Written by Extc

15 Jan 2009

I posted a recent account of a sexual encounter with my ex wife (Sex With The Ex) and promised to follow it up if anyone was interested. This session is perhaps the riskiest thing either of us have ever did. We all like the thrill of being discovered but there are limits you somehow just cannot resist despite the obvious consequences.

My ex wife Gina and me have been separated for more years than I care to remember now. It had been almost 15 years since we shared any intimacy, until December that is. We had mad sex in a baby changing area/disabled toilet in a large department store in Glasgow city centre during the Christmas rush as her partner Bob was attending a hospital appointment nearby. He had broken his arm falling on an icy pavement and was unable to drive as such. He was not shy about asking for favours and utilising my driving services for his appointments, he also seemed to be the only one comfortable with the situation.

Our sexual encounter was a weird and wonderful experience that re-woke a sexual desire dormant within me for so long. Gina is 46 years old and has been blessed with natural beauty. The years have been kind to her and life has lost none of its sparkle. Her deep blue eyes are hypnotic and her smile is radiant. She is has put on a few pounds over the years as we all have, but her fuller figure simply adds to her sex appeal.

Her breasts are modest but highly sensitive, her bum is full and firm with just a gentle wobble to it, her waist has broadened in a sexy kind of way, her hair is now dark brown and her looks have defied the test of time. The pussy that held me spell bound for so many years is now shaved but still as warm and wet and wonderful as the day I first slipped my young cock inside almost 30 years ago.

I have been described as a handsome 6 footer. I am 47, although I have gained a few stones over the years I still scrub up well enough to seldom go home alone when I put my mind to it. My cock is perhaps a little over average at 7 inches and still beefs up quick on a going day. As expected at 47 I have become more selective as my balls no longer control my brain. I am discrete and private and only accommodate like minded people.

Gina and me appeared to carry off our encounter convincingly without raising suspicion. So much so that Bob invited me to their house for the new year. Initially I did decline as work was pressing and we had a contract to finish and were behind schedule. As luck would have it, things went to plan and we finished the job at 9pm on new years eve. I text Gina to say if the offer was still open I\'d be there. She text, \"yes\".

I like to think of myself as considerate and kind when I drink? I am diplomatic, well mannered, courteous and never hostile when I have had a few. I tend to be the gushy sentimental type and alcohol simply magnifies these attributes. Bob on the other hand is abrasive, abrupt, arrogant and rude when he hits the fire water as he frequently does. I had a little twinge of anxiety as you can imagine as I accepted their invitation?

I managed to book a taxi for 11.30 to be at their house for the bells. On arrival I was amazed at how many people had managed to squeeze into their home. My Daughter was there with her husband and after a hug and a kiss they pulled me aside to warn me that Bob was on the war path. He had been in the pub till closing and had 6 hours worth of alcohol on top of the pain killers for his broken arm.

There were friends and relatives from wall to wall and even some in the garden. Unfortunately the topic of conversation was of Bob and the insults he had issued to all and sundry. My Daughter and her husband along with the younger generation had tickets for a local venue that was open until 5.30am. It was unlicensed but you took your own tipple with you. The house half emptied at 1am as the youngsters left for the golf club party.

I felt sorry for Gina as she had put on a fabulous spread. People who previously had said they were there for the night were making vague excuses to leave as Bob was becoming increasingly vulgar. By 2.30 there was only 6 of us left. When Bob was at the toilet Gina apologised for his behaviour and said she was limiting his drinking by pouring him weak shots.

My ex brother in law said, \"you are going about it in the wrong fashion\".

\"How do you mean\", asked Gina?

\"Treble the amount, level the clown\" said Frank.

\"Too true\", said Gina, and did.

By 3am there were only the 3 of us left. Gina, Bob and me. By 3.30am Bob was drifting in and out as the monster drinks kicked in on top of the pain killers. We talked openly in front of him knowing he was increasingly unaware of his surrounds. Gina told me he was known locally as \"Bomb scare Bob\" due to his ability to empty a building and we both laughed ourselves silly. Bob would lift his head to force more drink down his throat from time to time and Gina would stroll over and top it up with neat vodka every time he did.

