end of her marriage.

West Indies won the toss and, after a rain delay, the game started, the English batsmen quickly playing themselves into trouble, accompanied by much vocal derision from the locals. The couple behind us were obviously friends of the man and woman two rows in front, and a noisy animated conversation struck up between them. The noisy banter, all part of the occasion, didn’t annoy me, especially with a good half of the support coming from English spectators. Sara however, was uncomfortable with the chatter and, tapping the large Bajan female in front of her, enquired if she and her husband would like to switch with us so they could be nearer to their friends.

Settled in our new seats, I turned to look at the female now sat immediately next to me. She was white and very familiar. She should be, I once fucked her! Just the once.

She sensed my inquisitive glance, and turned, her eyes widening, “Tom? Tom Graham?”

I smiled, “Hi.” What the hell was her name? Shit. If you fuck someone you are obliged to remember her name, aren’t you?

She grinned at my predicament, “Young Island, July 2007?”

Then it clicked. Long time school friend of my ex-lover Susan. Correction, bisexual school friend.


She nodded, and her husband Paul leaned forward and took my hand, “Hi Tom, it’s been a long time.”

“Hi guys, last time I spoke to Sue, she told me you two had broken up?”

He laughed, “That was a sex thing, Tom. It didn’t work out.”

Paul and Sophie were dedicated swingers and their lifestyle had led each of them, albeit it would seem temporarily, to pastures new.

I introduced Sara as my new girlfriend of twenty four hours.

Sophie whispered in my ear, “She must be special, Tom, I seem to remember they were usually long gone by breakfast!”

I turned and explained to Sara that soon after I arrived on the little private island off the shore of nearby St Vincent with my fuck-buddy of the moment Lesilia, we had met Susan in rather embarrassing circumstances. We were all making love in adjacent hammocks and she had been with whom I had assumed to be her boyfriend but was in fact her brother. A few days later we swapped partners with them, for a full 24 hours.

The next day Sophie and Paul had arrived unannounced at the resort. Sophie quickly revealed to Sue that they had come to the island hoping to find another couple to share in their liberated sexuality. Although nothing happened between us on holiday, and Sue was by now permanently glued to my cock, we did swap partners with them soon after arriving back home. Paul fucked Sue, I fucked Sophie. Just the once. All in one bed. The memory of that, and the obvious interest being shown by Sara got me hard. And I missed the first wicket to fall. Not that I cared, one lover to my right, an ex-lover on my left.

“Are you guys still in the scene?” I asked her.

“Of course,” she grinned, “I heard you are no longer with Sue though.”

“Much water under the bridge, she is engaged to some guy in the city.”

“That’s a pity,” she looked wistfully across the ground, I wish she was here now, she was great fun.”

I pinched her arm lightly, well aware of the fun she was hinting at, “It doesn’t have to be Sue, you know,” I whispered, cocking my head towards Sara, “She’s bisexual too.”

“Don’t tempt me, Tom, I haven’t been with another woman in ages, that’s why I miss my best friend. She’s very sexy though,” she whispered.

Our attention was diverted to the pitch where Freddie Flintoff had come out to bat amid tumultuous applause. He was soon to return to the pavilion, yet another Englishman with his tail between his legs. This match was heading for disaster!

I leaned across to Paul, “Where are you guys staying?”

“At the Hilton, for two nights , it’s the only place we could get a room, we only flew over this morning.”

“Only two nights?”

“We’re staying at Young Island and came over for the two matches.”

My ears pricked up. “Have you met anyone there this time?”

“Nah, the place isn’t what it was when you were there, Tom. I think the authorities cottoned on to what was going on, someone complained.”

“How on earth can they stop people shagging?”

He laughed, “On the beach they can, they’ve installed CCTV.”

“You’re joking!”

“Yes, and because of that the place is half empty, word got around.”

Although Sara remained silent and concentrated on watching her favourite batsman, she whispered that she was intrigued with the conversation and wondered if Paul and I were trying to set something up and, if so, she wouldn’t be averse to a little partner swapping herself.

