Written by Victoria

11 Jul 2018

Hi again, Victoria back with an update on my unexpected night of sex with hubby and his boss. Loved your comments and glad you enjoyed my account of the night as much as I enjoyed the sex! A couple of naughty ones though - hoping that his boss gets me pregnant!!

At the time I wrote the account I'd been fucked by both men for over 3 hours. His boss had me 4 times but he only came inside me once - the first time. He was supposed to pull out but the intensity of the moment was so overwhelming. Very naughty really as I'm not on the pill. Having said that, his ejaculation was so powerful that it brought me to a wonderful climax and his big thick cock dumped such a huge load of hot stuff deep inside me that all I could do was squeal with pleasure, feeling it saturate my pussy like nothing before! My hubby rather than being angry became very aroused at seeing me take his boss's sperm inside me. He took me straight after, fucking me hard from behind as spunk poured from my vagina - within 5 mins he was depositing his second load inside me.

We had coffee after that but soon went back upstairs for more sex. His boss fucked me from behind while I sucked hubby's cock. Hubby came first and shot a smaller load over my tits. Ten minutes later and after some quite intense orgasms on my part, his boss pulled out and emptied another big load of creamy semen this time over my bum and back - with spunk trails even reaching my shoulder such was the power of his ejaculation.

Hubby's 45 yo boss has an amazing 9" cock which remained hard after the doggy-style fuck. After he'd finished spunking over my bum and back I climbed back on and rode him like I ride hubby - fast, furious writhing back and forth while leaning back, supporting myself by placing my hands on his legs. His boss moaned throughout and I came very hard after 5 mins. Crying in ecstasy I fell forward urging him to fuck me . He lifted me up and slammed me down on the bed, pinning my legs right back and pounding into me for a good few minutes. Another orgasm shot through me and shortly after I came, hubby's boss pulled out of me and with some encouragement from his hand, that amazing cock exploded violently, sending streams of spunk all over me from my pubes to my tits and face.

I cleaned myself up then took both men in my mouth. Hubby came first, sending his warm cum down my throat. His boss needed more encouragement and indeed had to fuck me again missionary style in order to get to a climax. However, he managed it eventually and pulled out to shoot another sizeable load over my face - another messy cumshot for me to taste.

After writing my previous account I went back upstairs but both men (in separate bedrooms) were asleep - his boss snoring loudly...a bit of a turnoff.

His boss left early next morning and he hasn't been back. Meanwhile my hubby and I have been screwing like rabbits - both of us highly sexed as a result of our escapades that night. I'm wearing pads but not because of my period (which is due very soon) - they are needed to mop up hubby's spunk otherwise I'd be needing at least one change of knickers every day!! I'm bound to get 'knocked up' with all hubbys sperm in me! But I hope he invites his boss back again - would love a repeat! I'd go back on the pill and if hubby was agreeable, let his boss shoot his cum up me and enjoy feeling it fill me completely! Bye for now!