Written by dirtyweasel

24 Jan 2008

We were feeling very horny the other night so decided to go out for a drive around the local area and have some car fun.

We live in West Yorkshire so drove upto our local television mast where we stopped in the entrance to a field. It was very muddy so we parked very close to the roadside. We put the seats down and as the wife was driving I leaned over to hold her and we had a wonderfully sexy opened mouth long kiss. I'd asked my wife to put on a short skirt for easy access and she did. Little did I know she had also gone without knickers, as I soon discovered when I ran my hand up her long smooth thigh. This got me really hard as we had stopped to fuel up on the way. I thought she was getting some looks when she'd bent over to remove the filler cap! Had I known I would've hitched her skirt up as we drove and played with her then.

She removed my pants and played with my cock for a while and I got my tongue into her soaking wet pussy with the usual difficulty when fucking in the car. She then came over to me and mounted my hard cock and started to ride me.

All the time we were in the car other cars were passing slowly by and I was hoping someone would stop and take a look. Eventually a car came past and turned around further down the road.My wife watched it turn through the back window and said "it's comong back" . This was all too much for me and as it drew alongside us I filled her with cum.

This time we covered ourselves whilst grinning sheepishly at the man in the car but next time i hope to last longer and give someone a thrill, or perhaps let them have a play as well.

When we got home I was hard again and we fucked for longer this time telling each other how much we enjoyed it. Next time my wife says she will be ib hold-ups heels and her fur coat and nothing else. . . Can't wait!