“I’ll try anything once, Tom, and I can tell you have the hots for her.” She had spotted the slight movement in my pants when Sophie had touched my arm. I grinned at her and turned to Paul. As if sensing my thoughts he asked, “What are you guys doing this evening, Tom?”

“Nothing special.”

“Liar,” Sara again whispered into my ear, “You promised you would fuck me on the beach!”

“I heard that!” laughed Sophie, “Been there, done that!”

“What do you have in mind, Paul?”

“I thought we could all have dinner together, back at our hotel?”

“Yes please,” Sara whispered again, “Especially if dinner means shagging. He’s nice! Is she a good fuck?”

I nodded lightly, I knew otherwise but didn’t want to spoil the party. I was amused at the thought of Sara’s seemingly endless desire for sex. “We would love to. What time?”

“Come back with us after the match, you can shower in our room.”

Sara shook her head, “I will need to go back to the Hibiscus first to put on some knickers, folks.”

“You can borrow a pair of mine, darling,” grinned Sophie, “we are about the same size.” I was of course hoping that neither girl would have use of the garments. I don’t know what surprised me the most, the present conversation or the knowledge that Sara was commando in her khaki shorts.

“I get hot sitting down for a long time, Tom,” she explained later.

“You are hot in any position, darling,” I’d replied, “especially with my cock up your ass!”

Sophie had cut her previously long black hair into a cheeky bob, “It got in the way of blowjobs, Tom,” she disclosed during the course of the day, “And by the way, I fancy your new girlfriend.” She had a little kissable button nose set between smoky grey eyes, her lips were fuller than two years ago. Collagen I suspected. I looked forward to seeing them wrapped around my cock once again. The memory of our one and only fuck, alongside Sue and her husband became clearer. Alcohol had led us to the bedroom for a routine swap.

There had been nothing memorable. Lick pussy, suck cock, fuck, cum. Quite the routine for swapping couples, similar to marriage! The fun part is the knowledge that you have your cock inside another married woman with your own partner’s permission. Sophie’s blowjobs were, I remembered, commendable!

I wondered how Sara would fare with her first swinging experience, as was obviously going to happen. For me, the real event would be to watch Sophie make love with her, as she had with my ex girlfriend Sue. The only difference was, apart from a fumble with the Goth Sooline, Sue at the time had been a bisexual virgin. These two girls, although then years apart, were very experienced.

During a drinks break, Paul and I stood with a beer at the back of the stand, while the girls remained sitting, discussing important non-sexual subjects such as shoes and handbags. Of course, we discussed the possibilities for the coming evening.

“You guys safe?” I asked.” Last time we didn’t need condoms.”

He grinned, “I remember. Same again? We had the tests last week. You?”

“Ditto, two weeks ago.”

“Shame you guys split up, Susan I mean. Sophie couldn’t stop talking about Sue’s cunt, and your cock. Bastard!” he grinned.

“I think you did okay with her,” I replied. No one complained after sex with Sue.

“Don’t tell Sophie, because she doesn’t know. I fucked Sue at a party once, long before she met you. She seduced me in the bathroom, I remember we broke the towel rail when I had her from behind up against the wall.”

“Yeah, she told me. Did you know she fucked her own brother?”


“You remember Richard, on holiday?”

He scratched his head, “Sort of. Was that the guy everyone said had a nine inch cock?”

I remember being gobsmacked at the first sight of the huge appendage, “That was him, he was Sue’s brother. Nine-and-a-half according to her.”


“Ask Sophie sometime, she will tell you all about it. I was totally envious.”

“Don’t know why, from what I can remember, Sophie raved about yours.”

“Thank you, not so bad yourself, according to Sue.”

The reader too can find out more by reading Susan’s version: ‘Sex and a Single Girl’ by ‘Sue-in-Surrey’

“Your Sara looks very up for it, where did you meet?”

“On the plane coming out, I screwed her married sister first! Last night I fucked Sara in the ass.”

“Cool, I love that, but she’s not so keen,” he nodded towards where we could see the girls engrossed head to head, and giggling. We assumed the subject was sex, the coming evening was looking very promising. Aware of Sophie’s lack of sexual enthusiasm, I was more pleased for Sara because this would be her first partner swap.

