11 Feb 2016

Thanks too the people who have made favourable comments about my first story, The Layby.

I said that my girlfriend Donna and myself were keen to have outdoor sex and as we were on holiday in Devon it seemed like a great place to start. Donna was apprehensive at first but after the first time she was keen to do it again. We decided to try the beach a the beaches around the west cost of Devon were large and quiet in certain areas nothing like Blackpool of Scarborough. We decided to go and look for somewhere sucluded to try and enjoy our second alfresco sexcapaed.

So off we went in search of the ideal place to have sex. It took a while making sure we would not be seen as Donna was still unhappy about being on view to other people.

Suddenly we saw it a rocky out crop on the beach separating the beach were the path down was to another part of the beach were we could not be seen unless others ventured that way. The beach was so quiet there was only one other couple there sitting on a blanket enjoying the afternoon sun. We had a blanket with us too and walked nonchalantly toward the rocks. Trying not to be obvious as if the couple behind us could guess what we were going to do.

When we arrived we put the blanket on the sand between the rocks and got into our swimming suits. I was feeling quite horny and so was Donna but she said we could go in the sea first and see how quite the beach was behind us. I decided to run into the sea to reduce the pain of the cool water but I only got as far as my shorts and ran out again. Donna thought I had been a wimp and scoffed at me not staying in. She ran in up to her waist but instead of running out she dipped down to her kneck laughing at me shivering on the shore. I decided that was it I needed to prove I could take it and ran in again but this time I jumped forward as it got deep enough to swim. I was now getting use to the temperature and swam up to Donna who was enjoying bobing up and down. She was wearing a bikini top and as I came up next to her I realist the catch on her top and she turn to face me. As she turned her top slipped off and started to float away she grabbed her tits as if she was on display to world but realising I was the only one viewing her 42fs she turned to retrieve her top, but I had other ideas, I grabbed her around the waist to hold her back. She was not really upset but still keen to get it back. I said I will let you go for it if you take your bottoms off first. She laughed and said I can play that game if you want sex with me your shorts are coming off before mine. I was in a delemer if I let go to take mine off will she take hers off! I thought nothing ventured nothing gained so I let go and took them off she turned to leave but as she did she dipped and took them off and threw them in my face. Donna was off after her top and I started off after her. When she reached her top I was right behind her and grabbed her huge tits. Her nipple's were rock hard unlike my cock which felt like it had disappeared due to the cold water. I said it's time to warm up and started to walk out of the sea, as we got closer to the shore we started to run awere that we were naked and on view to the whole beach, very dareing.

When we reached the blanket we grabbed a towel each and dryed ourselves and sat on the blanket. It did not take long to start kissing and and fondling each other me sucking her tits and sticking my right hand on her damp cunt dipping fingers in and out. She had hold of my cock trying to bring it back to life. I said to Donna how about getting a 69 position and you can give my cock the kiss of life. I for my part delighted in sucking and fingering her cunt.

So here we were outside in the fresh air starkers on the beach enjoying each other, my cock growing in her mouth and me sucking on her clit and pushing fingers into her wet gapeing cunt hole which was getting wetter by the second. Donna was responding and loving what was happening to her she took my cock from her mouth an said fist me for fucks sake I need it now deep in me, do it! do it! So I did I worked my hand inside her and she pushed hard against me, what a sexy girl she was. My cock went rock hard and she sucked it in as far as my balls slerpping and sucking hard as I rammed my fist in and out of her insashable cunt. I was on the point of cumming and was not wanting to cum in her mouth I had other ideas for my spunk. I asked to stop and fisted her till she squirted, she squirted the most I have seen her squirt up to this point. I took my fist fomher cunt and said to her bend over the rock, which she was keen to do. I had loads of her juice on my hand and smeared it on her asshole, I then pushed a finger into her ass. Donna loves anal and her ass is always easy to fuck due to the muscles being relaxed, so I was able to get three fingers in easily. She likes to walk around with a but plug in her ass to help keep it open and ready for fucking. So there I was my 8 inch cock knocking at her backdoor ready for action. It slipped in easily and I rammed it in deep then slowly pulled it back as it came back the dirty bich pushed her ass back to ram it back in. I decided she was going to get it fast and hard, so I fucked her ass as deep and as hard as I could till I spunked a big load in her. She said after she had cum twice while I was fucking her. All in all it was a very successful adventure.