Written by Cunni69

13 Dec 2013

I had a bit of free time it was late August and I live near the sea.Wandering around I came to one of the seafront car parks watched the waves for a while,then felt like a pee.Walked into nearby toilets stood at stall and peed.A guy stood two basins away and he was obviously stroking his cock,so I held mine suggestively and moved away from the stall a little.He obliged and let me see what he had...a real beauty of a circumsized cock about 7 or 8 inches at full mast.I moved along and took hold of a nice thick shaft and slowly stroked.He sighed and I asked if he knew a safe place,he replied that he had a caravan in the nearby caravan park.By now my own 7 inches was in his hand and throbbing,so I said lets go.

It took us about 5 0r 6 minutes to get there and his van was at the end of the row not overlooked so in we went.He pulled a few curtains and proceed to strip and so did I,and I reached out for his lovely cock and he took mine.He said "What do you like?" I said wanking and sucking but had never tried anything else.He said he was up for anything and he knelt in front of me and licked my knob(I am cut also) and slowly took it into his mouth and began to suck I enjoyed it for a while but then I wanted to taste his beautiful throbbing cock.So I knelt in front of him and caressed his throbbing prick and licked up and down the shaft and around the purple knob,then slowly eased it into my mouth...wow it was big but I managed it.After a while he suggested that we lay down and go for 69 I eagerly said OK so we did and began to slurp lick and suck,he had a big pair of balls that I licked and sucked.As the tempo built up he asked if I would swallow as he loved to swallow and would swallow mine whatever I said,so although I had only done that a couple of times I said OK.So we set to licking.sucking,and wanking each other and I could feel the tension building up in him as it was in me,then in a burst I started to come and he sucked and swallowed furiosly.I could feel the spunk climbing up his urethra and sucked as hard as I could.his creamy spunk shot into my mouth and hit the back of my throat so I swallowed and we both kept on sucking until we were both dry.

Georgious,his spunk was musky and a bit salty but with a sweet aftertaste.

We both lay back and got our breath back,I should point out that i am in my 70's so it was a lot of exertion for me while he was only about 50 yr old.

I said that I thought that was great and we should do it again some time,he agreed so I shall tell you of the next meeting soon.