Written by Danni

23 Oct 2009

If you read my first part you will know that I had just woken after a night of sex with two young Turkish men. I was just gathering my thoughts when Amy came in, she had her dress on but was carrying her bra and knickers. I said, 'What happened to you?' She smiled 'Oh, I found that Petra wanted cunt not cock. We were with two Turkish boys and when she kissed me, they were really disgusted, apparently the Turks don't like lesbians, they buggered off! I spent the night having sex with Petra, it was great! Anyway, I can see that you had a good time, you're disgusting, you've got spunk and cunt juice all over you! Come on, I'll give you a shower.' She took her dress off and we went into the shower room where she was as good as her word. She started with my legs,right up to but not touching my fanny, then it was my arms followed by my back as far as my waist. After that it was my front, when she washed my breasts it was like being caressed and I started to become aroused. Down over my stomach, then washing my bum. She pushed my legs apart and washed my bum-hole then my fanny, she made love to me with her fingers. Washing all the soap off she pushed me back against the wall, spread my legs wide then knelt and applied her mouth to my fanny. It took all of fifteen seconds for me to cum!

After that, I washed her and did what she had done to me. It was strange playing with her fanny, I had never touched another woman and feeling her fully aroused and sloppy wet excited me. After she had come a couple of times she said, 'Come on, love, time we were getting dressed.' We rinsed off again then dried and dressed with our bikinis underneath.

When we were all tidied up and ready we went down to the lounge and waited for the otheres. I said, 'What happened to Heather?', her room-mate. 'Oh, I saw her going off with a Turk, we haven't see her since,' someone said. We were joined by Margaret and Jenny, I said, 'How did you two get on last night?' They grinned, Margaret said, 'Oh we both got fucked twice by our two boys. Never been fucked like that before, it was great!' Jenny nodded, smiling. Then Petra came in and we all went off in search of breakfast, then we caught the ferry to Calis Beach and spent the rest of the day there. I was lying on my sunbed reading alongside Margaret,she said, 'What about you and Amy then?'

'Well, Amy and Petra are apparently both bi-sexual and they spent the night together, so I was left on my own with two boys.' 'And?' I shrugged, 'Well I couldn't refuse them, could I? As far as I remember, they fucked me three times each, may have been four. Then I went to sleep, I know they fucked me some more, but I was too far gone to know how many times.' 'Christ!' gasped Margaret, 'isn't you fanny sore?' 'My clit is, a bit, but after the first one spunked up me I was well lubricated. Amy will tell you what I looked like, covered all in dried spunk and cunt-juice!' Margaret laughed, 'I know I've had a lot of sex with different men, but I've never, ever, been fucked like that in my life!' I said, 'Well, you never know, stick with me kid and you might get the same!' We had a good laugh at how the first night had turned out. 'I'll say one thing, Mags, you were dead right when you said it was sex on demand here!'

We all went back to our rooms for a siesta at about four, agreeing to meet up eight that evening. Amy and I got to our room and she said, 'Shower?'. 'Sure,' I replied. As we were washing each other she said, 'We have plenty of time for a sleep, do you fancy a bit of cunt?' I kissed her, 'Why not?' We dried and went and lay on my bed and began kissing, what I liked about doing it with another woman was how gentle everything was. Don't get me wrong, I love a good, hard, fucking with a nice cock, but this really was different and I loved it. After we had both cum several times I suggested that we ought to sleep. We did, I went off immediately, tired and sexually satisfied like I had never been in my life before.

I woke feeling deliciously lazy, I shook Amy, 'Come on, cunt love, time to shower and get ready.' She kissed me lazily, 'I'm glad I'm sharing with you, Danni.' We got up and showered, then dressed for the evening. Margaret had told us when she first booked the holiday that we should wear cotton undies, it was good advice, sweat-soaked nylon is really uncomfortable. But it was still possible to find sexy looking cotton, she and I had visited Clarks Village where there are a couple of good underwear shops that aren't too expensive. As we dressed I thought how good Amy and I looked in our undies.

We did what we had the evening before, had a wander round the shops, then had dinner before hitting the bars. Somehow I found myself alongside Margaret looking in the same jeweller's window. A man came out and invited us inside, we said that we were only just looking but he smiled and said, 'But I expect you are like most English ladies, you want to buy something before you leave, to remind you of your holiday, yes?' We laughed and agreed, 'Come inside then, you can have an apple tea and tell me what you like.' He was a very good-looking, mature, man, I guessed in his mid forties. He was tall, around six foot tall and solidly built, he had the mandatory, at least with the older Turkish men, moustache, on him it looked good. I found myself wondering what it would feel like if he was giving me oral sex.