Gina had on a black knee length skirt and crimson blouse that night and with her hair tied back and makeup on she looked stunning. She had on what appeared to be black tights and black shoes. She did look a picture. She got up to go to the toilet and as she entered the hall out of Bob\'s line of vision. She turned to me and lifted the front of her skirt to flash her black pantyhose and what appeared to be a tiny black thong underneath. Wow!

A moment or so later on returning from the toilet and before entering the room, she popped her head round the door to check on Bob. She backed into the hall and lifted the front of her skirt to show me she had removed the thong. She pulled her pantyhose down at the front to show me her gorgeous shaved crack, then turned her back to me and eased it below her bum cheeks and gave me a wiggle as she rucked her skirt up around her waist.

Gina was becoming braver by the minute and pushed the boundaries even further. She eased her pantyhose to just above the knee and smoothed her skirt down to make sure it would not be visible below the hem line. She entered the living room and walked to the table with the alcohol on it situated behind Bob\'s couch. With Bob facing me and Gina behind him, she lifted her skirt and caught the hem in her teeth. My heart was pounding.

Gina then parted her swollen shaved labia with the fingers of her left hand and smiled as she slipped the middle finger of her right hand inside her cunt. Her face contorted and she appeared to be having an instant orgasm. She bit hard on her skirt as her face flushed red. She then allowed the skirt to drop and smoothed it down before walking out from behind the couch. Her cheeks were pink and her nostrils were flaring.

Gina then lifted a bottle of perfume and said, \"smell this, I got it at Christmas\".

She held the neck of the bottle between her index finger and thumb of her right hand then extended the middle finger. She was now standing obscuring Bob\'s view, should he have been awake. We made a pretence of me smelling the perfume as she slipped her finger moist in her own love juice inside my mouth. It tasted so sweet and felt so daring! It was unlike the musky smell of stale sex I had smelled the week previously.

All this had passed with only those 7 words spoken as we feared Bob was not as far gone as hoped. Gina straightened her clothing and sighed out loud as she sat next to Bob on the couch. She then began texting. My mobile flashed and her name appeared on the screen, it read, \"I\'d love to fuck you but he might wake up, I can flash you my cunt all night though\". she smiled as I read the text and I nodded to her, yes!

I sat opposite as she settled down beside Bob and opened her legs slightly as we carried on talking as though nothing was amiss. My cock was now showing signs of distress and I was aware my voice was huskier as I swallowed hard and drank in the view. Gina modestly closed her legs as Bob tried to get off of the couch and lurched forward. \"Time for bed Zebedee\" said Gina as she caught him by the arm.

As we helped Bob up the stairs to bed it became all too obvious he was totally wasted. He was limp and there was not enough room on the stairs for us to go side by side with him. I had to lift him over my shoulder and carry him bodily up stairs. Gina had turned down the bed in the single room as it was directly above the living room as that way she could listen out for him. We eased Bob from my shoulder onto the bed so as not to wake him.

Gina asked me for a minute so that she could undress Bob and I stepped into the top landing to catch my breath. A moment later and Gina softly called out for me to help her. I entered the room and helped Gina remove his clothes. She had managed the top half but could not get his trousers off. It was dim in the room with only the faint glow from the hall offering what little light there was. It felt so bizarre yet thrilling.

As I lifted Bob up slightly Gina slid his trousers down but unfortunately his pants came with them. We had to cover our mouths to prevent us laughing too loudly and stepped into the hall to compose ourselves. As we rolled Bob about the bed his cock flopped clear of his pants as we removed them. To be fair it was fairly impressive even when flacid. I indicated this to Gina by spacing my hands about 8 inches apart and nodding in approval.

Bob appeared to be stirring and mumbled something. Gina was stood at the side of the bed and leaned over him and cuddled in behind him from her standing position to nurse him to sleep. He lay on his side as she nursed him to sleep. From my position it looked more like she was holding him down. I stepped behind Gina and as Bob was facing away, I lifted her skirt from behind exposing her bare bum. I also eased her pantyhose below her knees.