The cricket restarted and we all sat back down, this time with the girls in the middle. I was next to Sophie. From the looks of our neighbours there was little doubt that earlier conversation had been overheard, and with considerable amusement that we now had different partners. High with excitement of anticipation of tonight’s events, we settled back to watch the cricket, each lost in our own thoughts. Mine were concentrated on the woman to my right, her hand resting lightly on my knee. Sometime during the course of the match she whispered in my ear, “I want you to fuck me tonight, Tom, I haven’t forgotten that lovely fat cock of yours.”

Sara later confided that Paul had made a similar request of her.

In the lunch break we headed for the bar and split up with our temporary dates. While Paul no doubt discussed with Sara his prowess with females (I’d heard no complaints from Sue), Sophie and I caught up on the missing two years. Sue had continued to occupy her bed for a few months after we parted, and Paul had managed to weasel himself into the occasional threesome. They had swapped partners only once since our meeting.

“Why did you break up with him, Sophie?”

“Well, firstly I knew he was shagging Sue behind my back…”

“I’d like to shag you behind your back!” I laughed, “Sorry, go on.”

“Then we met a married couple from Manchester that we really clicked with. Daniel and Katie. So much so that we swapped partners for a whole day and night, like you and Sue did on Young Island.”

“I can recommend it!” I smiled, running my fingers up her bare arm.

She shivered at the intimate touch. “God, you’re turning me on, Tom.”

I laughed, “If this wasn’t so public you would be able to touch my cock and feel how hard I am for you.” The lunchtime beers had got me more horny for her, at the end of the day, a fuck is a fuck.

Not to be outdone she turned to me and kissed me softly on my lips, her body pressed hard against mine. She wriggled discreetly against my erection, “Mmm, I want that cock in me, Tom.”

I kissed her back, “You will have it, I promise. Do you think Paul and Sara will be okay?”

She turned my head, “What to you think?” pointing towards the playing area. Our partners were leaning over the rail, arms around each other, deep in conversation. Just like any other couple except that instead of her arm around his waist and hand resting on his hip, it was in his pocket!

I laughed, “I think they are as up for it as we are. Now tell me more about the Manchester couple.”

She sighed, “After the 24 hours thing we then stretched it to one week and eventually went on holiday with each others partner.”

“Cool. Way to go!”

“Not really, Tom. I had really fallen for this guy, Dan he was called, then halfway through the week I found out he wasn’t married to Katie, but to someone else.”


“Exactly, and to make it worse, Katie was married too. Neither of their real partners was aware of what was going on.”

I put my arm around her, “I’m glad you two got back together.”

She wriggled closer, her perfume delighting my nostrils, “So am I, but it took a while. We both sulked for a month or two, in fact we nearly got divorced. The we met at a party.”

“Wow, small world.”

“Not really, my sister set it all up. Anyway he took me into a corner and asked me if I wasn’t with anyone would I care for a fuck!”


“He took me upstairs and we did it in the bathroom!”

“How long ago was that?”

“Last September, and neither of us have been with anyone since then, we have been too scared of falling for the other person again!”

“But what about tonight then?”

“Ha-ha, you are a good fuck, Tom, but I wouldn’t want to live with you. And I don’t think Paul would be capable of holding a twenty year old down.”

“I did, last night,” I laughed, “While I was up her ass.”

She stared at me disapprovingly, “I don’t like that, Tom. A finger maybe, but it’s not my thing. That place is one-way only for me.”

“Sara was only my second time, Sophie.”

“And Sue was your first, she told me and tried to get Paul to do it but I wouldn’t let him. You won’t try it with me, will you, Tom?”

“Of course not. If I remember correctly your mouth and pussy will keep me well occupied,” I lied.


I pulled her closer and kissed her lips, “I promise. And anyway, one asshole a month is enough for me. It’s fucking hard work actually.” That forecast was as unreliable as the weather, I was to discover before the holiday was out. Sara’s demands of an anal nature were considerable, but still well exceed by those of her vagina.