In the shop we got on like a house on fire, he was extremely courteous and didn't subject us to any really hard selling. He asked us how we liked Fethiye and obviously liked it when we said we loved it. I saw Margaret looking at him in an off moment and reaised that she felt as sexy about him as I did. He told us that his name was Mahjid and later, during conversation he said, 'As you haven't been to Fethiye before, I would like to show you some of the sights. Tomorrow would you like me to drive you to one or two places of interest?' We agreed that we would, 'Then why don't we make a start this evening, come to my apartment when I close at midnight and I will show you the bay.' We agreed to return later then laft to find the others. Heather had now caught up and they were all in the Blues Bar dancing. During a break Heather told me that her young Turk had taken her to a hotel and shagged her all night. Heather was thirty-five and one of the married ones, 'Never had sex like it,' she laughed, 'he was hard all the time, God knows how many times he shagged me! I wish my old man had half the energy and inclination!'

At midnight Margaret and I left, the others were returning to the hotel with their chosen lads in tow. Mahjid's face was wreathed in smiles as we walked up, I think perhaps he thought that we wouldn't turn up. As soon as he was all locked up he took us to his apartment, we gasped as we walked in, it was absolutely luxurious. 'Come,' he said, 'let us have a drink.' Margaret and I had a vodka and tonic, it was so strong it brought tears to our eyes, he had raki. Then he took us out onto the balcony and we found ourselve looking out over the whole of the bay that Fethiye is situated in. It may have been dark but was still interesting to see.

Mahjid came up behind me, put his left arm around my waist then began pointing out places of interest with his right hand. Somehow his hand often rested on my right breast, then I felt his dick begin to harden as he pulled me close. I leaned back against him to give him the message that I was okay with what he was doing. He kissed the back of my neck then let go of me and moved behind Margaret as she gazed out at the view. He did exactly the same with her. The drink was certainly having it's effect and Mahjid put an arm round both our waists and pulled us all together, 'If there is one thing that gets me excited,' he said in his excellent English, 'it is mature English women who know what they want!' He led us inside to his bedroom, again it was luxurious.

He kissed both of us, lover's kisses, his dick hard pressed to our stomachs, 'I intend,' he said, 'to make love to both of you, it may surprise you but I am not Muslim, I am Christian and I believe in free will, so if you want to love each other as well, I would be very happy. Now, would you like to undress and have a shower, I will have one after you.' Margaret and I undressed quickly and walked into the bathroom, again super luxurious with bath, basin, bidet and shower, all the metal was gold. We showered quickly, Margaret said, 'I'm looking forward to this!' We dried and wrapping towels around us went back into the bedroom. Mahjid took our place in the bathroom and returned quickly, naked and displaying a superb erection, his dick not circumcised and with balls like a bull. His dick was somewhere between seven and eight inches long and thick and already the glans slick with pre-cum.

We dropped our towels, I was surprised, this was the first time I had seen Margaret naked and she had a far better figure than I might have expected. True she was a little overweight and her breast had dropped a little but they were still a good shape. She had a bit of a tum and where one might have expected a long curve under and between her legs, a massive mons displayed the very long lips of her fanny. She was shaved of course, as I was. Mahjid stared at us, as I may have said before I still have a good figure and had nothing that I didn't want a man to see.

Mahjid smiled as he walked up to us and kissed us both passionately, I felt for his cock, it was rock hard, heavily veined and sort of knobbly, I thought being fucked by that would be a real thrill. We all mounted the bed and I watched Mahjid kissing and caressing my friend. Starting with a passionate kiss he moved down to her breasts and felt her fanny. Margaret parted her legs, her cunt was extremely long lipped and as her lips parted revealed rapidly growing inner lips glistening with juice. Mahjid carried on down and, as he kissed and tongued her cunt, I kissed her. I felt her tongue enter my mouth and a soft hand feel between my thighs, I parted my legs and let her feel me as Mahjid aroused her. I felt her cum, when she did Mahjid mounted her and slid his cok into her eager cunt.

I had never seen anyone else having sex and enjoyed the sight immensely, I was very wet myself thanks to Margaret and masturbated as I watched Mahjid thrusting hard. He lasted a long time, at least I thought so, I couldn't remember any man I'd had lasting something over ten minutes the first time he fucked me, which is what Margaret enjoyed. Of course Mahjid came in the end after a particularly hard thrust deep into Margaret's cunt, pumping his spunk into her as he repeatedly thrust up her.

It was really exciting.

He flopped on her for a few moments then rolled off, his red and glistening cock flopped onto his stomach. Margaret was still gasping after cumming too so I knelt over Mahjid and sucked his limp cock into my mouth. I tasted his spunk but also Margaret's cunt juice, she tasted the same as mine, or indeed Amy's, cunt. I slurped and swallowed the mixed juices and sucked hard, as Mahjid's cock began to harden I began to wank him as well. He was soon completely erect, I knelt over him and gently lowered myself onto his cock as I held it upright. I sank onto him until his cock was so far up me that his balls were crushed against my bum. Then I fucked him until my thighs gave out.

