Written by Sexycouple9908

10 Apr 2008

Well this is part two of my story which is very true. That night we had the best sex for a long time and as we were having sex doggy style I kept saying to my wife what a massive prick he had and how would she like to have that in side her. She kept saying yes please yes please but I never saw it. So the next day we went back to the same beach this time we got ther early so we had a better spot. More high rock around us. We both stripped of and just soaked up the sun.

It was early afternoon when the Spanish guy came on the the beach, he got undress not very far from were we were lying. He was stood up when he took his shorts off that\'s when my wife saw his large prick for the first time, she just said oh my god what a size. Anyway it was about an hour later that he came over to were we were and again squatted down next to my wife. His prick was semi hard and very impressive, he talk to us told us he worked in a hotel in the some 30 kil away and he was also a trained massure. He was hoping that we would be there as he would not be able to come to the beach for another 3 days because of work. All the time he was gently stroking (I\'s) thigh and side and at the same time with his other hand stroking is cock. (I) was watching is prick grow but at the same time was very nervous. He was looking at her pussy all the time even when he spoke he could not get enougth.

He then said to her that he would give her a full massarge if she wanted, which she refused so he said I will show your husband how to do it if you like. By the way this gut was tall with a good body and not bad looking which my wife noticed and said to me. She still declined so he got up looked at me and walked away. When he had left I touched my wifes pussy and it was very wet it had turned her opn but she did not want to admit it. We talked about it for a while and then got back to sunbathing.

Late afternoon about 5pm when everyone was leaving the beach, mind you it was still hot as this was late June he came over to us again this time he stood looking down on my wife again looking at her pussy his prick as semi hard and I can tell you it was big.

He knelt down in front on my wife and started to stroke her legs which made her jump, when she saw the size of his prick she just said to me he is not going to put that thing in me, which I replyed so you are turned on by him which she had to say well yes but he is stil not putting that thing in me.

With that he looked at me for reasurance which I nodded for him to continue, I was now fulfilling one one my fantasiss and I to was getting a hard on. He started to stroke up and down her legs and I could see she was getting excited just by her movements but also her breathing. He kept moving his fingers upwards towards her pussy he then moved forward at the same time parting her legs a little so he could move between her legs. All I could do was watch, she had her eyes closed and was enjoying the stroking which I must add he was doing a great job as. He then got close to her pussy I thought she will stop him now but no she opened her legs more to give him access. He moved his fingers over her pussy she just shuddered he then inserted a finger into her pussy then two and started to finger fuck her she was now going with the rythem and started to moan, I lloked around to make sure no one else was looking and as I was stroking (I\'s) her I wispered that there was no one around and with that she let out load moan of pleasure as she shuddered and came for the first time from some other mans fingers.

My cock was now very hard and she just took it fully into her mouth, she was sucking on it as there was no tomorrow the best she has every done. At the same time the Spanish guy can\'t remember his name took out his finger and replaced it with his very large hard cock, (I) jumped and nearly bit of the end of my cock when she felt the tip of his cock starting to go inside her. She stopped sucking me and started to screem no don\'t let him put that in me but at the same time she was pressing down on his cock to get more in.

She held my hand shouted she loved me and with that he shoved the whole of his cock in side her. He slowly started to fuck her taking most of his prick out then putting half of it back in, this went on for some time with my wife quickly coming again, but this time she shouted for gods sake fuck me give the whole of your prick and with that he started to fuck her hard pushing all his prick in so she could feel his ball backing against her arse. I was still holing her hand and she was queezing it tight as though she was in labour, he was now fucking her realy hard and she kept saying I\'m cuming I\'m cuming and with that she had what I can only say was the biggest orgasam I have ever seen her have.

I could see he was also getting close his ball were not tight and his rythem was getting quicker and quicker I said to her were do you want him to cum she said inside me you prick inside me I want to feel his cum and with that he shot his load up inside my loving wife the first man beside me to do this. He pulled out and there were loads of thick white sticky cum coming out of her pussy. He got up kissed her and said that she was a great fuck and that he hoped he could see us again before we left. I told him we were here for another week and that we might be here on the beach.

That\'s another story, anyway with that he left I on the other hand had not shot my load but I was dripping with pre-cum which my wife duly cleaned off and started to give me a blow job, I wanted to fuck her but she would not let me she said she was to sore and in any case he was so big she would not feel me so she gave me a BJ instead where I exploded inside her mouth and she swallowed the lot.

We then left for ou apartment.