Written by Sexycouple9908

14 Apr 2008

Well were should I begin, this is not on the beach this time, but let me just say this is the end of our first week and if any one as read all 3 well you will know this is mind blowing.

My wife this week has sun bathed nude been fucked twice by a Spanish guy who has the biggest cock I have ever seem, sucked on a young cock who came all over the side of her face and I have loss ed count of how many times she has cum and to top it all we have had the amazing sex ever. What a week, well on with the story by the way this is all true I still can\'t believe what happened myself.

So my wife (I by the way its Irene) decided she did not want to go to the nudist beach today so we stayed by the pool. We were sunbathing when I notice the young guy who we met in the hotel who in fact is the one who came over (I) on the beach lying not to far from us. He smiled but said or did nothing. Early afternoon (I) said it\'s not the same sunbathing with cloths on, lets go back to pur apartment and sunbath on the balcony nude because no one could see us.

So off we went and sunbathed naked on our balcony, after a few hours we decided to go to the pool bar for a drink, happy hour, well I wasn\'t to know that happy hour would last 4 hours. It was 4.30 - 5.30 and we arrived me in shorts (I) in bikini showing of her lovely curves. We sat at the bar ordered drinks then who should come along 2 mins later but our young guy. He introduced himself and said he very much enjoyed the beach yesterday, my wife was a little embarrassed has she did not know it was him at the time until I told her last night.

He told us he was 19 going on 20 and he did say that my wife over twice as old as him had a great body and he did enjoy cumming over her. We moved to a table near by so that no one could hear what was being said. We had a few more drinks and he told us again that he was with his mum and dad and that they had gone out for the day. He also told us that he was watching (I) this morning and had to go back to the apartment to have a wank just thinking of my wife the day before.

Anyway talk was getting more and more around sex, and it was also nearly 5.30 4 large G&Ts later and (I) my wife was feeling horny I could tell, you know guys don\'t you silly smile licking of lips amid stroking your cock over your jeans, well in my case it was over my shorts. Our young stud was not getting a hard on I could see, so could my wife so she said lets go back to ours to sunbath and have a drink, a little be slurred. I said ok by me and off we went, little did I know at the time but she decided to bring our young stud with her. I thought oh my god I can\'t believe this she is so horny.

We had no sooner got to our apartment that my wife stripped off and got on the sunbed totally naked for us to see, it was very lucky that no one could see us as we had the top floor apartment. I got some drinks and when I came back out on the balcony she was sucking our young studs prick, I coudn\'t believe what I was seeing, there is my wife with a 19 years old cock in her mouth.

I went back inside and got the camera I thought I am not going to miss this. Before long he had one finger in her pussy then two and he started to finger fuck her, so while he was doing this I took more shots, she came quickly and soon after that he shot his load into her mouth which she swallowed. She only ever done that with me and then that\'s not often.

She called me over and said she needed to be fucked, so as a loving husband I obeyed. I got down in between her legs placing my now hard cock at the entrance to her very wet pussy, she took hold of my cock and guided it it to her pussy, she then started to push down hard on my cock. She screamed let me get on top and with that I was flat on my back with her on top Gyrating down on my cock she screamed I cumming and with that shuddered as she does and came all over my cock I could feel it trickling down over my balls.

She again took the young guys cock into her mouth and in no time it was erect again standing there like a flag pole. This time however she layed him down on his back and mounted him slowly easing her self on his 19 year old cock, what a sight I took more pics. He started to suck her tits and now she was bent over him with his cock inside her, him sucking her tits and her bum exposed. Don\'t know what came over me but I just started to stroke he bum and using the cum that was coming out of her pussy I used this around her bum hole. Now I can tell you (I) my wife does not like me getting near her bum never mind fingering it but she was gone and I saw my chance.

While she was fucking our young stud, can\'t believe he has not cum yet, mind you he is young and he came fist time quickly, I placed 1 finger in her bum hole she squealed and brushed my hand away but carried on fucking our young stud. So I put some more cum round her bum hole and again started to finger her this time she did not stop me, I inserted two fingers and I could feel our young studs cock inside her what a feeling.

I was finger fucking her with two fingers then three my cock was now getting hard and I thought lets go for it so I put some fresh cum that was ousting our of my wife onto my prick removed my fingers and then started to insert my cock in her arse. Now if any one has done this it is not the easiest thing to do especially if some one is fucking her pussy at the same time. I had to get her to lean over our young stud a bit more inf act she was well over his head with her tits in the ideal position for him to suck.

I slowly edged the tip of my cock inside her bum hole she tried to stop me but it was to late I gave a gentle push and I was in. I kept sill for a few moments then started to fuck her arse. It felt great I have always wanted to fuck her arse but she would not let me. I think with the G&Ts and him with his cock deep inside her she was gone and she was loving it. I was now moving in rhythm he was pushing in and out then I push in and out so him fist then me she was loving it screaming for more, she kept pushing back on me every time and I could feel his cock inside her I also felt him tense up and shot his load deep inside her he came which such a force and noise, just hope nobody heard us , that was it it sent me over the top and I shot my load for the first time up my wife\'s arse. Need to rest will tell you more later.