'If I was Muslim,' Mahjid panted, 'I would be saying 'Allah be praised'!' He rolled me over until he was on top then commenced fucking me hard, I was so wet by this time that my juice was squirting out round his cock. His cock, like the thicker one last night, rubbed my clit and I came quickly, thrills coursed through me as he continued to fuck. I lost all awareness of where I was and who I was with, my mind filled with sexual images and thoughts, cocks and cunts, fucking, spunking, spraying juice, everything, I came and came. I have no idea how long Mahjid fucked me just that in the end he spurted fiercely deep inside me before flopping on top of me gasping for air. I held him tightly, kissing him and stroking his hair enjoying the feeling of his cock softening and shrinking inside me and the contents of my cunt oozing.

I felt exhausted, then I heard Margaret say, 'Come on, love, plenty more yet,' she leant over me and I felt her licking at all the juice and cum that was oozing out of my cunt. I came again and she immediately started licking and sucking my clit, this time I had such a huge orgasm that I passed out for a moment or two.

Margaret left me and I turned my head to see her kneeling over Mahjid and sucking his cock, I could see her open cunt, it looked immense, a great deep coral red cavern, sloppy with spunk and cunt juice, the inner lips hanging down like a curtain between her thighs. I found that I desperately needed to pee so I rose and went into the bath room, sitting on the loo I experienced the extreme relief one feels by being able to let go after a long wait. I dried myself tenderly then returned to the bedroom to see Mahjid standing behind Margaret as she knelt at the end of the bed, he was grasping her hips and ramming his cock into her as hard as he could, Margaret was moaning with pleasure. It was fascinating watching Mahjid's thick cock pulling the inside of Margaret's cunt out as he withdrew each stroke then pushing it back in as he thrust again. Juice was filming all round her cunt, bum, thighs and stomach, the scent of sex filled the air. He fucked her for a long time, although I didn't time it, he must have benn going at it for at least twenty minutes before he finally pulled out and shot his spunk all over back.

I was amazed at how much spunk Mahjid ejaculated, it was a glorious sight as it spurted strongly out, his hand pumping away. Then he sagged, panting noisily as he gasped for breath. When he had recovered slightly he panted, 'Oh, you English women, you'll be the death of me!' I kissed him, 'You're a wonderful lover, Mahjid, I loved you fucking me and I want more!' 'Oh!' he gasped,'not yet, not yet!' I took his hand, 'Come along, darling, I'll wash you.' I took him to the shower and, standing under it with him, thoroughly washed him then dried him tenderly. 'There, that's better, you have a nice rest now,' I led him to the bed where he lay down and closed his eyes.

Then I turned to Margaret and said, 'Your back's covered with Mahjid's spunk, I want to lick it off.' She smiled, 'That was the best fucking I think I've ever had, give me a taste of his spunk, there's a good girl.' She was sitting up and I made her lie down and, commencing at her buttocks, I proceeded to lick up Mahjid's spunk. At the end I filled my mouth then kissed Margaret and filled her mouth with it. After wards I made her lie at the end of the bed, I lifted her legs over my shoulders then dipped my head between her thighs and licked and sucked at her now extremely sensitive cunt. She came immediately but I didn't let up, she came and came until in the end she cried for mercy. I had drunk loads of her juice and Mahjid's spunk and enjoyed every moment, she moved back up the bed and we cudddled to go to sleep.

I was woken by Mahjid pushing his cock into me from behind as we lay on our sides, I lay there and just let him fuck until he eventually came. I was all dozy so I had no idea how long he'd been in me, but I still enjoyed a lovely, lazy fucking! Later I was woken by Mahjid fucking Margaret again, she had her arms round him gripping tightly, 'Come on you lovely fucker!' she panted, 'Give Mummy what she wants!' I dozed off again. When I woke Mahjid was lying between Margaret and myself, as soon as he saw me awake he mounted me, pushed his cock in, it couldn't have been easier, and began fucking hard. Half an hour later he finally shot another load deep into me, I was cumming and digging my nails into his back as great thrills wracked me, causing me to convulse. It was the most intense cum I could ever remember having and it completely exhausted me, I went to sleep again.

When I finally woke it was to find Margaret, dressed and sitting in a chair watching me, 'Ah, you're awake at last!' she said. 'What time is it?' I asked. 'Nearly eleven o'clock,' came the reply, 'come on, hurry up and get dressed, Mahjid's just gone in to open up then he's coming back to take us around in his car.' I showered and dressed and had only just finished when Mahjid returned, he grinned, 'Ah, the sexy little cunt is awake at last!' He came and kissed me, 'Thank you for a wonderful night,' he said. 'No, thank you, Mahjid, it was the most enjoyable fucking I have ever had in my life, you have some stamina!' I replied. 'Exactly what I said,' commented Margaret, 'my cunt couild stand a lot of that!'

Well, I won't bother you with what we did then, but I will be back to tell you of new adventures we had that holiday.