1 Aug 2016

this is a follow up on the story I posted a while ago about our first visit to a sex cinema, we went in and paid and went upstairs to the circle , the bottom half of the cinema was unused due to lack of regular custom , we opened the doors and stood at the back for a bit to get used to the dark, we then sat on the back row about six seats in , only one guy on our row and about ten others all men dotted about,as usual all my young wife was wearing was her coat and stockings suspender and shoes, we watched about ten minutes of the film which was quite horny , my wife then undid her coat revealing her ample breasts , the guy on the end of the row was now taking interest so I decided to go to the gents and leave her alone for a few minutes to see what developed , I stayed in the toilets for about ten minutes and when I walked back into the auditorium I noticed the guy who was on the end of the row had now moved and was sitting right next to my wife, I felt the excitement building and I walked up the steps to the rear of the auditorium , I stood behind the partition and looked over to where my wife was sitting, the guys left hand was clearly between her legs and he was fingering her, her right hand was clearly wanking him off ,I could tell the way she was sitting that she was about to cum , she stiffened up and pushed her legs out in front of her and I could see her body start to shudder, she the leaned over and took the full length of his stiff cock in her mouth and I watched as her head bobbed up and down on it this went on for a few minutes and the he held her head down and came shooting it all down her throat , he thanked her and then got up and left , I then joined her and she did the same to me , this is all very true and as it happened, brian.