The umpires were back out on the pitch and we rejoined the other two. Paul had a big grin on his face and no doubt, if Sara had anything to do with it, something even larger in his pants He suggested that, since a sexual liaison between all of us was now inevitable, we should forgo the remainder of the cricket and head straight for the hotel.

Despite the need to copulate with our opposite partners, the three of us refused, each for a different reason. Sara was intrigued with the cricket, and it was obvious that West Indies would not take long to secure their deserved victory. Also I had paid an exorbitant price for the tickets. Anyway, Sophie declared she couldn’t fuck on an empty stomach! We returned to our seats.

West Indies won the game thanks mainly to the big hitting of a guy called Chris Gayle. I won’t go into detail, the scoreboard is available to anyone with a computer, and my American friends would not understand the complicated game anyway!


Dinner at the Hilton was, as one would expect of such an establishment, delightful. Conversely, the sex following it, on the double-king sized bed was, as expected from my previous encounter with Sophie, pure routine and, like the cricket, disappointing.

The girls sucked on our cocks, that bit was okay! We licked out their pussies and made them cum, no complaints there! And, side-by-side, we fucked our opposite numbers on their backs. We almost came inside them at the same time. All very normal of a typical swinging session, a traditional formal fuck.

What was more stimulating was observing my partner getting sucked or fucked, and of course the two women in a passionate soixante-neuf. The highlight of the evening was watching them suck our cum out of each other’s pussies. Later, Paul and I both squirted a second quantity of spunk over the girls’ faces as they licked away, eventually making each other cum amidst sounds of groaning and squealing.

Although offered, we didn’t stay the night and, in the taxi on the way back to our own hotel, I asked Sara if she’d had a good time with her first ever partner swap.

“I don’t know where your Sue got it from but he was a lousy fuck, Tom. I’ve had better attention from my vibrator. No wonder Sophie looks for other cocks. I enjoyed watching you fuck her, to be honest.”

I smiled at her in the dark, “She’s not much better at that either, Sara.”

“Oh? You looked as though you were having a good time, and I know you came twice.”

“I think we all did. It’s just that when I’m inside a woman I like her to show some interest, like fucking back at me. Sophie just lies there like a wet rag. Now I realize why I failed to recognise her at first, the one and only time we had sex was exactly the same, forgettable.”

“Well, I know they have invited us out tomorrow, but I certainly won’t climb over you to get to him.” Her eyes gleamed red in the refection of the red traffic lights as we waited in traffic in the centre of Bridgetown, “But I have to disagree about Sophie, she is a different kettle of fish.”

“Good lover?”

“The best, Tom. I have had sex with quite a few girls, but she is very experienced, she really knew how to tick my boxes.”

“And your clit?”

She giggled, “That too!”

The driver was watching us intently in the mirror, no doubt it was that time of the night when back-seat cock sucking got into gear. Although I was tempted to ask Sara, and being the exhibitionist I now knew she was and I knew she wouldn’t refuse, my cock hadn’t yet recovered from its recent exercise at the Hilton.

I spoke more softly, “She should be good, she has been fully bisexual since she was twelve.”

I told her about the time in college that Sue and several other girls had watched Sophie suck Paul off at the back of class.

“She’s known him that long?”

“Yes, they grew up together, do you know they were fucking at thirteen?”

Sara laughed, “No wonder they have gone stale then. Perhaps she should be a lesbian. All the same I wouldn’t mind going with her again. Do you mind that?”

“Not at all, you are a free spirit, you must do as you feel. As long as I can watch again, that is!”

“And wank over us again, no doubt? I liked you doing that.”

“Of course,” I grinned. “But this time I want to cum on your mouths as you both kiss.”

“Dirty boy, I love your style.” We drew into the hotel grounds. “Do you have any other surprises for me?”

“I’ll think of something,” I laughed as I handed the driver twenty US, telling him to keep the change.

“Will you do this for me then, Tom?” she asked as we tripped merrily through reception.


“Something that didn’t happen tonight. As soon as you are ready, I want you to fuck me properly, make me cum with your cock in me. And I promise to fuck back,” she grinned.

