Written by Matt Harrington

19 Sep 2015

I started going out with Melanie a shy Christian girl when I met her through work. I was just 22. She was a virgin and would not let me touch her physically or have sex until we were married. He mother ,Doreen,54 years was a slim tall woman 5ft 8 tall with the biggest breasts I have ever seen. Her husband was a rather shy man who seemed to spend little time with his wife preferring to be in the pub or playing pool with his friends. I spent a lot of time at Melanie's house and got to know her parents well. She was adamant that there would be no sex until we married and although I could kiss and caress her breasts this could go no further.

Doreen and I were alone in the house one day and she started talking to me about sex and how I managed without it. She was in her mid forties tall with the largest breasts I have ever seen which I later ascertained were 38dd. I said the lack of sex made me sad and she put her arms around me to comfort me. I kissed her gently at first then passionately and skilfully unclasped her bra to release those magnificent breasts which I kissed and caressed .She was at the same time inside my pants feeling my now erect cock. I kissed her passionately as I removed her dress and underwear. My cock leapt to attention as I caressed and kissed those 36dds and fingered her very juicy pussy. She lead to me her bedroom where we fucked like a dog on heat my coming several times until I had no more spunk left. Doreen kissed my cock and said I must have that again. This continued twice a week for 6 months until one day Melanie came home early from work and caught us in bed. At which point every thing ended and I lost both her and Doreen . The moral of this story is older women are great in bed and since then all my lovers have been 50 plus, and boy are they great in bed. In fact I am still open to offers Matt Harrington