Written by Matt Harrington

9 Nov 2015

I used to work in a small employment agency. My boss Dan had a very good looking secretary called Laura who was really stunning. She had long blonde hair was 5ft 2 tall and had terrific breasts which must have been at least a 36dd .cup size. Laura loved to flirt with all the staff and the male clients. One day she came to work looking very sad. Over coffee I found out that she had had a row with her boyfriend who she suspected was cheating on her. I listen to her and tried to comfort her, and took her out for a drink after work. She was not used to drinking and by the third drink she had become rather merry and proceeded to tell me that her boyfriend always cums too soon for her . I began very aroused and although I tried to hide it my erection was very obvious.

We both got rather drunk and I suggested at closing time she come back to my flat so that I could get a cab to take her home. At the flat we both had a nightcap of Southern Comfort and found ourselves kissing and exploring each other's bodies. I lifted her blouse and unclipped her bra to free those wonderful breasts while she who was now rather drunk struggled to pull down my jeans and explore my cock. I am rather well hung 10 inches when erect and she kissed my erect member as I lay on the settee. My fingers quickly found my way into her tights and removed the tiny thong that covered her shaven pussy. old I licked at her pussy and edged my cock up to her slit quickly slipping it inside. I pumped gently at first until we built up a rhythm and we both came together very quickly.Laura was not satisfied and sucked and pumped my cock in order to get me hard again and once again I penetrated that gorgeous pussy. We fucked on and off until the early hours until I fell asleep. The next day we were both late for work. Since then I have fucked many women but none with as tight a pussy as Laura