“I don’t think I will find that too hard,” I laughed.

The same couple that had been waiting on the landing the previous night when I escorted the two sisters to their room were in the elevator with us. This time, his bemused expression went unpunished as his girl grinned at us. They looked a little worse for wear, courtesy no doubt of the local beverage. She surprised us by speaking bluntly, her voice distinctly French Canadian.

“Great place for sex this, isn’t it?”

For once I was lost for words, but Sara as usual had an answer for every occasion.

“The elevator, or the hotel?” she asked sweetly.

I laughed, a foursome in a moving elevator would surely be a candidate for the Guinness Book of Records.

“The hotel,” the redhead laughed. They appeared to be in their mid-thirties. Extremely attractive, very tanned and very fit.

Sara blatantly pressed her hand onto my stiffening crotch and answered, “It certainly is. Even better when there’s four.”

Her partner recoiled as though he had been struck, “Sorry, we are not into that sort of thing.”

Sara merely grinned and held open the door for them as the elevator reached our floor. As they retreated down the corridor, I got into the swing of things (no pun intended) and called after them, “We are in 1045 just in case you are interested.” The girl stopped and, without turning, waved a hand. The guy kept walking. He glanced back at us just the once as he pulled her non-too gently into their room.

“I think we might have turned them on,” I laughed.

“I know the feeling, Tom.”

In my room, we urgently ripped at each other’s clothing, determined to rectify the non-event of the early evening. By the time she had unzipped my chinos I was hard and ready in my boxers. Sara stood before me in the crimson panties she had borrowed from Sophie, the wet stain of her desire clearly apparent.

“So,” she said, with a gleam in her eye, and tracing her finger up my erection, “How are you going to excite me tonight, mister?”

On inspiration I opened the French doors, grabbed her hand and let her out on to the balcony.

“I took your sister out here the other night. She said it would make you jealous, knowing you like outdoor sex.”

“You had sex out here with her?” she looked at me incredulously.

“Over the rail there.”

“Fuck, you must have made an impression, she would never do that with James.”

I pointed to the deck, a dried stain was still apparent, “There’s your proof, darling!”

Naked, apart from her panties she looked down at the beach, fringed by palms, then up at the façade of identical balconies. There were still lights on in many rooms. Two balconies were occupied, both below us and both by couples, ages unidentified.

She turned to me, her eyes full of sheer lust, “Yes please, Tom, fuck me out here too, I don’t give a damn who sees.”

Excited by her request and, unlike my far more nocturnal adventure with Julie, I realised there was a good chance of us getting caught. I studied Sara’s youthful tits, the cleavage glowing with perspiration in the low moonlight. I could smell the desire rising from her groin. Suddenly I didn’t care who saw us. This very mature twenty-year-old girl continued to excite me. I wanted to fuck her, no matter where.

As with all best laid plans, circumstances didn’t allow us to get very far. We were kissing hungrily, my fingers lodged deeply in an extremely wet pussy, her hand gripping my cock, when a couple emerged from their room just two balconies away. The woman appeared to be wearing some sort of gossamer gown, her otherwise slim nakedness silhouetted by the moon. I swear I could make out her pubes through the sheer material. The man, wearing shorts, was bare from the waist up. They were turned away from us, and kissing. I wondered out loud if, like me, he had an erection.

“Do you think they are going to fuck?” Sara whispered back, hardening her grip on my cock.

“Not everyone’s like us, Sara.”

“Well, I don’t care, I want to anyway.”

Without delay, she leaned back against the railing, thrusted her hips forward at me and pulled the thong of her panties to one side. Her pussy lips were open, she was wet and ready, if ever there was a woman truly on heat, this was the moment.

“Fuck me, Tom,” she whispered. “Fuck me now, I want you so much.”

Briefly, I glanced at the other couple, they were still kissing, but their hands had started to wander into nether regions. This was getting more exciting by the minute.

I placed one of Sara’s legs on a footstool and my cock dribbled with desire as I entered her with one masterful stroke. Her groan, intentional or otherwise, was enough to cause the couple to turn, their faces now clear in the moonlight. Of course it was the Canadian guys from the elevator.

