Written by TJ

25 Nov 2016

I'm Tony and I want to tell you how fucked up sex games can get and how it caused my wife to leave me for a while.

We live in a semi, our neighbour is a guy in his early 70's who is a bit of a perv. He is always being suggestive when my wife talks to him. She's my age, 36 has a great figure and big DD tits which I remind her all the time are her best assets.

She gets pissed of at this becouse, as she says, me and women tend to talk to her tits and not her face which by the way is fucking hot as well.

This guy George has made remarks to the wife about her assets and how if he was younger he would take me on just to get a squeeze of her tits and stuff like that. I went round to see him and he denied it so what could I do, I mean he was pretty convincing. I told the Mrs who was pissed of with me so she decided to work something out that would allow me to catch him in the act.

I have a large workshop in the garden where I store my tools and stuff. I've had stuff stolen so I installed CCTV, it cost me well over £2k so its shit hot. George doesn't' know about this so we decided that if he got worse the only way we could get proof is for us to record him. Well time went on and he did get worse, nothing the Mrs couldn't handle, in fact although it was annoying she also found it quite funny. So I hatched a plan.

She was to get him into the shed which he had mentioned a few times as a place he wanted to show her his cock still worked and I turn up and there is a big row and I threaten to tell his wife, he leaves and doesn't' bother my wife again.

One afternoon I get a call from the Mrs telling me that George had asked when he was going to be invited into the shed. So I rush home, park the van round the corner and we get our plan organised. The Mrs is to wear her tightest jeans and a blouse with no bra. She mustn't lead him on or encourage him but see what he does whilst all the time I'm watching on the CCTV. As soon as he starts his nonsense or starts touching the Mrs I come in and show him the camera and warn him off.

SO the plan goes into action, The Mrs goes to the shed to get something and comes back out, and as predicted George is at the fence. I have to be honest, becouse She's not wearing a bra her tits are bouncing and I would have fucked her there and then.

I can see from the window that George is leering at her and staring at her chest but I can't hear what they are saying. Then he disappears and reappears in my garden. I can here the Mrs telling him to behave and that I would be home soon to which George tells her something that makes her give him a playful slap. She leads him into the shed and its all systems go.

I rush to the TV and make sure its all recording.

I watch then as she shows George my tools and stuff but he's more interested in her, then he puts his hand on her bum and she laughs and pushes his hand away. Then she's facing him and he's telling her how sexy she is and actually asks her to show him her tits. She asks if he's sure and he's almost dribbling. The wife opens her blouse and lets her breasts fall out. he's on them in an instant. She slows him down and looks at the camera.

I'm not sure if that was her signal becouse we hadn't set one so I leave her carry on. Then she back up and sits on a table. Her blouse is off and George is getting a handful. I'm thinking that maybe I should wait to get some more footage, then he's got one in his mouth and he's sucking my wife's tits. I get up to go to the shed thinking this is enough but she puts her head back and her eyes are closed and her mouth open, she's fucking enjoying this. She then looks at the camera and shakes her head. I',m so fucking confused, do I go in now or is she waiting for more but by now George has his trousers round his ankles and his dick is out, surely this is enough.

Then the door bell rings, its the guy I employ to assist me dropping off some stuff. I try and get rid of him but he just talks shit for a while but all I can think of is the Mrs. He goes but by now its been about 5 min since I saw her last and I start to go to the shed. Half way there I'm starting to doubt myself and run back to the house to make sure its actually recording before I go in so he can't deny it.

I am fucking shocked. My wife's jeans are in the floor and she is naked except for socks and she and George are fucking.

She's got her legs round his flabby saggy back and her hands are holding onto his arse and he's fucking her pussy like his life depends on it. I can here her squealing and telling him not to stop and that she's cumming. Her tits are swinging all over the fucking place. I am gutted, this wasn't supposed to go this far. Then she lays back on the table and all I can hear is her telling George 'fuck me, fuck me'. Of course he keeps going.

Then she gets up on her elbows and looks at the camera and says ' don't you dare fucking come in. She's actually telling me not to interrupt. George stops for a sec and asks her to repeat herself and she grabs his head and puts her breast in his mouth and tells him that she said that he is to keep going and cum in her.

He obliges and I watch as he is clearly pumping cum into my wife and she's cumming as well.

A little while later she storms in a we have a huge argument, she's accusing me of wanting it to end like that and I remind her she could have said no but she admits that as soon a she was inside her she was powerless and that he is a good fuck, even telling me he's better that I am.

We separated for few weeks but after a heart to heart we agreed to treat this as a bit of adult fun. Now her and George fuck about once a week in my shed and I watch as he eats her pussy or bends her over the table and takes her from behind. I have even seen her take his cock in her mouth and watched him fuck my wife's face filling her mouth with cum and I can't do anything about it becouse apparently it was my idea.

The bonus is that at least now we have gone from fucking one a week or so to nearly every night except for when her breath smells of old man cum.