Written by Elsa

25 Aug 2008

As said my husband George has always fantasised about me having sex with another man and though it does make me horny I always resisted his desire so it was a the last thing I was expecting. My previous story of sex in the garden led to me to being fucked by 2 German tourist Hans and his young son Kurt in my garden it was not just good it was fantastic. I could not wait for my husband to come home and though I have had 2 horny cocks repeatedly fucking me I wanted more. I wanted to tell him but was worried he would either want me to fuck other men again or call me a slut as there is a difference between fantasy and reality. I decided not tell all.

Also soon as he got home I called him to the garden and flashed my breast which was enough for him to get hard he got his cock out which was throbbing within seconds. I was very juicy and his cock easily penetrated me and he came amazing quick. I like to talk dirty and known to scream a bit and I was not holding back, I came nearly as quick as he did. He was amazed how horny I was I just told him I was fantasying about his cock all day and got hot in the garden, little did he know. There was something missing this time an extra cock! We had dinner and I was ready for sex again but husband George was not so it was some very nice sexy dreams.

The next day the weather was not so good so no chance of sunbathing naked in the garden though I did put on some sexy clothes in case my German visitors returned, I kept looking up the track but they did not. I just had to be patient and wait for George to come home. It was good fucking 2 others but time to move on I was pleased I did not tell George as it could have got out of hand. I was pleased to get to the weekend to have George around and the weather was not too bad so a bit of topping up the tan it felt great we had a great day getting naked outside. The day flew by and it was time for dinner we dressed and I slipped in to make some food and left my husband in the garden. Not only was I preparing food I was looking forward to some horny sex all went well until I looked into the garden to see the 2 German tourist talking to my husband my body went hot and cold surely they would not tell all about there last visit?. I could not go out and waited for my husband to come in. He came in and explained that the 2 tourist were looking for somewhere to camp as the campsite they were in was now fully booked and they had to move on they only wanted one night. He told them they could camp over night in the garden and thought it would be fun to have them in the garden a chance for me to have 3 men in one night, I was not sure if he was joking or not! I was very red by now especially when he said that they mentioned they called in the other day.

We went upstairs to get changed and George encouraged me to strip off and flash at the window which overlooked the garden. It was something I often did when we were away and always got horny when I was spotted but this time it was different. I was not too keen but was encouraged to flash. For sure they saw me and gave me a wave and I waved back and forgot myself as I rubbed my breasts in a sensual way everyone was smiling. I then felt my husbands hands grab my breasts and pull me back to the bed and pushed me face down he asked if they saw, yes they did I replied, do you think they liked what they saw, yes they did I replied. Would you like to fuck them? I have already! I replied there was a silence and then I felt his cock shoot its loads over my ass. You fucking bitch, you whore why did you not tell me. I told him I was going to and told how they turned up the other day and I ended up fucking them I just happened I thought you would be cross. He asked if I enjoyed it and of course I did I replied. Do you want to fuck them again? He asked yes I replied. He then started spanking my ass which I enjoy and my moans were getting loud his cock was pumping my ass which I do not like but it my punishment he was calling me a fucking whore but he did not last long and I felt his shoot again.

He asked why don’t you go and fuck them bitch. I said I would and only I was only doing it to please him with a wry smile. I slipped on a silky dressing gown as I did not feel it would take them long for them to get me naked. I told him to watch at the window and I would put on a show for him.

I slipped out holding a tray of drinks and was greeted with big smiles and cocks as I approached the tent. They knew what I had come for they must have heard my moans I was pleased it was young Kurt who took me first he was much improved and was taking his time to suck, lick and kiss me. His big cock filled my pussy and I made sure we were in view of the bedroom. I could not see my husband but I knew he was watching and I made sure I was very vocal. They took turns fucking me and finally ended up in the tent out of view. I was expecting George to join us but he did not. After what must have been two hours I went inside to see George in the bedroom. His cock was limp but throbbing I asked if he enjoyed the show. The fuck I did he replied loved every moment, every scream. He confessed he came several times watching me but he did manage to jump on and fuck my wet pussy one last time before we fell asleep. I was awoken to feel my husbands cock pumping from the rear he obviously he enjoyed my sex act.

We had breakfast together with our guests and it was all smiles but nothing else happened no sex I think I had worn them all out. We said Auf Wiedersehen and they said they would be back next year! But when Hans embraced me to say goodbye I felt from the swelling in his shorts he would be back! roll on Summer 2009.

I now get regular punishment from my husband which I am enjoying. Will I last till next year for extra cock I will let you know. Offers please!!