The sounds of our copulating was almost as clear as though they were stood next to us, only a few railings partially breaking the view. The woman’s hand flew to her mouth, the man stood frozen to the spot. Throwing all caution to the winds, and pretending we hadn’t seen our neighbours, I continued fucking my Sara, both of us revelling in the voyeurism, my glistening cock on full view as it plunged in and out of my lover’s eager cunt.

Sara had a clearer view of the embracing couple, “Don’t look now, Tom, they are still watching us. I swear she has got his cock out. Fuck, this is hot!”

Of course, curiosity got the better of me and I turned to look and inevitably that gave the game away. I expected the girl to turn away or leave, but instead she smiled.

But when I returned the gesture, her partner grabbed her hand and, cock waving in the breeze, he pulled her back into the room.

“Nice while it lasted,” grinned Sara, turning towards the doorway, “Come on, fuck me on the bed now, it’s getting a bit cold out here.”

I was lying on my back with Sara astride me, her hand moistening the head of my cock between her wet lips, when there was a gentle tap-tap at the door. I quickly donned a pair of pants, doing little to hide my erection.

“You think it’s them?” Sara questioned my eyes.

“Or that maid,” I retorted hopefully.

It was indeed the couple from the balcony, both grinning from ear to ear.

“Hi,” the woman spoke, “We are Catherine and Bob, can we come in?”

Our visitors were still dressed in their balcony wear, she in nightdress, he in safari shorts. Bob still sported his hard on, so I guessed their decision to join us was a joint one.

Unable to hide a smirk, I held open the door, “Of course.”

I followed their gaze to where Sara lay naked on the bed, her fingers unashamedly caressing her pussy.

“Would you guys like a drink?” I asked.

“Yes please,” Catherine quickly replied, clearly nervous. Bob couldn’t take his eyes of Sara. I swear I saw a movement in his pants.

“So what made you two change your mind?”

“What do you think?” Bob replied without turning, he was absorbed in Sara’s nakedness, “Seeing you on the balcony, of course. Cathy and I have talked about doing this for ages, but the right opportunity never came up.”

“Yeah,” his wife chipped in, just now I persuaded him we might not get this chance again.”

My erection had not gone unnoticed by her, “You sure about this, Catherine? It’s a big step, you know, getting fucked by someone else’s partner.” I didn’t want any post-coital remorse.

My words were meant to excite them both, and I succeeded. Bob’s eyes still glued to Sara, he lowered his pants and moved towards the bed. Sara grinned at the sight of yet another erect cock. I turned to Catherine, blatantly stroking my own excited member through my pants, “You really sure?”

Looking into my eyes she nodded and slipped the straps of her nightdress off her shoulders. For a moment the garment remained hooked on her nipples, and then she was naked. Clearly nervous, she stood before me in expectation as I extracted my cock. Her eyes widened and she reached down to grasp it as I gently kissed her and fondled her small breasts.

“Come on, let’s join them.”

Sara grinned widely as we approached the bed, Bob’s head was already lodged between her thighs! I thought what a thrill this was for her, her first ever foursomes, and both in one night! As for me, Catherine looked a far better proposition than the lame Sophie, especially the way she already had her mouth full of my cock and was wriggling quite happily on my exploring fingers.

It later transpired that the gorgeous Catherine was a television celebrity in their hometown outside Montreal and requested our utmost discretion. For that reason only I have not written about that night in great detail but I will just say that the sex was all that our earlier encounter with Paul and Sophie wasn’t. Even though we wore protection, the sex was wonderful and they both participated actively. They fucked as though they had been starved of sex for months. Perhaps they had. Even though Catherine was not bisexual and we had sex with the lights out, we all thoroughly enjoyed the unexpected encounter. Bob and Catherine stayed most of the night and Sara didn’t get her consolation fuck on the beach with me, it was no longer needed! When we suggested meeting up with them again Bob said that swapping partners had long been on their to-do list, now they had done that and were moving on. In other words, thank you for the fucking, but no more thank you. All the same, we exchanged phone numbers, Bob made regular trips to Europe.