Gina kept hold of Bob as I rested her skirt on her back and tried to control my breathing. I kneeled down behind her and with growing confidence gripped her bum cheeks to separate them and slipped the tip of my tongue inside her bum. As I rimmed her bum I also eased my middle finger inside her gaping pussy. Gina was gasping and keeping hold of Bob as she reached between her legs with her free hand and grabbed my shirt to pull me closer.

It must have been a wonderful sight with Gina stood by the bedside leaning over Bob and me kneeling behind her fingering her pussy and licking her bum. It certainly did it for Gina. She began whimpering out an orgasm, almost in Bob\'s ear. I alternated from fingering her hole to manipulating her clitoris while all the time further opening her bum hole with my tongue as Gina whined and moaned in a sleeping Bob\'s ear.

Gina then pushed my face away and with the look of submission on her face slowly released her grip on Bob and pointed for me to go down stairs. We crept slowly down stairs and Gina turned the lights off. The only light was that from the Christmas tree and the fireplace as we faced each other and frantically removed our clothing from the waist down. We faced each other for a moment and smiled at the madness of it all.

I sat on the couch and stroked my rigid cock as Gina straddled me and guided my throbbing 7 inches inside her swollen cunt. We must have lost the plot by then because we were really noisy and gave scant regard to the fact that anyone could have walked in, never mind Bob. Gina forced her tongue as deep as she could inside my mouth and I gripped her bum so tightly that I left nail marks on her cheeks.

I forced her pussy down on my cock as hard as I could and reached round her bum to her pussy to feel her wetness on my fingers and to feel its sexy warmth drip onto my matted pubic hair. We climaxed together and Gina sucked on my neck and bit my earlobes as my spunk squirted deep inside her loving pussy. Her body shuddered and shivered as I have never known and her cunt muscles seemed to be in permanent spasm.

Gina flopped forward to me then sat slightly upright as she began grinding on my semi erect cock.

Amazingly she rolled eyes back then focused on me and said \"oh fuck honey, I can\'t stop coming, I\'m coming again, oh baby I love your spunk\".

I could feel Gina\'s fanny noticeably twitching and feel the spunk ooze from her swollen pussy and seep between my legs onto the couch.

She then began furiously rubbing her clitoris and almost screamed \"hold my bum, hold it tight\"

I squeezed it with all my strength and slammed her down hard on my cock as she whimpered \"oh honey, I\'m coming again, I can feel your cock getting hard again\"

My cock was stiffening again and Gina continued to grind on it as I heard a noise from up stairs. Gina had not heard it and I had to push her off and almost laughed at the bewildered and disappointed expression on her face.

\"Oh fuck\",she uttered as she too now heard it.

I held the living room door closed as she quickly got dressed and I then dressed as she went up stairs. It was almost 10 minutes before she came back down and I must admit I did feel a little fear in the pit of my stomach. I had noticed how wet and sex stained the cushion was and cleaned it in the kitchen before flipping it over to hide it. Gina walked in with a smile on her face and casually lifted her skirt and bent over the couch.

She turned to me and smiled, then said, \"quick, more cock honey\"

I gleefully peeled her spunk saturated pantyhose from her bum cheeks and again slipped my cock deep inside her squelching pussy. I was totally selfish and rammed as hard as I could and held her hips as tightly as I had strength to. We were mad with lust and both loving it. As I slammed my body off her slightly wobbling bum it only lasted minutes before I felt my spunk shoot inside Gina\'s swollen pussy hear her whimper \"oh fuck\"

My knees were still weak as we quickly dressed and put the lights back on. Gina sprayed the room with air freshener and lit a candle to mask the smell and we kissed for the next half hour till my taxi arrived. I was just getting to bed when Gina sent me a picture message of her swollen pussy with the words \"loved it\" attached. \"Me too\" was the reply. The thing to remember is that \"this is my ex wife\" and that so bizarre?

We have text dirty photo\'s since that night and wherever this goes from here I will appreciate on a day to day basis. We have no expectation, but isn\'t life really weird?