Written by 2for1

28 May 2008

Not too many years ago, just before going up to university, I worked in a large branch of Tesco’s in Essex close to the M25. It was a store that opened 24 hours-a-day and I liked working the night shift. It was quiet and the whole place had a different feel to it. The staff were an odd mixture – some students like myself, some middle-aged mothers earning a few extra pounds and guys who were either between jobs or simply enjoyed the undemanding life in a supermarket. There was always sexual banter and some horseplay. Often it went further than horseplay and I knew of a couple of play who been sacked for gross misconduct - shagging in the storeroom.

I got on particularly well with Susie who was a fifty-something housewife. She was on the short, dumpy side but with attractive face with immaculate hair and make-up. I sued to tease her that working nights meant that she “wasn’t getting any” and she would retort that I was probably too young to be getting any myself. I would tease her about her Tesco-issue trousers saying that I wondered if she had any legs at all. So when one June evening she arrived for work in a Tesco issue shift dress but sheer dark tights and medium heels I saw her in a new light. ‘Love your tights sweetheart,’ I said. ‘Stockings, babe,’ she laughed, ’just to make you horny.’ With that she lifted the hem of her shift so that I saw a glimpse of stocking top of a thigh beyond. I thought no more about it until about 2am when it was very quiet in the store. I saw Susie by the toilets. As I approached she opened the door to the disabled toilet and beckoned me in. Once inside she clicked the door shut, laughing. ‘Now we’ll really see if you’re up to it,’ she said and began unbuckling my belt as she sat on the toilet seat. Soon my trousers were around my ankles and she had pulled my boxers down and was greedily gobbling my cock. I was like a poker in seconds. ‘That’s my boy,’ she said pulling away from me. She stood up, turned around, bent over and pulled up her shift. ‘Pull my knickers and fuck me. You were dead right. I haven’t been getting any. For years.’ I shuffld forward and gently began to ease a pair of skimpy black lace knickers over her ample backside. Even from behind I could see that she was amazingly hairy. Her bush dangled between her legs and disappeared into the cleft of her bum.. She opened her thighs as wide as the stretched knickers would allow. ‘Get your cock in there and fuck me hard,’ she said breathlessly. I wasted no time and manoeuvred by cock deep inside her. I humped her as brutally as I could until I felt my cock harden even more. ‘Christ,’ she moaned, ‘you’re so big. Stick it up my arse.’ This was a total shock. Obviously I wasn’t a total virgin but I’d never thought about, let alone been asked, to try anal sex. But I pulled out and rubbed my glistening purple knob around her bumhole and then pushed my cock in. She squealed. As I thrust in and out and matched energetically. ‘Oh god oh god,’ she moaned, ‘I’m cumming.’ Her legs shook as an orgasm swept through her. I suddenly felt a gush over my balls. It was too much of a turn-on. ‘I’m cumming too,’ I gasped. She whipped around like lightning and, sitting back on the toilet seat, wanked my cock firmly. Five or six great spurts of spunk shot out on to her face and overall. ‘God that was fucking fantastic,’ she sighed. ‘Yes but what about the noise,’ I said. ‘We must have been heard.’ And indeed we had been – by most of the night staff. But fortunately not by the duty manager.