Next morning, after they had discreetly returned to their room and as we were leaving for breakfast, my mobile rang. It was Sophie. Her mother was unwell and they were going to try to get a flight home later today with BA. After our delightful session with the Canadians, neither of us were overly disappointed.

“What about your stuff on Young Island?” I asked her.

“Oh, we will be returning, maybe you would both like to pop over and renew some memories?”

“We may have gone home by then,” I lied.

Sara was listening in to every word. “Bang goes my sex with her,” she said with a sad tone.

“Never mind sweetie, plenty more fish in the sea if anything like last night is an indication.”

“Don’t worry, I shall find someone!” she smirked.

Sara, unknown to me, already had something arranged! She stared at me without speaking, deep in thought.


“Tom, can I ask you a favour?”

I grinned and pressed her hand to my groin, “If it’s anything to do with this, go ahead, be my guest!”

She laughed, then frowned. “You know much I like sex?”

“I had noticed,” I grinned, lewdly stroking the hardening outline of my cock, suspecting that a fuck might be on the cards.

“Well,” she paused. “I like you a lot, Tom, enough to keep seeing you back home, if that’s alright with you?”

I grinned and took her in my arms, she smelt of toothpaste and I licked her mouth, prising open her lips. For a minute or two we kissed, slowly getting aroused.

“But I’m not sure if we will be able to keep up at this pace though.”

“I realise that, Tom, that’s why I wanted to ask you something.”

“Go on.”

“You and your ex, Rachel wasn’t it?” I nodded.

“You said that you both had other lovers.”


“Was that why you broke up?”

I shook my head, “No we were both okay with that, that’s what kept our relationship together. A previous girlfriend showed up and I had sex with her and I didn’t tell Rachel. After that we didn’t trust each other.”


Sara’s interest was as clear as day. “You want us to have an open relationship?”

She nodded, “Is that such a bad thing? I think I love you, Tom, but not enough to stop seeing other people. My mum is the same, she says her sex drive is still too much for one man to handle.”

“You will have to introduce us!”

Sara sighed, “I’m serious about this, Tom. I tried it with a couple of other blokes and it didn’t work.”

“How old were they?”

“Same age as me. They were happy to go fuck someone else, but when I cut loose, they didn’t like it.”

“There you are then, they were too immature. Polygamy is good with me, I am grateful for all I can get.”

She frowned, “What the fuck is polywhatsit?”

I chuckled, “Exactly what we are talking about, a relationship where the partners are free to screw around but still return to each other.”

“Tom, if the sex is anything like the last few days, I shan’t do much screwing around, sweetie.”

I took her head between my hands, “Sara, things go stale, in time you will want to fuck someone else, just as I will. It’s just human nature. And you know that, that’s why you asked me isn’t it?”

She nodded. “Yes, I guess so, I know how I am. Is it wrong I should like sex so much?”

“Not at all, I am grateful you do. I ask just one thing though.”

“What’s that?”

“If either of us goes with someone else, we talk about it, okay?”

“Agreed. What if it’s spontaneous and I don’t have time to ask? Most of my sex has been like that.””

I laughed, “That’s the best sex, I’m always up for that. Then we just share with each other afterwards…”

“Cool, my boyfriends couldn’t stand that though.”

“…and fuck each other’s brains out while telling.”

“This is going to be fun, Tom. Thank you for agreeing, I didn’t want to hurt you as you are such a nice guy.”

I held her close, “It will work, it did with Rachel until I ballsed it up. So, do you have anyone in mind already?”

She kissed my nose, and grinned, “At this moment in time, yes.”

She knelt down, extracted my cock and parted her lips.

We were interrupted by a brief telephone call from her sister after which she sucked me as though her life depended upon it. “Cum in my mouth Tom, you haven’t done that yet.”

Of course I was pleased to oblige! Ten minutes later, following a big gulp she grinned, “Thank you for thinking like me, Tom, this is going to be fun. Who shall we fuck next then?”

That question was soon to be answered!

To be continued