Written by Sexycouple9908

13 Apr 2008

Well let me carry on from part 2. That night back at the we talked of what had happened on the beach that day, which turned my wife on making her very wet just thinking about it and we again had amazing sex, I was incredible hard for ages which my wife loved.

We went down to the beach again but some days later stripped of you would have thought we had been doing this for years, my wife I am sure she would not say so, was hoping the Spanish guy would turn up again but he never showed.There were a couple of single guys who came over chatting both with normal size pricks, but my wife did not want to know.

As the day went on and getting very hot I could see she was getting very unsettled she kept turning over on to her back then turning over onto her belly this went on for nearly an hour. So she was now on her belly again so I thought I would put some more cream on her, I started on her shoulders moving down over her back but slowly and gently, she was purring, as I got to her arse gently rubbing in the cream I saw one of the guys who had been over before watching us stroking is prick, so I thought I would tease him.

I started to put cream down my wife\'s legs then up the inside, she parted her legs to give me a clear back view of her pussy, I moved slowly up towards her pussy, I was now knelt between her legs with a big hard on which she did not know about. The young guy was closer and I have got to admit had a nice size prick. I let my fingers slide over her pussy, she just gave out a moan of pleasure purring at what I was doing. I let one finger go into her pussy she was very wet so I placed two in her and started to finger fuck her and she was loving it. I then replaced my fingers with my now very large cock which she responded to and I started to slowly fuck her. I got her to kneel up so I could fuck her doggy style her head was buried in the towel, she was loving it being fucked out side on the beach and she was building up to cum, when I whispered in her ear what if some one saw us do you want me to stop, she said no...then said is there some one there and I said yes he is behind us, she said what is he doing I said he is playing with his prick, is it large she said, I said its a good size with that she turned her head and for the second time saw another erect prick other than mine and with that she shuddered and came all over my prick.

We carried on fucking she was loving it, I said to her he wants to come closer, is that alright, she said if you are OK with it so I singled him to come closer, he came and knelt beside us just near my wife\'s head so she could see and if need touch his prick. He offered it to her but she did not want to touch it. I said he\'s come this far you might as well touch it and with that she started to wank him, all the time I am still fucking my wife doggy style.

She then pulled him closer and placed is now large cock inside her mouth, this is the first cock she has ever had besides mine. She started to give him a blow job and I could feel her cumming at the same time again she shuddered which she does and again I felt the warm of her cum running down my prick to my balls. I was now on the verge of cumming and shot my load deep inside my wife. She was still sucking the young guys prick when there was a tap on my shoulder it was our big Spanish guy, he put his fingers up to his mouth to be quiet, and as I moved out of my wife he got in my place between my wife\'s legs her bum still up in the air sucking on this young guys cock. My cum together with hers was running out of her pussy.

He them rubbed his cock over her pussy then slowly placed the tip at the end of her pussy I could tell she was still excited because she new it was not me and she started to back onto his prick. She soon new who it was as he pushed the full lengh of his prick inside her she let out screem of pleasure has he started to fuck her she could not keep the young guys prick inside her mouth, she was now enjoying a good fuck with a massive cock inside her and she was in heaven. In no time she started to cum yet again, and boy did she cum her whole body shook her head was buried in the towel her hands gripping tight the towel every time he thrust into her she was moaning like hell, screaming oh fuck me fuck me and with that the young lad who was still next to her wanking him self of shot his cum into the air, which landed on the side of my wife\'s face and hair.

He was pumping away then I saw him tense up his balls now slapping against my wife\'s bum, he them exploded deep inside her at the same time she also came, which must have been at least the sixth time that afternoon. He pulled out of her and she collapsed on to her belly with thick sticky cum leaking out of her pussy. The two guys got up and left, after about 10 mins with the dried cum still on her face and legs, my wife spoke, she said that\'s the best fuck I have ever had, which I was not to pleased about but she did say she could not do that every day but she could with mine.

She cleaned her self up as best she could and we headed back to the hotel. As we were getting the key stood right next to us was the young lad who she was giving a BJ to he just said hi and smiled my wife did not recognise him but said hello.

On the way up to our room I told her who he was, well the look on her face, she said how am I going to look at him if I bump into him in the hotel, I said don\'t worry I think he likes you so I would guess he will be up for some more...

She said oh I don\'t think so and with that we went into our room. More to follow..........